Am I eligible for a PERC card with a Juvenile Record?

by dbking

Question by wonderer990: Am I eligible for a PERC card with a Juvenile Record?
I have a “theft of persons charge” on my back round when I was 16 years old. I know the charge is sealed and I did a back round check and it came up clean. I got hired at a loss prevention agency today and they told me I need to send my fingerprints in to the state police for approval, the fee is 55 dollars. When your a juvenile and found guilty your delinquent and not a felon. and on the form it says “”HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIMINAL OFFENSE, INCLUDING A MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY?” should I say yes even though its sealed my record been clean ever since and 3 years have passed..

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Answer by CW
Juveniles can certainly be felons and some offences are never sealed even for juveniles. Whether it will come up depends on your state. Records are not sealed in my state from state licensing organizations which include those for armed security and other licensed guards. Are you one of those?

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