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Nick Adenhart, Anaheim Angels Rookie

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When the angels when Anaheim beat San Francisco Giants in 2002 to win his first world championship, said he had finally lifted the curse that had haunted with a bunch of premature deaths and tragedies throughout the 41 years of existence.Mais unfortunately this is not the horrible death of Angels pitching cas.La 22 years prodigy Nick Adenhart Wednesday evening – the victim of a drunk driver hours after pitching six suspected nonprofit sleeves inspiring against Oakland Athletics – a shadow on a new body as a prey to the sadness of so many years. Adenhart tragedy, which killed a rookie pitcher, and two companions, 20, Courtney Francis Stewart and 25, Henry Pearson, when the Mitsubishi Eclipse Stewart was driving was beaten by a Toyota van running a red light at 50 -60 mph is almost too horrible to fathom. The boy had just planted the game of his life with his father present, and went to a local club to celebrate his “arrival” as a major leaguer with friends. Adenhart never got to play. At the wheel of another car was a man of 22 years whose license was suspended for a previous conviction of drinking and driving, who cowardly fled the scene. Andrew Thomas Gallo was charged with three counts of murder on Friday. Why is the drunk driver who kills the other always seems to be walking without a scratch? Adenhart moving past history of punishment in a matter of hours. Here as a baseball player in high school American of the Year in 2004, suffered a major elbow injury two weeks before the project, requiring Tommy John surgery ligament transplant. Despite the angels decided to make 14, managed to dissuade him from going to college with a signing bonus and 0000 the possibility of rebuilding their dependents. Their faith in him seemed to bear fruit when it advanced quickly through the organization until it gets a bit of a wall in the Triple-A Salt Lake City last year where he struggled with his command is 9-13 with an ERA of 5.76 and a 9.00 ERA in three starts with the Angels. However, Adenhart, who had a weighted average of 3.2 in high school to go with a 1240 on the SAT, I knew what was wrong: it is delivered. So Adenhart tried to correct their problems during the winter by studying film of Nolan Ryan and Bert Blyleven. Adjustments were made and the spring itself has changed the Angels’ rotation. In preparation for his first start Wednesday, Adenhart called his father, Jim, in Maryland, and said with confidence. “I think it’s better to come here, something special happens” He did not disappoint, leaving after six innings with a lead of 4-0, with five strikeouts and two bases-loaded launched in confitures.Et yes, the legacy of tragedy Angel – once known as the “Curse of the Cowboy” after the original owner of the Angels, Gene Autry – ongoing, started in 1965 when Dick Wantz, a rookie reliever, died of a. brain tumor. Three years later, Angels reliever Minnie Rojas was paralyzed in a car accident that killed her two daughters. In 1972, infielder Chico Ruiz Angels utility was killed in a car accident in San Diego. Another car accident killed a rookie pitcher Angel, Bruce Heinbechner in spring training of 74. Then, in 1977, 23, shortstop Mike Miley, No. of Angels a selection of projects and former LSU quarterback, was killed in another car accident. The following year, outfielder Lyman Bostock, the Angels had signed as a free agent after one season All-Star with the Minnesota Twins in 1977, was shot dead in his hometown of Gary, Ind. The litany continues with the suicide in 1989 of Donnie Moore, who gave Homer closer to Dave Henderson in Boston that cost the Angels the 1986 championship series until “Last year, when 85 years Preston Gomez, a senior adviser Angel was hit by a car Fullerton at a gas station and died of his wounds a few months later. In a twist sad fate, the gas station was only a couple of miles from where Adenhart and his companions were killed.