can you get DUI/DWI in a bicycle?

Question by E T: can you get DUI/DWI in a bicycle?
i was just watching “JAIL” on UPN and a guy got arrested for DUI on a bicycle.
If you can where does it end can you get a DUI on a scooter, big wheel, rollerskates, skateboard?

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Answer by Ashley W
I don’t believe so. Probably public intoxication though.

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  • JB

    Depends upon how the DUI law is worded in your state. In Missouri you cannot get a DUI for a vehicle that does not contain a motor. That means you cannot get one for a bicycle, but can for a riding lawn mower. However, there are charges that can apply such as drunk in public, disorderly conduct, etc.

  • Allison E

    In some places, yes you can. Bikes are technically “vehicles” and are dangerous when used under the influence, as you could lose control and hurt yourself or veer into traffic and cause an accident.

  • Dennis F

    It would be hard to charge with a DUI, since you don’t need a license to ride a bike.
    You can be charged with Public Drunkenness, or Disorderly Conduct.

  • Mr. Goodhi ©

    I some states you can & in others you can’t. Driving under the influence usually applies to a “motorized” vehicle & an electric wheelchair can be considered a “motorized” vehicle.

  • Pregnant with boy #3! <3

    If he was arrested then it must be a law. DUI….driving….you ride a bike…I thought? Not sure. PI would be a fault for sure.

  • El Scott

    In North Carolina you can get a DWI on a bike, horse, golf cart, etc. but not a lawn mower. You should stay out of the street if you’re drunk even if you’re walking (you can be arrested for that also in NC……….Intoxicated and Disruptive). It can be fatal after all.

  • MarJoe

    As long as your out in the street they can give you a ticket for DUI. and if your not on the bike then they can give you a ticket for drunk in public

  • Ian UK

    UK law, this could be deemed as dangerous or inconsiderate cycling.

    As for the other modes of transport, public order offences could be applicable if they were causing a a nuisance.

  • Acid09

    It depends on the laws in your state. But in Colorado you can get a DUI riding a skateboard, tricycle, scooter, ATV, a horse – even a wheel chair! – seriously, anything considered a vehicle other than your own two feet. I know because I got a DUI (driving a car) and through the classes I had to take I learned just about everything you need to know about getting DUIs/DWAIs in the state of Colorado.

    It also depends on the BAC (how much alcohol is in their body) of a person. Here anything over .05 is considered DWAI, a lesser charge than DUI. DUI is charged where a persons BAC is over .08, which is a worse offense. So if the person was busted and had a BAC of say .13, then I’d bet the DA would prosecute the suspect for DUI.

    PS you do actually have to be opperating the vehical to be charged for DUI. If you’re drunk and just carrying your skateboard, thats not a DUI. Same if you’re just walking your bike.

    Just a quick refferance:
    DUI = driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    DWAI = driving while ability impaired. Drugs and alcohol can be, but they do not have to be presant. If you are partially blind or drive while sleep deprived you can get a DWAI. It is also considered a lesser offense than a DUI.

    Some states don’t use DUI, they use OUI = opperating under the influence or OUIL = opperating under the influence of liquor.

  • Ralph T

    DUI is driving under the influence.
    DWI is driving while Intoxicated.
    The laws vary from state to state and may be loosely translated by the officer or left to his/her discretion.
    If you have a cup of water or coffee and a cop sees you take a drink,he may issue a citation for driving with an open container as well as drinking and driving.
    Where it will end is unknown,the politicians are constantly under pressure to tightening the drinking laws.
    A person on a bicycle,roller skates,or scooter has the same responsibility as a person driving a car and obeying the rules of the road even if they are not in the street.

  • packerlover

    that would be a OWI. Operating while intoxicated. some drunk guy was pulled over by the police while driving his John Deere tractor.

  • laughter_every_day

    Every state defines its laws differently. In my state, you could get a DUI on a skateboard that had a motor, but not without the motor. I know at least one state that prohibits riding a bike while under the influence, but not very many.

  • cclover _

    In Colorado, yes. Colorado used to have a DUI charge while on horseback in the 90’s, but was later revised and that was repealed…