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New USB Adapter Aimed to Protect Your Mobile Devices from Identity Theft and Malicious Charger Launches on Kickstarter August 21st

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

LM Engineering Designs LLC, an Atlanta-based startup, is hoping to provide peace-of-mind while charging your device on Public Charging Stations. Their new device is called LockedUSB. It allows portable devices to fast-charge at their maximum rated current, while keeping the data lines completely isolated. To cover production costs, the company is launching the new product on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Recently, researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology produced fake chargers they’ve named Mactans that do more than just charge your phone: they install custom, malicious applications onto iPhones and gain access to all of your personal information. LockedUSB is aimed to provide protection against hackers and optimize your charging time at the same time.

Many smartphone users would like to charge their phones at work or on school computers, oftentimes at rates far slower than expected. In most cases, exposing their personal information, photos, contacts, emails and messages when the computer tries to sync with their device. Public charging stations are becoming more and more popular everywhere you go. Unfortunately, Identity Theft, Government surveillance, “rogue” and unstable chargers, are also on the rise. To combat this problem, LockedUSB completely isolates the data lines from the charger and keeps intruders away from your personal information. LockedUSB comes with a 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cable (USB 2.0 Connect to Lightning 8 Pin, Micro USB and apple 30 Pin Connector for iPhone 4 4S Samsung Galaxy Note 2 iPhone 5, iPad 4/Mini ipod touch 5G Nano 7th) that provides compatibility with multiple devices.

LockedUSB is now available through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign. Interested backers can receive a LockedUSB Adapter and 3-in-1 Universal Charging Cables for only $ 19 USD. People who depend on their phones can rest assured that LockedUSB will keep them safe and provide fast charging.

Leonardo Matute, founder and Principal Engineer at LM Engineering Designs, said the adapter will bring peace of mind to millions of people that charge their device on the go. “Many people dont think about their information being compromised by a charger,” Leo said. “LockedUSB will not only secure privacy but it will also allow the devices to charge at their maximum rated current reducing charging times considerably.”

To learn more about LockedUSB, check out the product’s Kickstarter campaign and watch the Video. Also check out their website http://www.LockedUSB.com .

Tacoma area gets $286619 criminal justice grant from federal government

Tacoma area gets 6619 criminal justice grant from federal government
The city of Tacoma and surrounding jurisdictions got $ 286,619 Friday as part of $ 5 million in grants from the U.S. Justice Department meant to improve criminal justice in the state. The Tacoma-area funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice …
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Justice plans sentencing changes for non-violent criminals
Washington (CNN) — The Justice Department is preparing an overhaul of how federal prosecutors deal with non-violent criminal offenders in a move that could mark the end of the tough-on-crime era, which began with strict anti-drug laws in the 1970s and …
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Texas Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Find Help from Kimberly Moss After She Joined the McCann Law Group LLP dba Consumer Attorney Services in July

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

Attorney Kimberly Moss recently joined the national foreclosure defense team at Consumer Attorney Services in July to help more distressed Texas homeowners avoid foreclosure. Because Moss worked in the credit and financial industry with Experian Information Solutions prior to law school, Consumer Attorney Services knew her experience would be put to good use as a foreclosure defense attorney.

Moss is a Dallas native who pursued law school with the intention of strengthening her community. She learned about the enormous demand for legal representation for financially distressed homeowners after the housing market crash while working with Experian Information Solutions.

She stayed true to her home state roots by attending law school at the University Of Texas School Of Law in Austin, Texas. Prior to law school, she attended the University of Florida where she received a Bachelor of Arts in political science and Spanish.

While in law school, Moss worked for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA). There, she provided assistance to help low-income families with various legal matters including landlord-tenant disputes, Medicaid and unemployment claims, pro se divorce, child custody and visitation, and protective orders for victims of domestic violence.

Upon admittance to the Texas Bar, she entered the oil and gas industry as a petroleum landman. She worked in courtrooms across the United States by researching mineral title and negotiating for leases for a major natural gas exploration company.

Moss later decided to start her own law firm so she could use her attorney skill-sets to benefit individuals and families instead of large corporations.

She is admitted to the State Bar of Texas and the United States District Court Southern District of Texas. She is also a mediator in compliance with the Texas ADR Act.

Moss is a member of the Houston Bar Association and volunteers her time as a member of the Houston Volunteer Lawyer Association. She is a published author with work in the Texas Journal on Women and the Law.

Consumer Attorney Services hopes the recent addition of Moss will help to save more Texas homeowners from foreclosure. Consumer Attorney Services is a full service consumer advocacy law firm headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and offers legal services including but not limited to: foreclosure defense, debt settlement, and bankruptcy law.

Top divorce lawyer Lester L. Barclay writes guide to take drama from divorce

Top divorce lawyer Lester L. Barclay writes guide to take drama from divorce
Though he successfully represented NBA Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, who was awarded sole custody of his two sons after a bitter five-year battle, top divorce lawyer Lester L. Barclay wants us to know that his new book on divorce is designed to help the …
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I-Team: Bronx Judge Made Rulings on Divorce Case Where Husband Was Lawyer
The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct is considering a complaint against a Bronx Supreme Court judge who made rulings on a divorce case even though her husband was a lawyer representing one of the litigants. Chris Glorioso reports. I-Team: …
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A Biglaw Partner's Big-Ticket Divorce Bill
A millionaire couple who met via an internet dating agency have risked 'financial suicide' fighting over a divorce, a court heard yesterday. Lawyer Aloke Ray and anaesthetist Charoo Sekhri have spent more than £860,000 on legal fees since separating …
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Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Hints That The RHONJ Star & Joe Giudice Are Heading
Is this the PR friendly way to say divorce?? We're not exactly sure what Teresa Giudice's lawyer is trying to say, but what Henry Klingman said after her court hearing today doesn't make things sound too promising for the sometimes fiery and always …
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Being let go for Failure to disclose misdemeanor from 12 years ago?

Question by Mom of 2: Being let go for Failure to disclose misdemeanor from 12 years ago?
Well, we all see the annoying question, “Ever been convicted of a felony?” I answer no, because it was a Misdemeanor. Well, i was let go from a wonderful job, and the crime had absolutely nothing to do with my current job. Was told that because I was a convicted criminal, I should not be allowed to perform the job.

Best answer:

Answer by Killer Queen
You didn’t say what type of job but it could be that they can’t afford to have anyone with convictions because of the liability. It might be that some insurance rep asked for background checks.

But if they don’t have a space for misdemeanors and you were never asked about it, I think they are in the wrong.

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Callahan & Blaine: Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Prohibiting Accused Murderer Stanley Elkus from Selling or Transferring Orange County Real Property

Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Earlier today, Orange County Superior Court Judge David McEachen issued a broad Temporary Restraining Order against accused murderer Stanley Elkus in a lawsuit brought by the wife and children of Dr. Ron Gilbert. The Court Order prohibits Defendant Elkus from transferring real property that he owns in Orange County.

In a crime that made worldwide headlines, Dr. Gilbert, 52, was murdered in his Newport Beach medical office on January 28, 2013. According to court records, defendant Elkus was found in the examination room holding a gun next to Dr. Gilberts body moments after the shooting. Elkus was immediately arrested by Newport Beach police for Dr. Gilberts murder.

Dr. Gilberts wife of 23 years, Elizabeth Gilbert, and his two children, have filed two lawsuits against Defendant Stanley Elkus in the last week. The Gilbert family filed a wrongful death action on March 28, 2013 (Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2013-00640069) and a fraudulent conveyance action on April 2, 2013 (Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2013-00640481).

As set forth in the Ex Parte Application for Temporary Restraining Order, on February 8, 2013, 11 days after the murder of Dr. Gilbert, Defendant Elkus transferred seven of the eight properties that he owned in Orange and Riverside Counties to apparent relatives. The Ex Parte Application contends that this was an obvious attempt to defraud the Gilbert family and shield himself from civil liability for the murder.

Todays Temporary Restraining Order prevents Elkus from transferring or selling the remaining Orange County property that he owns. In addition, the Gilbert family recorded lis pendens on all eight properties on April 2, which will prevent further alleged fraudulent transfer or sale of the properties. The Court has set a further preliminary injunction hearing for April 19, 2013, at which time the judge will consider whether the Temporary Restraining Order shall be converted to a permanent order.

Dr. Gilberts wife and children have retained Edward Susolik of Callahan & Blaine as their counsel. Callahan & Blaine is the law firm that obtained a $ 934 Million jury verdict (Beckman Coulter Inc. v. Flextronics Int’l Ltd., Orange County Super. Ct. No. 01CC08395), the largest in Orange County history, as well as a $ 50 Million settlement that has been certified as the largest personal injury settlement in United States history (Neria v. City of Dana Point, Orange County, CA Superior Court, Case No. 06CC10395).

This is one of the most tragic cases I have handled in my 23 years of practice, said Susolik. Dr. Gilbert was a highly respected doctor, a wonderful husband and father, and a generous and kind man who was loved by all. He was murdered in cold blood in the very place where he had devoted his entire life to healing people, his medical office.

According to court documents, the plaintiffs allege that 11 days after Defendant Elkus murdered Dr. Gilbert, Elkus attempted to transfer a number of properties that he owns in Orange and Riverside Counties to co-conspirators.

Pursuant to the two lawsuits we have filed and the Court Order issued today, we have now successfully frozen the real property assets of the defendant, said Susolik. Our next step will be to aggressively go after the defendant and all of his co-conspirators and return all of the alleged fraudulently transferred assets to Mrs. Gilbert and her family as damages for the wrongful death.

Susolik added, We are aggressively going after Defendant Elkus and assets and properties. We obviously believe he will be found liable for the wrongful death of Dr. Gilbert. We further believe that he has engaged in an alleged fraudulent conveyance of his properties in transactions with his co-conspirators.

Susolik further stated, We believe we will prevail both in the wrongful death action and alleged fraudulent conveyance action, and recover every penny of properties and assets that the defendant has allegedly fraudulently transferred since the day of the murder. We will leave no stone unturned and take every action possible in order to ensure that Mrs. Gilbert and her two children obtain every penny of possible compensation from the defendant.

About Callahan & Blaine

Callahan & Blaine is Californias Premier Litigation Firm and one of the leading complex personal injury and business litigation firms in the state of California. Callahan & Blaine previously represented two women in a record breaking $ 50 million settlement against the City of Dana Point for injuries suffered while jogging down Pacific Coast Highway. That settlement is the highest personal injury settlement ever in United States history. (Neria v. City of Dana Point, Orange County, CA Superior Court, Case No. 06CC10395).

Callahan & Blaine also obtained the highest jury verdict in Orange County history, $ 934 million, representing Beckman Coulter of Fullerton, California in a business dispute with Flextronics, a large multi-billion dollar corporation in Northern California (Beckman Coulter Inc. v. Flextronics Int’l Ltd., Orange County Super. Ct. No. 01CC08395).

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How do you derive the voltage equation from Coulomb’s law?

Question by NikolaTesla: How do you derive the voltage equation from Coulomb’s law?
Coulomb’s law of electrostatic force is

F = k(q1)(q2)/r^2

Where F is the instantaneous force, k is Coulomb’s constant (9.0 x 10^9 Newton x meters^2 / Coulombs^2), q1 is the magnitude of one charge, q2 is the magnitude of the charge of another, and r is the distance between the charges.

From this equation can be derived the equation for electric potential:


Where V is the voltage (electric potential), k is Coulomb’s constant, Q is a stationary charge (one of the two charges from Coulomb’s law), an r is the distance to the target of the electric potential.

How do you get from Coulomb’s law to the equation to find voltage?
@gintable: I think you’re on the right track, but what do you mean by “integrate relative to r”?

Best answer:

Answer by gintable
Divide by one of the q’s, the charge of the “test charge”, to express it on a “per unit charge” basis. This gives you electric field.

Then, integrate relative to r.

Why does it make sense to do this?
Because work is force integrated through a distance. Electric field * charge = electric force.

Work between two points, is the negative of the potential energy between these two points. Thus, we need to eliminate the negative sign that shows up as part of our integration.

Since it is arbitrary where we define voltage to be equal to zero, the “+constant” term that results from the integration gets set to zero by default. The way to satisfy this, is if voltage is defined as zero, when the “test charge” is infinitely far away from the other charge.

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Can your lawyer resign from your case anytime.?

Question by Brandy L: Can your lawyer resign from your case anytime.?
After three months of being in a car accident, my lawyer just call me 2 days ago saying they were resigning to my case, didn’y give me no explaintion , only thing they told me was you will be recieving a letter in the mail. What can I do now?

Best answer:

Answer by Star T
Read the letter. It should tell you what is your next move.

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Smith Debnam Attorney Receives the Sara H. Davis Excellence Award from the N.C. State Bar Board of Legal Specialization

Raleigh, North Carolina (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Smith Debnam is pleased to announce that on April 5, the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization presented John Narron with the 2013 Sara H. Davis Excellence Award. Each year, the Board accepts nominations and presents the award to an individual who exemplifies excellence in his or her daily work as a lawyer and serves as a model for other lawyers. To be considered, lawyers must demonstrate a consistent record of handling challenging matters successfully, sharing knowledge with other legal professionals, and upholding the highest ethical standards.

Mr. Narron became a board certified specialist in family law in 1989, in the first class of lawyers to be certified as specialists in that field. One of his nominators noted that he brings a measure of objectivity to each and every case, representing his clients with zeal that is tempered with reason. Another nominator shared that John leads by example and shares willingly with others, offering kindness and compassion, skillful analysis, and patient listening. John enjoys the highest respect of all who have the pleasure of knowing him, both as a lawyer and as a man. His accomplishments as an attorney and as a leader are truly remarkable. Smith Debnam is proud of John for his professional accomplishments and stellar reputation among his peers.

About Smith Debnam

Smith Debnam is a mid-sized North and South Carolina law firm with its main office in Raleigh, NC. The firms practice includes Corporate and Business Law, Business Litigation, Commercial Bankruptcy and Reorganization, Foreclosures, Creditor Representation, Collections, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Construction Law, Employment Law, Equipment Leasing & Finance, Family Law, Estate Planning & Administration, Immigration Law, and Professional Negligence.

Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms.

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