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A 15 year old female child molester in Carmi, Illinois walks with 5 years probation

this was an ongoing case for 2 years that myself and other families fought. This teenage girl ,Tyler Wolf ,molested numerous children that we are aware of and, as far as the victims families are concerned, she got away with it. Had she vandalized property, she probably would have spent time in a juvenile detention center. Her conviction was a class X felony, and apparently that is punishable by 5 years probation.

25 Responses to “A 15 year old female child molester in Carmi, Illinois walks with 5 years probation”

  1. philtirah says:

    they say that 83% of child molesters are children molesting younger children. Most intrafamilial, mostly teenage boys between the ages of 12 and 16. Scared yet parents? You should be because NO ONE talks about it even to the authorities. This story even being prosecuted is a huge deal.

  2. xXGOHHH123Xx says:

    @TheNuclearChrist :3

  3. howdouwin says:

    American justice is an oxymoron.

  4. Romarinho89 says:

    i had a “Nice” Neighbour like her too when i was 6 she reminds me of the girl that lived next to me why is that ? WHORE

  5. TheNuclearChrist says:

    im in love!

  6. rexx1234567 says:

    @rexx1234567 Oops, I forgot one:

    Child Molester/Rapist = A man Touched her coochie when she was 10.

    A bitch can use this excuse, NOT just during the initial trial, But also in an appeal. How the fuck do you & your lawyer forget to bring that up at the first trial? Because it never happened, its used as a last resort to free a bitch during an appeal 2 a jail sentence already given. Can a man do that? FUCK NO.

    Yes women can AND DO rape too. Penis to Vag intercourse is NOT the only form of rape

  7. rexx1234567 says:

    @maninablackhat Yeah, lets use all the psychological excuses we can to give as many of these pussies a free pass as possible. Wait we have male politicians for that!

    Let’s see:

    Murdered Your Husband = Battered Wife Syndrome (There is no real such diagnosis)

    Murdered Your Newborn = Post Pardum Depression (depression typically makes one want to harm themselves not others)

    Vandalism/Domestic Violence = PMS/Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

    Molesting Boys = Bipolar Disorder/Troubled Marriage

  8. rexx1234567 says:

    @manz900 Try 3 - 5 Years……per child.

  9. fmnma1 says:

    Well since when is it a good idea to have a male and female prison, where both sexes interact. What child wants to be a prison baby. Female predators get the same amount of time (give or take) as a male predator would. There are cases, where the female received 20 years, so your assumptions on the Justice System being discriminatory against Males, is incorrect. We also don’t have to many ‘female’ rapists out there, do we.

  10. rexx1234567 says:


    Besides, a woman’s prison is a paradise vacation compared to the virtual animal penn that a man’s prison is. Female justice in many countries including the USA is a sick fucking joke. Children, especially BOY victims will never see protection, closure, peace of mind or justice IF THERE MOLESTER OR RAPIST HAS A PUSSY, They have to just accept that their abuser is walking around free and can still harm them or even others. It is ridiculous! Female victims of male rape cant even say that.

  11. rexx1234567 says:

    @fmnma1 Okay, so SHOW ME AT LEAST 3 MEN OR EVEN THREE 15 YEAR OLD BOYS (IN USA) WHO GOT THIS SAME SENTENCE OR LESS for the same crime. You CAN’T, because there is no such thing. But I would love to see you try.

  12. fmnma1 says:

    Really – So, in the judgement, it says ‘female given 10ys because of race or sex’ I don’t think so. The point is, when you get sentenced, or prosecuted, they look at your ‘record’ for a reason! They don’t skip over the males or females records, IT’S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE -Duh! So, if your convicted of having some weed for the first time, your saying, it doesn’t matter if this is the 4th offense. Of course it matters!

  13. rexx1234567 says:


    Ummm, okay, then we should ask why any walking pussy is always given a bullshit sentence or just set free based on the fact she has a pussy. Anything with a dick would have damn near gotten life in jail + sex offender registry for life + barred from communities + barred from children + ass raped in jail + vigilante attacked when they got out + homeless + jobless. But since she sports a pussy, she gets none of the above, isn’t justice sweet?

  14. rexx1234567 says:

    She has a pussy, no one should be surprised at this joke of injustice. How much you wanna bet the judge was a man?

  15. fmnma1 says:

    Well I must say then, that was fun. At least your original.
    By the way, bitch tits, isn’t bad – I may use that. As for the video, yes she was given a free pass. Someone needs to find out why she was only given 5 yrs probation. There is no way anyone would receive that for penetrating a 4yo girl, or boy. So, either lack of evidence, or something. Obviously, the media is bias, and never actually tells the entire story. Incompetent talking heads – media.

  16. Evenflowist314 says:


    Yeah, I read Harry Potter… But I don’t care about whether they have a record or not, you mess with a kid, go to jail and serve equally with the other fucks. You’re arguing just to argue. I don’t care and nothing you say will change anyone’s opinion on this, legal or not, she still fucked up and she’s getting a free pass. Anyway, as much as I love arguing with dumb broads on Youtube, I have things to do that don’t involve double standards or stand up comedy. Later, bitch tits.

  17. fmnma1 says:

    My point you idiot, when a sex crime is committed against a child, female or male makes no freaking difference in a court of law. But, listen to yourself claiming it does. The retard here is you. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. And yes, it matters if a person has a ‘record’ or not when having to go court especially on the same offense. It’s called habitual. My god, -read much?

  18. fmnma1 says:

    Nice try on the feminist garbage. Your assuming I am female. Your problem is you should keep your assumptions to yourself, and go with what the person actually ‘says’. By the way, the ‘too’ and ‘to’ is either my dyslexia or a mistype, I’ll let you choose. You continue to put words in my mouth, how quaint. Funny how you don’t like when it’s done to you. I’m not the one arguing ‘sex’ here, you are. Quit turning shite around just because your being made to look like a fool.

  19. Evenflowist314 says:


    Don’t really care about your semantics, you made an excuse based on sex and when you get called out for it you PMS like some bitter feminist cunt. If the law means making excuses for pedo’s then you’re a waste of my time.

    By the way it’s “You’re too stupid,” not “Your to stupid.” Make sure you can grasp simple English before insulting the intelligence of others on the internet, RETARD. And stop making excuses for people because they have boobs and a vagina. That’s RETARDED.

  20. fmnma1 says:

    For a moment lets insure your 2nd grade education understands this.
    Circumstances matter in a court of law, depending on what the perp did at the time.
    Did he ‘OR SHE’ fondle the child, commit sodomy, grope ETC. This MATTERS! In a court of law retard – have you ever heard – okay since your female (the judge says) we will bump 2 years off your sentence. HOLYFUCK your an idiot.

  21. fmnma1 says:

    My argument is it depends on ‘circumstances’. This means retard, that if a woman (depending on her record etc) – (lets assume first offense, so even your narrow mind can understand it) and a man have a felony count of ‘fondling’ a child, they tend to receive the ‘same’ exact sentence. Your to stupid to realize this. Also the justice system is not perfect, again your to stupid. So pig, your debate here is again, laughable. Your ignorance, is portrayed in your words. R.E.T.A.R.D.

  22. fmnma1 says:

    Making shit up as you go along, is putting words in peoples mouths, when they never stated, nor claimed anything of the sort. Using that false interpretations of someones comment is okay by you. I am not denying what I stated. Pick up a book, read once in a while, and quit putting words in peoples mouths, then your credibility maybe just that, you lost all of it in your posts. On to my argument imp.

  23. Evenflowist314 says:


    If making shit up means reading what you say and using it against you then it looks like you’re in bad shape. Let me break it down to you so that even a cheerleader can understand.

    Molestation = BAD Man does it = BAD Woman does it = BAD

    Your argument = Oh it’s not the same because she doesn’t have a penis to stick in the kid so it’s okay.

    Feel free to deny you said that all you want, it’s still in you’re first post for everyone to see and know what a sad little hypocrite you are.

  24. fmnma1 says:

    If your going to debate, quit making shit up. I said that circumstances matter, in which it matters if a child was sodomized or simple fondling. To you, that’s a double standard, it’s the same thing. NOPE the difference is 10 to 20, compared to 25 to life. Your double standard debate is not juts laughable, but its moronic. Run along, go read your Miranda rights, as you have not one clue.

  25. Evenflowist314 says:


    Circumstances are different than physical traits. You wouldn’t have mentioned the differences between man and woman parts if you weren’t arguing double standards. DUH! If she was charged and convicted in a court of law then chances are she was responsible for wrongdoing, unless we have a Texas style of justice here where all evidence is disregarded. Anywho, you sound like a cheerleader a bad one at that but whatever. Youtube needs comedians so keep up the good work, kid.