Nice Divorce Attorney photos

A few nice divorce attorney images I found:

Running of the Brides: the gathering

Image by McBeth
the brides and their divorce attorney

*I’ve many more to upload but I also have three projects I’m working on and a family emergency that’s cropped up. Hope to have the rest uploaded by week’s end.

Wish You Were Here!

Image by Jon Betts
Seems like the perfect postcard for divorce attorneys… All images taken and manipulated with iPhone 3GS. I’ve been working on this one for a few weeks and have lost track of all the apps used. If memory serves…ShakeItPhoto (obviously), PhotoStudio and some app that nastily reduced my resolution. Grrr…..I’ll need to work on this again when I have the time.


  • Morgan Miranda

    I like it a lot :) Rouge & noir ^^

  • prissynme

    Oh this is great! Love the lip stick print!

  • Andy^C

    Great use of colour on both sides

  • Matt Burrows

    lol…I love the fact that you lost track of all the apps you used. I really enjoy the fact that you are pushing the bounds of what an iPhone and its apps are capable of. And, not only are you pushing the limits, you’re presenting work that is thought-provoking and interesting.

    As for this particular shot, I really love the red, especially the lips, as they not only denote a kiss (which can be interpreted as a kiss goodbye from a scorned lover or a memory of fonder times). For me, I see the juxtaposition of a heaven (white side) and hell (red side). lol…so much to say about how this could represent life after a divorce and even life in marriage (as it does tend to have it’s ups and downs). lol…too bad you didn’t live closer, as having a couple beers and discussing "Betts’ photography" would be an interesting outing. 😉

  • 71heidi

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called foto *gr* iPhone: arte della iPhoneografia, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • kinpech

    I am enamored of this one, I do wish it was a card, I like everything but particularly ,the use of red,white and black; I like the ghostly white area, reminds me of afterlife love (am I turning mushy? see what this work did ?)

  • Jon Betts

    Morgan Miranda – Thanks! Hard to go wrong with that color combo!
    prissynme – Thanks! Funny, this piece started as a self challenge to figure out some way of integrating some of the more tacky overlays available in the PhotoStudio app. The lips were one that I planted almost as an afterthought, but turned out to be a big part of the image.

    Andy^C – Thanks! I’ve been tied up lately, but I look forward to visiting your stuff soon to see what you’ve been up too!

    Matt Burrows – Thanks as always, Matt! Chicago is one of my favorite cities so hopefully I’ll be in the general neighborhood someday. If you are ever in the Washington DC or Richmond area please let me know. New York is even a possibility if I know far enough in advance.

    Matt & kinpech – Thanks for letting me know your interpretations of my images and how they effect you. This is one of the many reasons why I like posting images with little or no background, at least initially. It is always great seeing what others see and presenting my take just gets in the way of free association! As an example, this particular image went through a lot of changes/interpretations as I was "developing" it. It started off as a portrait of the Lindbergh baby, pre-kidnapping. The meaning/characters have changed a bit to be more "universal".

  • nique88888

    Jon, you make Frank Miller look like Walt Disney!

  • Matt Burrows

    Jon, let me know whenever you’re in Chicago and I’ll do my best to make a trip there. I have a few very close friends that live there and my wife and I visit frequently. I’ll definitely let you know if we’re ever in your neck of the woods too. Take care and have a great weekend! Don’t work too hard.

  • Anthony Vitale [Gobble Monster]

    Jon, if you get anywhere near NYC, drop me a note first! About this photo . . . it looks like it should be for the next White Stripes single. I love the suggestiveness of it (like all of these manipulations you have posted). I am glad to see I am not the only one who has been losing track of the apps used!

  • iPhonearoid

    Great use of red on black. Looks wonderful.

  • Paul Joseph Photographs


  • Fiona Conrad

    Toxic love… j’adore :)

  • andradeXcobain

    [] My thoughts exactly!