Can I obtain a private pilots license with prior DUI convictions???

Question by Johnathon G: Can I obtain a private pilots license with prior DUI convictions???
2 convictions 4yrs apart. 1996 and 2000. Have been sober ever since and NEVER involved in an accident.

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Answer by Tigg
Sure Most pilots are pisstanks. U will fit right in here

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  • The Steve

    not sure about the past but as a private pilot now i am supposed to notify somebody if I get a DUI. faa?

  • aviophage

    Usually one conviction will not prevent you from obtaining your certificate. A “history” of convictions is a potential problem. The question is whether they would consider your record a “history of drinking and driving.”

    The main thing is never to lie about it. If they catch you doing that, you are on the ground, permanently.

    The best thing to do is ask the legal department at AOPA. That’s

  • karenmsarna

    According to FAR Part 61.15 concerning the certification of pilots, and drug and alcohol offenses:
    (1) Denial of an application for any certificate, rating, or authorization issued under this part for a period of up to 1 year after the date of the last motor vehicle action

    Note, however, that airlines will not hire anyone with a DUI in their past, no matter how long ago it was.

  • math.merlin

    Sure you can…..pilots license is a whole other deal.
    Thats a great idea, I hope you get your pilots license.
    Being a student on a student license is a cool way to fly, all you will need is a letter from a doctor, and the doctor will get the student license and log book.
    Check out the AOPA web site, for instructors in your area.
    After 10-12 hours with a instructor you can “solo” and there you go. You can add log time any time you like to.
    Go ahead and get started…… will meet a lot of upscale people that will be nice to know some day.

  • fontaine

    I did!!! Actually went all the way to CFII. You just have to be honest and let them know about it.. During your medical the question will be asked on the paper you have to fill out..Don’t lie, they’ll find out…

  • AirLinePilotChris

    Yes you can, but do not drink while flying, or driving.

    You are one lucky individual, that you did not kill or hit anybody, or did you?

    I come down on people that drink and drive. I got hit by a car when I was just 6 years old and almost died. After spending Christmas and almost two months in the hospital also 3 months in a lower body cast, if I catch someone drinking while intoxicated I will get on my cell phone with 911 and follow the drunk driver so I can tell dispatch know where we are, until the police pull the car over. By the way, my mom had the drunk driver charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
    So next time you or anyone else thinks about drinking and driving, just think I maybe the car behind you on the phone with 911 dispatch reporting you…

    Captain, Chris W T
    ATP- Lear 45, B747- A318 – A380