Seek the Assistance of a North Carolina DUI Attorney to Help Counter a Charge of DUI / DWI in Wake

Finding a North Carolina DUI attorney at the soonest possible time is critical for anyone facing a charge of DUI / DWI in Wake or any of its neighboring counties. As with many other states, an arrest for suspicion of drunk driving triggers two separate cases in North Carolina.

Aptly named, the traditional driving while impaired charge or DWI needs to establish that a person displays signs of “appreciable impairment” while driving to be convicted.  In doing so, the alleged person’s driving pattern and physical appearance may be evaluated, as well as the results of chemical tests and field sobriety tests.

In contrast, the North Carolina per se law charge does not aim to establish that the person’s ability to drive was impaired when caught. It doesn’t also consider test results other than those of the chemical tests, hence the name of the rule. Under the per se law, it is illegal for drivers to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent and above.

The results of roadside breath tests are currently not considered as proof of violation of either the traditional DWI law and the per se law, compared to other states that use breathalyzer test results as evidence to establish impairment and intoxication. DUI laws in all US states are constantly being amended, though, underscoring the need for expert legal representation.

A North Carolina DUI attorney can help accused drivers aggressively defend against these two distinct charges. Cases of DUI / DWI in Wake, Durham, Johnston, and other North Carolina counties need not be as difficult with quality legal advice.

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