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Police Brutality: SWAT Kills Dog, Terrorize Children RAW-FULL

A man whose home Columbia police raided in February on a narcotics search warrant has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and is contemplating a civil action against the department for shooting his two dogs during the raid. Jonathan E. Whitworth, 25, of 1501 Kinloch Court entered into a plea agreement with the state to drop charges of possession of marijuana and second-degree child endangerment for a guilty plea to possession of drug paraphernalia. Investigators believed Whitworth was in possession of a large amount of marijuana and was considered a distributor, Deputy Chief Tom Dresner said in February. Police, who found a grinder, a pipe and a small amount of marijuana, shot two dogs upon entering Whitworths home around 8:30 pm Feb. 11. SWAT team members encountered a pit bull upon entry, held back and then fatally shot the dog, police say. Officers said the dog was acting in an uncontrollably aggressive manner. A video of the raid shows that a shot was fired upon entry, but the pit bull was not wounded until later. Whitworth was arrested, and his wife and 7-year-old son were present during the raid. Both his wife and child were living in the residence at the time, said Jeff Hilbrenner, Whitworths attorney. Dresner previously said that intelligence gathered before the raid did not indicate the child was in the home. A second dog was shot in the leg but was not killed. The corgi is seen in the video and does not appear to be wounded. There is no indication when the

Ex-MCSO Detention Officer Gets 1 Year For Assaulting Inmates

A former Maricopa County detention officer was sentenced Friday to a year in prison for assaulting two inmates and using the agency’s records to get the home address of a former prisoner.A jail surveillance video showed Kevin Gerster, 35, stepping on the neck of an inmate who was restrained and bent over a table. Another video showed Gerster punching a different inmate in the jaw.Gerster, who resigned from the sheriff’s office after his arrest, was sentenced after previously pleading guilty to two felony assault charges and one misdemeanor charge of unauthorized criminal history access.The sheriff’s office said Gerster looked up the address of an ex-inmate for his friend, whose ex-wife was dating the man. The friend allegedly assaulted the two with a box cutter after getting the address.Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in a written statement that he was concerned by what he saw in the video and made sure it was investigated.”This was an unfortunate case involving Gerster,” Arpaio said. “However, the overwhelming majority of my detention officers are excellent, hardworking and ethical employees.”In the video from November, Gerster is seen stepping on the neck of inmate William Hughes and appears to lean on him. The video also shows the officer later punching Hughes in the back of the head four times and kicking him in the leg once.Investigators also said they believe Gerster slammed Hughes’ head against a wall in his jail cell, although there’s no video evidence of that.The
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Protesters picket at Port of Galveston

Protesters picketing outside the Port of Galveston on July 20, 2011, claim no Galveston workers were offloading a ship hauling steel. The owner of the company denied the allegation, saying local and temporary workers were used. Police arrested three protesters on misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and assault by contact for allegedly spitting at a bystander and throwing objects at automobiles.
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It’s official. Tax Cannabis 2010, the most far-reaching state effort ever, which would legalize the consumption of cannabis for all adults over 21 — and would finally take the industry that serves those consumers out of a legal gray area — will qualify for the November mid-term ballot later today. The Tax Cannabis campaign gathered just under 700000 signatures, well over the 434000 needed to qualify for the California ballot. For background on the initiative, read my extensive analysis of the campaign, spearheaded by Richard Lee, the pot entrepreneur behind Oaksterdam University in Oakland. From that article, here’s a primer on what this measure would change, if it were to pass: The measure does not actually legalize pot as much as it absolutely decriminalizes certain marijuana offenses. (Marijuana has been “decriminalized” in California since 1975, but it still can generate a fine, an arrest and a misdemeanor charge on your record.) Tax Cannabis institutes a one-ounce personal possession limit and allows for limited personal cultivation. Interestingly, the ballot initiative refers to local control, meaning that cities and counties can decide whether to allow regulated marijuana sales at all, and if so, how that would work. Tax Cannabis allows for the personal consumption, possession and cultivation of cannabis by any adult over 21 throughout the state, but the business of it would be left to local jurisdictions. (A few people suggested Lee was inspired by his home state

Brandon Florida — May 9th, 2008 Drug bust in involving 3 males, Thomas Cruz, Trent Cripe, and an unidentified juvenile kicked off the Mother’s Day weekend with two of the three having mothers present. Deputy searches ‘dog poo’ trashcan for drugs (00:40), not knowing the forth white male was currently making a “transaction” away from the group at a nearby ground floor apartment window with the screen taken off. Both Cruz and Cripe were charged with a misdemeanor ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor’, while Cripe received another misdemeanor charge of ‘possession of cannabis’, for having pot hidden in shoe (02:03). Information on the minor is not being released. And a fourth unidentified white slender man in red t-shirt was not located. Thomas Cruz — Trent Cripe —

Arson Fire Raging In East Vancouver

At 4 am yesterday morning a call for a structure fire was quickly upgraded to a 2nd alarm. A dead cat was found in the rubble. VFD says the fire is the work of an arsonist. pics:

10-6-2011 New York Daily News: Domestic abuse cases ignored in Topeka as city & county fight over who should handle prosecution 9-23-2011 Topeka Kansas: Failure to Protect Violates Statutes 9-22-2011 Zeus Radio Outrage Over Non Prosecution of Domestic Violence Case’s by DA Chad Taylor, Topeka, Kansas A Hard Hit to DV Victims by The Criminal Justice System in Kansas The Lights Went Out in Topeka for Victims of Domestic Violence: Claudine Dombrowski Speaks Out Kansas First News Topeka Domestic Abuse Survivor Trembling Over DA’s Decision to Pass Down Misdemeanors 16 years after enduring constant physical abuse, the memories still shake Claudine Dombrowski to the core. She says, “I was beaten with a crowbar, it was a misdemeanor. I’ve had both my wrist broken and it was a misdemeanor.” When Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor decided to hand over misdemeanor cases, like Dombrowski’s, to the city, she knew it would weigh heaviest on victims of domestic violence. Knowing the consequences a victim could face when the abuser is arrested, then released, she advises victims not to call the police. She says, “You, as a survivor, know how to survive. You just keep surviving. If you call the police right now, and God forbid you end up with the city, you might die.” Dombrowski says she’s disgusted at how poorly survivors are treated after
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