“Mother-in-law shoots son in law” GMA?

Question by : “Mother-in-law shoots son in law” GMA?
I seen a segment on Good Morning America about a man who was shot by his mother in law due to a custody battle between him and her daughter. He mentioned the child still resides with the mom. My question is, since it is believed that the child’s mother knew about what was going to happen, should she still have custody of the child? Ive made a petition with further detail if anyone has time to look at it:

Ive been up all morning thinking about this poor child. Not only did his grandmother try to kill his dad, but also the parents facing divorce, grandma going to jail. Although hes only 3, this can have a big toll on his life, not to mention his mothers. No one knows what this woman is capable of. So many things have been happening in the news dealing with children, we need to take a closer look and help prevent such tragedies.

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  • bgee2001ca

    You indicated that it was believed (not proved) that the mother of the children was aware of what her mother was intending to do.
    We could rush to judgement, however until and unless it is proved we must assume she did not.
    I agree it is a very sad situation for all involved, however I am at a loss as to how we could stop this from happening in the future to some one else.

  • Cow Belle

    Well it is America, gun capital of the World.