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What kind of lawyer do I need?

Question by rainy: What kind of lawyer do I need?
I need to know what type of lawyer I would like advice if I even have a case to sue a County, Social Services, a Guardian Ad Litem, a School District as well as my ex-boyfriend.

I have lived this nightmare since 2003 when my ex-boyfriend forged my signature on a court document giving himself “50/50″ custody to our daughter.
The District Attorney refuse to file charges based that there wasn’t enough evidence. Even though I got my own hand writing analysis proving it was not my signature and also that who else would have benefited from such a document but him. As it was this document that allowed him the luxury of only paying $ 25 dollars a week in child support.
This man has a history of domestic violence and DUI’s including one where our 7 yr old was a passenger.
Because of this document and others that followed he was allowed more and more visitation.
In 2006 I reported to social services that my daughter had alleged that her father had toucher her buttock area inappropriately. It was their opinion that I was “coaching” my daughter and they did nothing. My daughter told her Guardian Ad Litem, he did nothing. It was their opinion that I was trying to cause problems for my ex.
Now, last week they finally took my daughter to a child advocacy center where the “neutral” third party substantiated my daughters allegations. So now social services has done a total turn around including the DA and others.
I feel like I’m living in “Bizarro” world. I’m really happy they are all NOW doing the right thing but I think that they should be held accountable to putting my daughter in harms way after they were told of the abuse. Not only that but the emotional and financial distress this has caused us.
By the way, in the past few weeks I had emailed my Governor, Senator and even the White House. It seems strange now that things are coming together for us. It’s kind of like they are all now crossing the ‘T’s and dotting those ‘I’s.
I would really appreciate some insight….I have an attorney for the custody dispute but I believe I need a different lawyer to sue for negligence.
I am diligent…..and I am definitely not counting my chickens…my first and only priority is keeping my daughter safe.
As far as why I didn’t ‘pursue’ the forgery thing is that I was advised in the past by lawyers and the state bar is that we couldn’t make the DA prosecute. Since then I have learned that he can be held accountable in civil court.
The other side to of the story is that this man has 4 domestic violence and currently has a case, Endangering Safety with a Dangerous Weapon, as he tried to run over my husband and 13 yr old with his car. Along with a Stalking Case currently that he is being prosecuted for. Not to mention the DUI’s.
In a nutshell this man is a nutjob. He is an abuser that has lost control over me and he’s used our daughter as a pawn to still try to manipulate me.

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Answer by Naked In The Rain
you need a lawyer with a machine-gun

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Lawyer Explains Workers’ Compensation Law – Michigan Disability Attorney Jeffrey Kischner

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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer / Attorney

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Judge Anne Fisher Segal Wins First Place in AZ Attorney Magazine Writing Contest

Judge Anne Fisher Segal Wins First Place in AZ Attorney Magazine Writing Contest

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) September 09, 2011 Judge Anne Fisher Segal , Justice of the Peace for Pima County Precinct One, was selected as a first place winner of a writing contest in Arizona Attorney Magazine, the monthly publication for attorneys and associated professionals. Though this magazine is normally a compendium of articles and essays concerning legal issues for lawyers, each year the Arizona Bar Association sponsors a creative arts competition for Arizona lawyers. Attorneys throughout the state are invited to submit photography, paintings, prose, and poetry for the competition.

Judge Segal won the categorical submission for humor in the May 2011 edition. Her fictional article, “The Last Carpool,” highlights the rules and responsibilities of a parent when transporting high school students on a field trip. Segal cites tongue-in-cheek rules forbidding parents from speaking, humming, or listening to NPR. She also reminds parents that they are not allowed to dress in clothes that jingle, garments with fringe, above-the-ankle socks, or anything that could be worn by the teenager.

“Any articles with elastic in the waist or a zipper will be seized and destroyed,” Segal warns. “Cardigan and argyle are cute names for cats and the children of the former governor of Alaska, but otherwise cannot be known to the parent as clothing items.”

Judge Segal points out that teenagers harbor a great deal of prejudice against their parents. “The adoration that previously twinkled in the eyes of a child now morphs into daggers of contempt and mortification as the SUV turns into the school parking lot. Cool parents never drive teenagers, only drive BMC sports coupes, have no neck wrinkles and are usually on trips to St. Moritz. All know them as ‘Cookie’ and ‘Skipper.’ They also only have cute three-year-olds and sons in medical school. Cool teenagers do not, of course, have parents. They live in haciendas with housekeepers who do their laundry.” Parents are further cautioned that using terms such as “hook up” to meet or “thong” instead of flip-flop shoe will eliminate any chance they have of becoming Facebook friends with their offspring, “forever.”

Judge Anne Segal is a judge with the Pima County Justice Court and has been a licensed practitioner for more than 35 years. She and her husband, Dr. Robert Segal, live in the northern Pima County and are the parents of three children, Stephen, Brad and Bonnie.

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MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Looks To Assist The Small Business Company

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Looks To Assist The Small Business Company

(PRWEB) September 09, 2011

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home is pleased to showcase the Rocket Lawyer, an online service designed to help the small business company. Rocket Lawyer, founded in 2008, is designed to assist the small business company with legal members across the country. A small business company that joins Rocket Lawyer will receive a personalized Legal Health Score. This score ranges from 1 to 100 and is designed to assess the legal health of a particular small business company. Rocket Lawyer helps a small business company improve their score by using services available through Rocket Lawyer.

Members are presented with a Rocket Lawyer legal plan that works best for them. Members are given simple, affordable ways to print, personalize and share legal documents. This includes the ability to e-Sign some documents so that an electronic signature is recognized as legitimate. Members also receive a calendar to keep up with events and plans. Additionally, free legal help articles are also archived. These include issues already covered and resolved so that newer members can have an idea of what they may be facing. Members may also request a legal review of documents from any of Rocket Lawyer’s network of lawyers scattered throughout the country. Online marketing tools help Rocket Lawyer’s attorneys customize services. Referrals are also available.

Members receive an assessment displayed on their account homepage. This includes information detailing what needs to be done to improve a member’s legal score. The typical small business company do not typically have the same legal resources at their disposal that large corporations have. This makes Rocket Lawyer a valuable asset to any small business. Rocket Lawyer plans provide small business company with a proactive way to manage legal needs through one source. All plans available from Rocket Lawyer include access to business or personal legal documents, free e-signature services to expedite and execute legal documents without paper signatures required.

Additional services include easy document creation with a step-by-step legal document design tool, safe and secure sharing of legal documents with other parties who need to view such documents and access to attorneys throughout the United States that are currently in the Rocket Lawyer network. Services from these attorneys are available to members at discounted rates. Popular services members use on Rocket Lawyer include incorporation services where a small business can easily become incorporated by answering a few simple questions. Rocket Lawyer then files the necessary papers with the state where a business wishes to be incorporated. The local small business company will certainly appreciate such a user-friendly service.

Another popular feature among members is the Web Law Office. Lawyers using Rocket Lawyer may access this feature to extend their practice to services that can be performed online. Lawyers are given access to all the legal forms they need along with billing management tools and client referrals to attract additional clients. Rocket Lawyer provides information and software, but is not a legal referral service.

For additional information regarding services for a small business company, please visit Shop At Home.


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Attorney David M. Dudley Launches New Website,

Attorney David M. Dudley Launches New Website,

Contact a Federal Crime Lawyer!

(PRWEB) September 21, 2011

Attorney David M. Dudley is pleased to announce the launch of his new website,, designed to assist individuals in learning about criminal legal services.

Attorney David M. Dudley defends individuals accused of serious crimes in federal and state courts. Over the last 25 years, he has represented numerous persons facing serious criminal allegations in 36 states. He has defended clients against prosecutions for white collar crimes, money laundering, drug trafficking, organized crime offenses, firearms allegations, robbery, murder, and many other serious crimes.

As a white collar crime lawyer, Attorney David M. Dudley has handled almost every type of fraud case prosecuted in federal court, including health insurance and other types of insurance fraud, real estate and mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, defense contract procurement fraud and embezzlement. He has also defended against hundreds of money laundering prosecutions.

Attorney David M. Dudley has successfully defended persons charged with manufacturing, importing and/or distributing counterfeit and contraband products such as credit cards, bank checks and cigarettes.

Attorney David M. Dudley also has years of experience as a drug trafficking lawyer and has defended several people charged under federal organized crime statutes as well as those accused of supervising international narcotics distribution, manufacturing various types of drugs, and transporting large quantities of drugs.

Attorney David M. Dudley is familiar with both federal and state laws. He launched to help individuals who are seeking information about criminal defense.

To schedule a consultation with Attorney David M. Dudley, call 1-800-941-5986.

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