• fretochose

    You are unlikely to be extradited for dui….however a bench warrant never expires and you are subject to immediate arrest in PA…dont get stopped for a traffic violation in PA or you will go immediately to jail

  • FawneMine

    Can they or will they?

    If you are arrested in FL and they find out then yes they will. Most of the time they do not check unless you have a serious crime such as… murder, unless you are stupid and one of your friends reports you.

  • coragryph

    They can. Whether they will is a different story.

    Generally, if you are arrested in Florida on some other charge (for whatever reason), they will probably notify Penn that they have you in custody — it’s then up to Penn to decide if Penn is going to come get you.

  • David M

    Can they? Yes. Will they? Probably no. However, your Pa. citation WILL, without a doubt, be reported to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. When it’s time to renew your license, your DMV will either deny you a license or call the police. I had a friend in her late 70’s that had her purse stolen last year. She now lives in my state in the West. She had a 1983 DWI in New Jersey. After that, she had gotten driver licenses in 3 different states (her husband was military). So-she goes to renew her license and my state demands proof she cleared up the 1983 NJ DUI. Remember, her purse was stolen and she had no violations in my state. Twenty-three years had passed and it caused her major problems. The point is, these matters are now reported nationally. This will come back to haunt you. You may be able to ignore it for a while, but the long you wait, the worse it will become for you.

  • information_police

    I hope so.

  • wayne g

    They talk this crap ” don’t drink and drive” What about this?
    ” Don’t drive if your gonna drink when you get there”
    You need to face your music before you kill someone.

  • bob1442

    they can , but the more likely scenario is that a bountyhunter will snatch your @$$ of the street and deliver you to pa. So keep looking over your shoulder

  • jrsangel81250

    idk if you can or not but living in PA i sure hope you stay in FL.
    the less DUI drivers we have here the better!

  • spag

    It just all depends on how lucky you are or aren’t. I pulled over a young girl for speeding and she had a bench warrant from the next state over for fishing without a license. She spent the next 12 days in jail getting transferred from jail to jail until she reached her jurisdiction. She was released for time served the next day. Point is, it was a $125.00 ticket and she spent 12 days in jail for it. How lucky do you feel?

  • rotorhead

    Legally they could. But why spend the money? Unless there is some aggravating circumstance like hit and run, manslaughter, etc. I doubt it. However, that does not mean if you get stopped at a traffic stop, they might not find it and lock you up until PA says they are not interested. I would talk with a lawyer. Spend a little money and about an hour doing a consultation.

  • steve_1185

    You can not be extradited out of state for a motor vehicle offense. In order to be extradited, both PA and FL would have to recognize DWI as a felony.

    What will happen is PA Motor Vehicle Services will contact FL Motor Vehicle Services and your driving privileges will be suspended to both states until the matter is resolved.

  • Syklops

    Well, probably not but you better stay out of PA for a LONG time. If you try to get any job that runs a backgroung check, you are screwed. You will probably have trouble getting a license or insurance, too.