• addvoc8

    Most attorneys & women’s supporters advise moms to make False Abuse Allegations as normal, primary means to win custody & divorce, winner takes all. 3/4 of divorced DADS in my area experience false allegations PLUS parental alienation.

    Most parental alienation accompanies HER false allegations resulting in mothers having sole custody with most dads alienated from their kids.

    Most GAL’s & other court hangers-on support the rot lest they lose their seat at this banquet on children’s flesh.

  • russ5074

    too bad that these dumb ass judges in america don’t want to hear about PAS mostly if its a woman judge

  • misteeq64

    Sure lets help the lawers make more money

  • addvoc8

    Thanks for all of your valiant efforts to fight and stop PAS. But, unfortunately there are too many judicial criminals and their toadies pulling in billions by promoting and helping with gang-molesting our children.

    Sadly, those profiting are who you have to convince, and appeal to, to stop this most grievous gang crime against children and families.

  • justsomefellow2

    What an incredible group of extremely talented,inspirational and warm-hearted speakers at the symposium this weekend. It was nice to see so many passionate people come together with a common goal of truly helping children and parents deal with parental alienation. Thank you all!

  • pemaliktube

    We PEMALIK are a pro-active NGO are concerned about these ugly development in our society today.. It’s time every developed society, government and countries address these new bad development in the famiy institution.. These choices should not be made as an easy option for a way out..