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Recent Accidents Put Spotlight On WV DUI Laws

Recent Accidents Put Spotlight On WV DUI Laws
To Mike Landers the worst part was learning the man behind the wheel not only had a blood alchohol level more than three times the legal limit, he was told that driver had been busted for drunk driving before. "Apparently, when he hit them he had 10 …
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Coroner IDs Passenger Killed in Crash
LAS VEGAS – The Clark County Coroner's office has identified one of people killed in the deadly crash that happened along Desert Inn Road Wednesday morning as 21-year-old Jeanina Esser. According to the arrest report for the man charged in the crash, …
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Local man sent to prison for drunk driving offense
The night before Steve Arbizo was to be sentenced in Santa Cruz County Superior Court for DUI and a DUI-related endangerment charge, he checked into the county jail with a .195 blood-alcohol level. That fact didn't help his standing with Judge Anna …
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New driving, transportation laws take effect in Midland

New driving, transportation laws take effect in Midland
-S.B. 181 allows motorists to use a cellphone or other wireless communication device to display proof of insurance information as evidence for financial responsibility. The display does not allow law enforcement officers or any other person access to …
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New driving, gun laws take effect in Missouri
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Speeding, passing or intentionally hitting a barrel while in an emergency zone on Missouri highways could lead to new penalties for motorists. The new law takes effect Wednesday and allows an additional fine for violations that …
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Lastest Driving Laws News

Pedaling while plowed? It's not against the law but has its risks
Bike riders are subject to traffic control laws, but drunken driving laws in Minnesota extend only to motorized vehicles, said Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer. A 20-year veteran, he's never stopped someone just for bicycling while drunk.
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Jay Brown: Weak drunken driving laws don't work
A third offense should get 10 years with no driving and a $ 50,000 fine. And the fourth offense should get life in prison. Wisconsin has foolish laws with fines that allow garnishment of funds, while doing little to prevent drunken driving. Healthy fear …
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Editorial : Score one for Padden on drunken driving gain
Tempting as it might be to reach for a “cold one,” robust enforcement of driving-under-the-influence laws is going to sideline players and spectators who abuse alcohol in the name of refreshment. A few years ago, Hoopfest was second only to Seattle's …
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Is "Driving While Intoxicated" (DWI) an Accident?
Lange examines a recent decision in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals court reversed a district court decision and ruled that the widow of a motorist who died while driving intoxicated is entitled to collect accidental death and …
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Ignition interlock devices mean tougher DUI laws in MS

Ignition interlock devices mean tougher DUI laws in MS
The law passed and was signed by the Governor. It law will go into effect in Mississippi at the beginning of July, giving judges the opportunity to mandate the installation of the device for first time DUI offenders. That means they wouldn't be able to …
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Lowering the legal limit: CHP driving test simulates DUI
SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended lowering the threshold for drunk driving to a blood alcohol level of .05; that's down from the current level of .08. With the help of the California Highway Patrol, News 8 …
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Nice Driving Laws photos

Check out these driving laws images:

Short Attention Span Theater

Image by jurvetson
From the stage, Cory Doctorow takes a photo of the audience at the Singularity Summit at Stanford. He recommends continuous partial attention.

At the podium, Douglas Hofstadter used some original cartoons to refute Ray Kurzweil’s earlier prediction of uploading human intelligence to a computer substrate.

Of course, if uploading becomes possible, we will likely upload a primate before a human (given FDA regulation, and the need to do animal trials…), and that could get pretty interesting (Templeton’s blog). Imagine hyperintelligence originating from a hedonistic bisexual sisterhood of bonobos…. The future’s so bright…

Sebastian Thrun showed some great videos from Stanley, as it won the DARPA autonomous robotic vehicle race. The next race will be the DARPA “Urban Challenge” in Nov 2007. The vehicle will need to obey California driving laws on city streets. Thrun suggested that people living in Palo Alto watch out.

(whew… just finished four conferences in the past five days… a bit of a whirlwind)

How many laws do you break when you are under 21 and drink and drive?

Question by John: How many laws do you break when you are under 21 and drink and drive?

Best answer:

Answer by UCANTCME
A DUI first offense is a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $ 1000 fine plus court cost and remember that you will need a “defense attorney” not just a regular one and that should be enough.

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Australian Laws on Drinking, Guns, Gambling, smoking, drugs, etc?

Question by sombody: Australian Laws on Drinking, Guns, Gambling, smoking, drugs, etc?
How old do you have to be to drink in Australia?
What are some of the gun laws?
Is there a death penelty in Australia? If so what for?
Is gambling legal? If so where?
Can you smoke in public in Australia?
What drugs are legal in Australia?
How old do you have to be to drive in Australia?
And any general laws that I do not have above that are different from the USA.
Thanks for all your help eveyone.

Best answer:

Answer by Elizabeth
The legal drinking age across Australia is 18.

Australian Gun Control Laws are very strict.
I don’t usually use Wikipedia as a source but they cover our firearms laws very well.
Gun politics in Australia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Australia does not have the death penalty.

What sort of gambling?
We have casinos and there are poker (slot) machines in clubs and pubs. We also have betting on horse and dog racing etc at the track or at the TAB (betting shop) or telephone and online.

Yes, you can smoke in SOME public outdoor areas in Australia. For example, in my state, smoking inside school grounds and near playground equipment in parks is prohibited. All indoor smoking is prohibited where I live.
Laws vary from state to state. Yet again, Wikipedia has a comprehensive list state by state.
List of smoking bans in Australia:
List of smoking bans in Australia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What do you mean by drugs? Marijuana, Heroin etc are all illegal.
The only legal drugs are on prescription from a doctor or asprin, paracetamol etc.

In Australia, the driving age differs between 16.5 in South Australia and 18 in Victoria.
New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia have a driving age of 17.

It’s illegal to carry a concealed weapon of any kind here. That includes knives, guns or any other item deemed a concealed weapon.
Blood alcohol limit while driving is .05 across the country.
ZERO blood alcohol is the law for learner drivers and those accompanying learner drivers. Probationary drivers. Public transport drivers eg bus, train, tram and taxi etc. Those people operating cranes etc. Police on duty. I know there are other zero blood alcohol situations but I can’t think of them right now.
We have extremely strict importation, customs, and quarantine laws especially covering plant and animal matter. This is to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as Foot and Mouth and Rabies which are unknown in Australia.
We also have restrictions prohibiting the importation of these dangerous dog breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and the Brazilian Mastiff.

Edit: The criminal charge in Australia regarding causing a death while driving (because of driver negligence) is not usually manslaughter but culpable driving causing death.

(Culpable means deserving of blame or censure as being in the wrong.)

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