Sentence Reduction or Modification of Sentencing?

Question by k a u a i . girl: Sentence Reduction or Modification of Sentencing?
well my boyfriend got charged with a class B felony, and was sentenced to 5 years probation with a special condition of 18 months confinement. He has been incarcerated for the last 7 months and I was wondering if he could get his sentence reduced or modified?…
If so how? I know that he filed a Motion Rule 35 “reduction of sentence” about 45 days after being sent to jail.
The court hasn’t gotten back to him with anything and I am not familiar with how it works.
Does anyone know how this works?
What are the steps to see if he can get a sentence reduction?
This is in the state of HAWAII.

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Answer by belladonna112
While I applaud you wanting to assist your boy friend with his case. I think that other then hiring an attorney, all that can be done, is being done. “The wheels of Justice turn exceedingly slow”
If his crime was a violent crime. The likely hood of him being released early are close to none.

I wish you the best ~ God Bless

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