Man faces jail for recording out of control cop

Anthony Graber was riding his motorcycle with a camera attached to his helmet recording his ride. It happened near the Riverside exit of I-95. A Maryland State trooper in an unmarked car pulled over Graber for speeding. The trooper is seen in a YouTube video that Graber posted, jumping out of the car and tells Graber “Get off the motorcycle, get off the motorcycle! Get off the motor cycle, State Police.” The trooper is seen pulling his gun immediately after getting out of the unmarked car. It’s not until five seconds after he exits the car that he identifies himself a Maryland State trooper. Click on the video to the right to watch the story by ABC2 News investigative reporter, Brian Kuebler.


  • cimasgro

    @Mutlap I take it you are an expert in this field???

  • Mutlap

    The officer is more than a punk. Backing up the the motor cycle not moving toward the officer.
    No threat, the trooper needs to be re-trained to respect the tax payer!!

  • Mutlap

    The police officer could have been shot by the time he identified himself. Very stupid!
    Bad policy, Maryland State police follow the rules!! Enforce the laws

  • silver2screen

    KONY 2012

  • myfreedomeofdefense

    Thats BULLSHIT! you have every right to use a video camera, Its called freedom of the press. Part of the 1st amendment right.
    Its funny the cops can record you, they say its for.. there and your protection. But if you do it, its against the law. Why? Because they cant tamper with the video that you took?

  • ffloos23

    My friend in MA got a 1,000 dollar fine for the same thing. It was in his car to prove he wasn’t speeding. 1 on speedometer 1 on the road 1 facing so you can see the interior. A cop stopped him for “speeding” and he notified the police he was on audio and the cop said no shut it off… he used the evidence in a 110 dollar ticket and because the cop didn’t give permission he got fucked being told the whole video was ileagle not evidence and he had the same thing happed computers taken and served

  • Epsand

    I wear a custom made shirt that reads: Recording in public is a liberty.
    any time I use my camera


    Welcome to Fourth Reich Nazi America!

  • MrBikercat

    let’s see, this is a armed state trooper who’s in fear for his life because the motorcyclist is backing up? are you kidding me? what was he afraid of ? the biker doing a moonwalk on his vehicle? so when they were doing the press interview, did all the news stations get the ok first to film it?

  • lostinnh51

    There has always been a double standard: one for citizens and one for cops! Cops are free to act like criminals and get away with it and we are arrested for “talking back”, filming, standing up for our rights, etc. So many bad cops, so few good ones!

  • TheYouwontgetit

    hahahaha… …usa… …you must all be brainwashed pretty good for believing you are the land of the free…

  • skweakykitty

    “A brief moment of fear for the officer”? What about the absolute pant-shitting fear of the cyclist being approached by an armed man that can’t be readily identified as a cop?

  • PBScenarioScene

    Fascism in America. 

  • dsspike51

    If this went to court and i was the deffence attorny, I would have asked “why in the first 5 seconds of the video did you not identify yourself and ask for the camera to be turned off?

  • Paragon1324

    They love that power don’t they.

  • yocopocopoco

    this is fascism

  • gappa33

    Man, i wish that pig would have done that in my state were we can carry a firearm. a man jumps out with a gun and it takes him five seconds to identify himself? I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to shoot him.

  • DMCAServicesBureau

    POLICE WHO NEGLECT to confiscate a perp’s recording device can wind up facing Internal Affairs review, reprimand or paid administrative leave.
    Therefore it’s imperative every Officer clearly understands the need to confiscate and/or destroy/wipe videos which may “implicate” them in litigation or be misconstrued by common civilians as “abusive behavior,” even when it’s clear that said behavior is NOT “abusive,” but rather routine police work to trained eyes (as clearly evident in this incident.)

  • remsensor

    This is such a crock of shit. If it were the other way around which it has been in the past courts would rule that because you are in a public place you should not expect to not be recorded. That, and the camera is pretty fucking visible. By the way im actually undergoing training to be a cop and I think that he was out of control and they need to look at him not the other guy. Way to waste time and tax dollars…

  • brett42696

    The tropper was fine in what he did I thought. Maybe a little overzealous. To me the big issue is with raiding this guys house over the video and trying to prosecute. Even after the federal appeals court ruled that it is ok to video police and to my knowledge all cases like this have been thrown out, Prosecutors in Illinois are still trying to prosecute 1 man for 75 years in jail for video of police. 75 years?!! they have their priorities backwards. what are they so afraid of? they video us

  • brett42696

    His case got dismissed. As of Sept. 2011 there were 3 states that outlawed videotaping police. However also in Sept. 2011 a federal appeals court ruled that videotaping police (city or state workers) was well within everyone’s first amendment right. In this case, this guy wasn’t looking for police to video. the cop just pulled up and jumped out. How was he supposed to do anything. Cops are paid by taxpayer money. what are they so afraid of? Please don’t say it’s an officer safety issue.

  • seanbritish

    someone till that state trooper he has no brain it was public space and he came into the film he most be the worst person i hope he sues you for every thing you own he is nothing but a puppet of the state.

  • seanbritish

    the officer came into the video so the state has no say into this greg shipley mainland state police officer thinks he has a case he does not have nothing.

  • Dunbarick

    more reasons why cops are so hated