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Kids And Divorce: In HBO's 'Don't Divorce Me,' Kids Give Advice To Parents
In the film, more than two dozen children, ranging from ages five to 10, explain to parents in interviews, drawings, handwritten rules, and photos how to make a difficult divorce easiest on kids. They offer suggestions including: "Try to make sure that …
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Relationship 'wrongs' haunt couple
A few years ago, my wife and I divorced, but the girlfriend "Leigh" remained married (her husband was a traveling salesman, so he wasn't home a lot). A few years ago, I felt that Leigh was fazing me out of our "relationship" and was never available to …
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Financial tips when getting divorced
While many people's first inclination when going through a divorce is to hire an attorney, too many make the mistake of not also seeking financial help, says Michael DeGroat, a financial adviser at Ameriprise Financial Services who works in particular …
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