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Mayor Mitch Landrieu's son booked with DWI
Landrieu also faces charges of reckless operation of a vehicle and driving on a roadway laned for traffic, according to sheriff's office records. The latter charge means Landrieu likely was "straddling" the lane in which he drove, said officer Frank …

Bexar County leads Texas in road rage crashes
The misdemeanor charge of reckless driving has a lower burden of proof, but also carries less jail time. The maximum punishment is 30 days in jail and a $ 200 fine. ___. Information from: San Antonio Express-News, ___. July …
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Goldman Sachs profits fall 11%
… a billion dollars in 3 MONTHS, during the worst recession in living memory or is it to to simply report what they've made, why, and not add the emotive language of 'slump' next to it when the idea is to bring down the reckless behaviour not stoke …
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