If you have a Warrant – Get an Attorney Today!

You’ve committed a crime now you wonder if you have an arrest warrant

If you know that you’ve committed a crime then you know that there is a good chance that a warrant has been issued on you. If so, then your best course of action is to get a lawyer and turn yourself in.  It’s either turn yourself in or constantly wonder when police will come knocking on your door.

You’ve forgotten pay a fine and now you wonder if you have a bench warrant

You could have a warrant for silly reasons, like forgetting to turn up in court or failing to pay a fine.  If this happens then you most likely have collected a Bench Warrant.  Just like an arrest warrant, a bench warrant will get you arrested.

The most accurate free warrant search

Do nothing and get a free arrest warrant search

You can get a very thorough and free arrest warrant search by doing absolutely nothing!

If you drive a car, then sooner or later you will get stopped for some minor traffic violation or routine inspection.  When this happens the police will reward you by doing a free warrant search for you. If they find that you have a warrant they will arrest you on the spot on give you a free ride to your new home.

Free warrant searches at the courthouse

Do you know which county your warrants were issued in?  If you forgot to turn up in court but remember after the fact then you probably know the county.  If you know the county then you can go to the county courthouse and ask.  This arrest warrant search should be free in most cases.  You have to go to the right courthouse for this to work though. They will probably not be able to search other county’s records for you.

If you aren’t sure which county the warrant is in then you need to search state records.  While most states try to collect these warrants from the different counties the process can be slow and there’s no guarantee that the state has all the records at the time of your search.  So if nothing shows up in the state records you may need to search each and every county of your state.

Search for free arrest warrants in public records

Arrest warrants are public record.  That means they show up in all sorts of places – like background checks performed by employers.  It also means that in a perfect world you could run your own free online warrant search and find anything and everything you were looking for.  Unfortunately the reality is that states don’t always have complete records for their web sites.

Paid Arrest Warrant Search

Paid services are intended to make your life easy by compiling all the correct information, providing easy to use search features, etc.  But how do you know which service is thorough, up-to-date, and complete?


You are going to need a lawyer anyways…

What happens if you find out there is an arrest warrant or a bench warrant out with your name on it?  You could do what a buddy of mine did, go to the courthouse, pay your fine (I think it was an old parking or speeding ticket), and have them arrest you anyways.  That’s what happened to him.  They took his ATM card and all of his cash.  He couldn’t even bail himself out and had to call his wife.  This all happened on Friday afternoon so he missed a good chunk of a work day in jail – try explaining that to you boss – and got to enjoy the deluxe accommodations of the county jail overnight since his wife couldn’t get there until after the clerks had left for the day.

I don’t know about you but I’d like to avoid that scenario myself.  A lawyer could have warned him ahead of time what to expect and either prevented his arrest or at least gotten him bailed out before everyone went home saving him from a night in jail.  If you have a warrant – major or minor – you will want a lawyer to handle it.

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