Safeguard Against the Harsh Penalties of DUI First Offense in Cape Girardeau

Despite having a clear criminal record, a DUI first offense in Cape Girardeau County comes with steep penalties. It is best for drivers who are accused of drunk driving to get legal advice from one of the most experienced Missouri DUI attorneys the soonest possible time.

For one, the arrest triggers two separate cases: the first one being a criminal case, and the second, a civil case aimed at revoking the driver’s license. Filed by the Department of Revenue, the second case requires the accused to arrange for a hearing within 15 days following the date of arrest. After such period, the driver’s license is automatically suspended.

Aside from the possible revocation of driving privileges, even steeper are the penalties upon conviction for Class B misdemeanor, which is how a DUI case in Missouri is considered. The person may be asked to pay a fine of up to $500, and may end up in prison for as long as six months at maximum.

There is also the possibility of being put under probation for up to two years. During such period, the offender is not allowed to drink nor drive. Attendance to Missouri SATOP or Substance Abuses Traffic Offender Program may also be required.

All these harsh consequences of a DUI first offense in Cape Girardeau may be put to a minimum, if not totally eliminated, by choosing among the finest Missouri DUI attorneys for legal representation. While DUI laws may be harsh, a seasoned lawyer can match it with an aggressive defense.


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