What EXACTLY does “convicted of a felony” mean?

Question by : What EXACTLY does “convicted of a felony” mean?
My husband recently got arrested. In a car that was not his with items that did not belong to him inside. The car was seized and he went to jail. If i were to fill out an application of whatever sort what should i put under “Has _______ ever been convicted of a felony?”

Does this mean arrested, charged? One of the charges have been dropped due to lack of evidence (fingerprints) but they have made a plea bargain.

The plea bargain is if he enters a plea of GUILTY he will be off with probation and whatever withheld judification and what not. Which means nothing to me because no matter what you do it will show up in a background screening and on the internet for anyone to see. Also he is not guilty.

What should we do, the case is still open we have to make a decision in about 13 days, and we are sucked dry of money from the lawyer. Although the lawyer says he can fight it but we dont have the money and if we dont take the plea bargain it might be worse.

Anyways its been hard to get a job. What exactly is conviction and when does is happen. and are you convicted even though you plea not guilty?

please someone explain.
Thanks for all your help everyone, but no chance its ever going to be lowered to misdemenor, In Miami Dade County (or maybe even all of FL) not sure but it doesn’t hatter is you have 1 tiny nonprescription pill on you or 5 pounds of drugs. Its always a felony.

I know: I got charged with felony for 1 pill in my purse with no prescription. Now that I have the prescription there is nothing I can do about the “conviction”. I guess now my Husband has no choice… we are a couple of convicted felons :(

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Answer by Stephen
Convicted of a felony means you have gone to court and been proven guilty of a felony. Being arrested and charged does not mean convicted. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Often times, if there is a plea bargain, you could get it reduced to a misdemeanor. That is something you would have to talk to the lawyer about.

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  • Crying tears of geek joy.

    It means either found guilty via a trial or having plead guilty of a felony crime. That is CONVICTED…if he was found not guilty of a felony and let go, then he was not convicted. Even if a person pleads not guilty they can be convicted if found guilty (“convicted”) of the crime.

    Conviction = Convicted.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    Was your husband ever convicted of a felony in a jury trial, or plead guilty to a felony? That’s what they want to know. You are not convicted on a “not guilty” plea.

  • jaymes_07

    It means you were convicted (found guilty) of a felony (serious criminal charge carrying a prison sentence of 1 year +).

  • USAFisnumber1

    He was ARRESTED for felony theft.

    He went to jail as part of the arrest. Then he goes before a judge.

    Then he has to plea either guilty or not guilty. If he plead guilty then that counts as a conviction.

    If he plead not guilty then there has to be a trial. The jury decides.

    If the jury decides not guilty then he has not been convicted.

    If the jury decides guilty then he has been convicted of a felony.

    In his case, if he did a plea bargain and he plead guilty to a felony charge then he is “convicted of a felony” He should try to plea bargain down to a misdemeanor charge.

  • HD

    if he’s not guilty why in the world would he plead guilty? have your lawyer fight it, he doesn’t want or need a felony conviction on his record. if he pleads guilty that is considered convicted.

  • Dr. Snark

    If you are found guilty, either through trial or if you plead guilty, that’s what convicted means.

    You need to talk to the lawyer about what charge he would be pleading guilty to. It’s possible that although he was charged with a felony, the plea deal might involve him pleading guilty to a lesser charge like a misdemeanor.

    ADD: Congratulations. You’re both convicted felons. Go figure that somebody who has a picture of themselves getting licked as their avatar would also have a criminal record…

  • clayjar_azn

    Request for a public defender which is paid by the state to represent your husband.

    If he accepts the plea bargin, he has been convicted of a felony and will have to state that in all his job applications.

    If he is found guilty in the trial, he has been convicted of a felony.

  • Cynthia H

    Convicted of a felony means that the person has been charge with a felony offense and has either pled guilty or been found guilty so the judge enters a judgment of guilty. If the person received deferred ajudication probation and successfully served it out (and even while on the deferred), then the person is not found guilty so the person is not convicted. Convictions and deferreds show up on background checks.

    The choice is to take the plea bargain agreement and get the deferred or go to trial. If he is not guilty, then he should not plead guilty. The State has the burden of proof. (I cannot say without looking at all of the evidence whether or not the evidence would support a finding of guilt if he went to trial.)