Dui Records Search and Dui Record Expungement

DUI criminal records may be a valuable source of criminal background history information about a person for someone like a prospective or current employer, insurance companies, universities, professional licensing entities, or whoever wishes to look up specific facts on DWI convictions or may be running a criminal background check against the DUI offender. Even if criminal information on someone has long been sealed or erased from other types of public records since long time ago, a DUI record may still contain it. Forever. The point is too many people fail to realize a DUI conviction will not clear from their criminal record automatically after a certain number of the years, be it even misdemeanor DUI charge, for DUI expungement is a civil action requiring plaintiff’s petition. DUI is the kind of record that can keep to appear on a person’s criminal record forever unless proper and required steps are taken towards its expungement. Moreover, not all states allow clearing record of driving under the influence, and some will have it done if certain requirement met only.

The general advice for the offenders is to consult their lawyer and get instructions on how it is possible to work proactively trying to clear your DUI conviction record. If you discover it’s impossible, you should at least make a bit of your own investigation to have an idea what exactly your prospective employer or landlord or someone else could discover when you consent to submit to a background check.

Another useful thing to know is that normally both DMV and the court will have a DUI public criminal records on file. Many people fail to realize that deleting the record from court files doesn’t mean automatic expungement from the police DUI record maintained by DMV, and vice versa.

Again, if you are an offender wishing to have your DUI record expunged, you should do that only with the help of a qualified lawyer specializing in the matter. Contact your DIU lawyer still before spending your time and money what possibly can’t be done. For the moment of writing this review, DUI records expungement was 100% possible in California and Utah, as well as there were chances for DUI record sealing in Nevada; certain expungements were possible in Minnesota. In Florida, New York, Washington and Texas, DUI expungement is possible if the case is dismissed, vacated, set aside or terminated in any other way. The DUI related legislature changes quickly, so don’t get into despair if your state is not on the list. The things may change.

Even if DUI regulations and laws, as well as DUI records expungement standards differ from state to state, the requirements determining whether offender’s DUI record can be cleared or not, are very similar and normally they take into account the following:

The time that passed since the conviction before expungement application was filed;
Any incidents while driving after the conviction took place;
Type of the offense, gravity of the consequences etc.
Compliance with the terms of sentence.

If you have a DUI history, it’s time to see if you have a DUI record you may wish to expunge or seal.

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