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  • 951prerunner

    fack da police, wahhh fack fack faccccck da police fackem!

  • CamaroHappy

    license and registration
    * hands over steamy pile of shit*
    cops deserve nothing but poo

  • Mikej1592

    that cop looked like the doctor from the tv show Scrubs LOL

  • CComb501

    Love it. The road blocks are unconstitional´╗┐ anyway (no probable cause) in the first place. Why not use drastic if even illeagle measures to counteract this promotion of Nazism in the United States??? Fuck the cops.

  • CComb501

    Great job MADD for taking away more of our constitutional rights. What happened to probable cause. What’s next, the´╗┐ SS showing up at our front doors with machine guns and hauling away whoever is not conforming. Nazi MADD fanatics.

  • Lisa

    Cops r literally good for nothing but ruining people’s lives & no help when u need ’em. They suck!

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