DUI Punishment too harsh?

I just read something about a kid getting a DUI and years ago I personally received two within a 16 month span. The second one I got driving across the street believe it or not. Anyhow, here’s what happened to me as a result.
First DUI, I received a fine and a PBJ. A slap on the wrist. The second DUI is where everything hit the fan. I had to hire a lawyer and pay his costs. I had to pay for an Alcohol Driver Education Program before going to court. During court the judge fiined me around $580 bucks, probation for 3 years and a 6 month alcohol treatment program, which I had to pay for.
This is just the beginning. Since I was found guilty, 12 points go to my license and the MVA gives me a summons. Again, I have to pay a lawyer to try and salvage my license. Outcome was that I got to keep my license with the installation of an interlock device, which I have to pay $55 a month for not including install and uninstall fees.
Wait it still gets better. Since I received the second DUI one month before my probation of my first DUI and had to go back to court for violation of my probation. After speaking with my Probation Officer, again whom I had to pay $65 a month to, she told me not to worry I would be O.K. A month later after my conviction on the secong DUI goes through, a cop comes to my door and arrest me for the Violation of Probation. I get dragged down to Central Booking, a terrible place to be. After three days there I finally get to see a comissioner and she tells me that I had a NO BAIL bench warrant. Meaning I can’t bail out. No bail offered for a DUI arrest? Huh? 3 weeks go by in jail before I even get brought to face the first judge. I was never even given a razor in three weeks to shave. Anyhow, the bring me in front of the judge wearing the same clothes I was arrested in three weeks prior. I tell him my situtation, I show him all the papers of all the treatment I’ve had since my arrest. AA meetings, Education program, treatment program, etc. Mind you I have never committed a crime in my life and graduated from a University. I’m guessing he wasn’t hearing any of it and sentenced me to 6 months in PRISON for a DUI offense. No priors! I appeal the sentence, but of course I still have to go to prison until my hearing comes up. 4 months into my sentence, I’m almost losing my house, lost my job of 14 years and finally get to try and get out of prison. I go in front of the District court judge and he cuts me loose almost right away. Knowing that I’ve already received enough punishment. I finally get released in my DOC clothes and have to walk home from prison. I go back to my boss, who hires me back but has to take my 14 years seniority away from me. Sniority means a lot in a union job.
Still not over because I now have a second DUI conviction and have to go back to another MVA hearing to see what will become of my license. Since my state considers me a repeat offender I automatically lose my license for one year. Then the year after I have to reinstall an interlock device for another year. How will I get to my job, but to drive illegally and jeopardize my life again? I have to live! All in all, after paying $65 to a probation officer for around 4 years, about a year and a half of interlock fees, treatment program fees, education program fees, lawyer fees, losing my license, going to prison I finally get my life back after about $20,000 and 5 years of my life. All for TWO DUI’s
Isn’t this just crazy? I would have been better off just shooting someone. I know I shouldn’t of drank and drove, but this happened years ago when I was younger. However this was way to much punishment. Why can’t they just stick the interlock in offenders cars for two years and call it a day? I could not drink and drive once when that interlock was in my car. This is a very simple solution rather than all of the above!
People die all the time and people shouldn’t be punished on what if’s. Let’s all sue Mickey D’s because they feeding us junk food which is slowly killing us. Let’s arrest poor people because the odds of them doing drugs is inevitable. We should punish people on what they do, not what if’s. My point was exactly that, the initial judge should just order an interlock device installed for a couple of years. However the dumb a**hole was that said they’re easy to go around has never had one on their car. I’m going to carry a little kid around with me to blow in the device when it goes off every 15 minutes? Huh? I’m going to let my friend blow in it? Huh? If I had a sober friend he would be doing the driving. That’s not the way they work. I have to blow in it quite long, plus it continues to go off while you’re driving. I never drank and drove once with the interlock on my car. If I wanted to drink I caught a cab. eEected officials make all the punishment in order make money for themselves!


  • Yo it's Me

    That’s the way it is these days. I had a friend who got a second offense in NJ (the 1st was in a different state). The officer pulled him over for an illegal U-turn and didn’t think he had been drinking (wrote it on the ticket), but noticed an open container in among his luggage in the back seat so had to investigate. Before the hearing his lawyer told him to expect to automatically go right to prison for 90 days at the end of the trial and that’s what happened, no time to get his affairs in order like if he had stolen $50 Billion. Harsh, yes, but we elected the officials that made these laws, so it is our own doing.

  • allsthrnlady

    You should have considered the possible consequences before your first DUI. You deserved everything you got. Is drinking so important that you jeopardize your whole life and possibly others? I certainly hope you’ve learned your lesson, but doubt if people like you ever learn.


    ~~I read about 3/4 of your whiny question then quit…here’s my advice…. STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING!!!!! You deserve what you are getting…I just wish more Judges were like the one you had…maybe fewer people would die because of hard-heads like you.. people with NO RESPECT for OTHER peoples Rights or OTHER peoples LIVES… just a self-centered desire for a “GOOD TIME” that involves Alcohol and a Car…STOP WHINING AND PAY YOUR DUES!~~

    ETA…I can see my children nor anyone Else’s children are STILL not safe from the likes of you…you are an Excuse Making, Opportunistic Self-Centered RISK TAKER…problem is you take those RISKS with OTHER peoples lives..you won’t be Happy until you put someones child in a grave..and I seriously DOUBT you would see the ERROR of your ways even then…you need to be locked up for the protection of the INNOCENT!~~

  • Lawenforcer

    Well I must say it must not work for you have two DUI’s. Have you ever had to go to an accident where a family has lost their kids because of a drunk driver? Do you ever think of who you could have hurt or killed.
    I am glad you think the punishment is to harsh. In my opinion it was not harsh enough.
    Great for the judge and the probation officer.

  • sweeterica@att.net

    You admit you were guilty… whic is a good thing, and I won’t go off on that. However, just putting an interlock device on a vehicle really does nothing. They are too easy to ‘bypass’ by having a non-intoxicated person blow into it for you, such as your child, friend, or a stranger in the parkinglot you hand $ to… I do think the punishment in your case may have been a bit harsh… but I’m willing to bet you will never again drink and drive, and may in fact have given up drinking all together…lol. Perhaps, if more FIRST DUI sentences were this harsh, less perople would be inclined to ever repeat it…

  • Mama's Little Swimmer

    chalk your experience up to a hard and expensive lesson learned. drinking and driving is illegal and you can seriously hurt/kill someone no matter how far you are going
    (for your “across the street” comment…how would you feel if there was a 5yr old kid walking in front of you while driving “across the street” and b/c you were drinking, you hit and killed her?)

    i wish more judges would be as “strict” or even more strict on the DUI/DWI sentences… even on the first offense. maybe if the first offense is “too severe” there won’t be a second offense.

  • fah-q

    this is one of your statements i go back to my boss who hires me back….interesting….here is what you do. monday morning walk into the bosses office, ask him where he goes to AA meetings and ask perhaps if he may consider being your sponsor…..you listed 20 things that happened to you…not one of your neighbors said f-uck you very much for killing my child…..i want you to edit your question….. i want it to say ”my name is Jarod; and i’m an alcoholic”….also , how long have you been sober…….

  • Bullwinkle BILF

    Sorry for you lots.

    I had 2 DUI’s too (21 years apart) and the State of Illinois seized my newer model Lexus and lost my house due partially to the DUI as well as losing my ability to drive which I needed for my high paying job. So I am sorry but I have no sympathy for you or anyone else who has a DUI. You drink and drive, pay the price. I learned my lesson. Oh I also spent 2 weeks in jail. It was a country club atmosphere. No not really but it was OK anyway. Sh!t happens.

    I will never ever drink and drive again in my life. It cost me far too much

    Good luck to you and may God bless.

  • fleur de lis mock ILF

    I think people caught driving under the influence should be prevented from ever owning a car or getting any time of vehicle license. you got off easy.

    people eat at McDonald’s knowing full well its unhealthy. They go on the roads expecting other to abide by the law, or suffer consequences.

    You always have a sober friend willing to drive you home, it’s a taxi driver. If you can afford to go out for a drink you should have enough for a taxi.

    Perhaps you should have gone with the taxi in the first place.
    LOL, who would have thought breaking the law ends up being a pain in the neck for the law breaker.

  • Tim

    fix this firmly in your mind

    stick the key in the ignition only if you’re CERTAIN that you are below the legal limit. I dont care how you do it, be it never drinking again, or sucessfully using a BAC chart each and every time

    live by that rule and it will never happen again

    as far as all the rest goes, it’s in the past, and yes, some people enjoy exploiting those who get a dui (nations most politically unprotected class, even worse than citizen tech workers)- no doubt about it – it’s an industry

    but you cant do any more about it than you can stop the bailout or illegal immigration