How Congress Could Ruin YouTube: Felony Streaming Act!

Weekly video blog from Tubefilter’s Marc Hustvedt of online video news worth knowing for the week of October 3, 2011. (New one every Monday!) Read Tubefilter. every. single, day: ‪‬ FEATURED in the vlog this week ———————————– Senate bill S.978, the Commerical Felony Streaming Act would make it a FELONY to stream certain copyrighted content online, even as few as 10 times in 180 days. S.978, sponsored by Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D, MN], would “amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.” Specifically, it would raise illegal streaming from a misdemeanor to a felony by changing its legal status as a “public performance” to the same level as a “reproduction” or “distribution.” That would seem to mean that someone who unknowingly embeds a YouTube video on their site that contains material that is determined to be protected by a copyright could potentially face the same penalty as someone who runs a large-scale DVD bootlegging operation. Top recipients of lobbyist cash in support of S.978: TAKE ACTION – Head to to sign a petition. And contact your members of Congress to let them know what you think. ———————————– BadLipReading: “Trick The Bridesmaid” — a Bad Lip Reading of Barack Obama: “Rick Perry” — A BLR Soundbite:
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from Cure DVD vol.6


  • MrGiovhanny

    @Rokhopper987cp Lobbyists aka the people that bribe members of congress.

  • lanili100

    GUYS I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! I think this law’s dead! I heard this all over the internet!

  • Rokhopper987cp

    DOES THAT MEAN THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO BE LIKE JUSTIN (trying to get notice on YouTube) WOULD GO TO JAIL?! That’s stupid… Who came up with this bill? -.-

  • lanili100


  • WhyLimeTime

    Yeah…unfortunately for America, they don’t own the internet.

  • lanili100

    @WhyLimeTime No, it plans to shut down the entire internet!  If the internet gets shut down, I’ll have to wait until high school to learn Maxwell’s Equations! I’m 11!

  • WhyLimeTime

    I think you’re attributing too much of the internet to thiefs. And too much to America.

  • lanili100

    @WhyLimeTime Dude, if this bill passes, the entire internet will be gone!

  • lanili100

    @crazycc18 If they get arrested, I’ll run all the way to the jail, and bail them out. And YES, I said run, because I would bail them out at any cost, even if it means getting really tired. They’re too awesome for jail. If it costs too much, I’ll try to get a job, even though I’m 11.

  • lanili100

    Nicepeter will also be gone too if this law passes!

  • lanili100

    Son of a Bulbasaur! Nigahiga will also be gone, and so will Daneboe if this law passes! Richalvarez is gonna be gone too! We can’t let him go to jail! There will be no more Stupid Mario Brothers!

  • JyonasanVolkov

    Obama is attempting to kill our children!
    & by the way, Justin Bieber is not pretty at all. That is just my opinion, I prefer kissing Lady GaGa as a man in her music video „Yoü & I”

  • crazycc18

    @lanili100 I know! I would cry, they are one of my favorite youtubers

  • lanili100

    @crazycc18 If Smosh goes to jail, I would be REALLY pissed!

  • desbest4

    Where would Disney be if they couldn’t remix they’re classics? YouTube users don’t even make commercial derivative forms. We instead use clips of videos, and songs you can DMCA anyway. Independents would kill for this sort of promotion, and they want to squeeze it dry.

  • Mangacat1

    dude D: bacily just about eveyone who uploded a song or somesort on you tube gonna go to jail 

  • skyrimawaits

    i just heard from a friend that the bill just now passed.

  • skyrimawaits

    i really wish i can sign the petition. but im underage =/

  • Novacore

    @zaiba123 Until your country signs an international treaty like ACTA, and suddenly IP/patents owners are able to enforce their “rights” in your country too.

  • crazycc18

    @lanili100 I know right? I love them, but it could happen with this bs they are trying to pass. I don’t even think they realize that if smosh went to jail then the universe would implode.

  • lanili100

    @crazycc18 NOOOOOO! NOT SMOSH! :( Smosh does everything better!  Without them, YouTube would suck!

  • shootingin24p

    Fascism is a cyclical thing. When it is offered to us again, it will not be with jack-boots and Concentration camps, it will be in the form of things like this, where our rights are taken away, our privileges diminished, and those who represent us trying to tell us it’s good for us. Don’t buy into it!

  • IHateToxickBVB

    I died at Ryouga’s fail at trying to shuffle XD lmfao love these guys.

  • Reito405

    @corrodes45 ok >.<

  • Reito405

    @JEluvs2laugh I know what romaji NOT romanji are -.-‘ and oh well..ok.

  • corrodes45

    @Reito405 I think what he meant was, only Ryoga’s name is written in Japanese.

  • JEluvs2laugh

    @Reito405 I think they mean written in romanji. Japanese words written using English letters

  • Reito405

    @navcat111 huh? ..Kifumi and Tomo are Japanese names too!

  • vampaq

    i like part when they drink the fake blood 4:24 – 5:01

  • Sylwia1224

    They are really funny:) Somebody know how old  are they?Thanks. Ryoga has cool voice :)

  • naitomeaObsesseD605

    the vocalist would make a really good guitarist



  • lunareclipse0629

    Is he saving his voice, or is Ryouga really that quiet?

    I’m new to this band, so I don’t know.

  • firemaiden101

    Nah, I’m sure it’s fake. They’re gagging because fake blood tastes awful, had to use some once in a play. Yuck.

  • JungYuha

    Ohmigod they act like such dorks lmao.
    Love them! I absolutely love this song, everyone should support BORN!~ <3

  • Liliye12

    k is very cool

  • navcat111

    lol did anyone notices all they’re names are in english except for ryouga xD lol they are soo cute <3

  • 410kyomukan

    Omgs, dorks!! <3

  • chiaki13

    LMAO!! I’ve come to love them allready xD

  • angeldiedinmydreams

    is that really blood what they drunk??

  • Sylwia1224

    They are  so cute and funny:)

  • TakayukiPrincess

    i wonder if Ryouga knows how to properly jerk or shuffle XD

  • kimyuri89

    2:47 XD

  • YukixXxItsuki

    lolz, they’re so cute its ridiculous!

  • embracethechaotic

    Lol Ryouga’s such a dork >< lmao the lot of them are hehehehe

    I just got recently into born as of late, this is one of my favorite songs so far of their’s ^_^ And I like it so far.