Balloon Boy’s Father, Richard Heene, Arrested on Criminal Charges for Hoax

The Larimer County sheriff said he’ll file misdemeanor charges against Richard Heene and his wife, Mayumi, but did not reveal what law they broke. “We were looking at a Class 3 misdemeanor, which hardly seems serious enough given the circumstances,” Sheriff Jim Alderden said Saturday during a cryptic news conference outside his office. The sheriff said last week that if the balloon boy saga turned out to be a hoax, the parents could be charged with making a false report, a low-level misdemeanor that carries a maximum of six months in jail, a 0 fine or both. Cops searched the Heene home Saturday night, but did not say what they were looking for. The sheriff said more details would be available today – and that the Heenes could face federal charges.
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  • nineteen68er

    One:I would love to see this asshole arrested! Two:He should get three years of hard-time! and Three: the parents hould absolutley loose entire custody of thier three innocent sons. These parents are sick people! Oh yeah, to finish she should get deported back to fuckin’ Japan for good!

  • narutofan8675309

    it isn’t so much the fact that they lied, it’s that they lied to the police and made them waste their time running on a wild goose chase. That is a crime.

  • azegyvalaki

    Lie is NOT a crime just in the mind of some hypocrites at the most. However, this was an inappropriate act but nothing more!

  • Travass83

    in america it is inducing panic is a crime im sure theres plenty of other charges that will gbe thrown at him and he deserves everything

  • person71591

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  • gennadiysdengi

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  • catkscooter

    This was a criminal act. lying to the police is unlawful!!! that is a fact


    This was not a criminal act. No one was hurt. Israeli owned mainstreet media got punked! Are redfaced. It was however an irresponsible act. He and those involved showed how gullible American media is. BUT those involved should pay for the emergency vehicles and helicopters’ gas, time wasted by the police and emergency personell/emergency crews.

  • paddioche

    the media were had…haha


    i think he deserves it and he wanted to be on TV now he is

  • jreif72

    I don’t think charges are appropriate but I do think some serious psych evals are in order for the parents of these poor kids. Court & monitored ordered counseling for the entire family- they should have to either pay back the money for the resources used during the search, either w/ money or community service & ABOVE ALL – STOP GIVING THEM ANY KIND OF MEDIA ATTENTION AT ALL!! It’s what they wanted in the first place. Really ? Shame of you two.

  • johnbrnc

    This Heene nut bag is UNFIT to parent a gerbil. He needs to be arrested, charged, serve jail time and then spend the rest of his life paying back a judgement against him for every penny that he cost the tax payers.

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  • cne08

    Jail time for dad.

  • JimboVids

    Quit your crying, you whiney bitch

  • RadiantSynergy

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