• Cm8000

    I would tend to agree with most of you, but you’re all probably a bunch of hypocrites anyways.

  • digireedoo

    @jwkinraleigh We do sarcasm. I love sarcasm. It pisses off the colonials so much…..

  • kayper54

    He’s lucky this is before the Roger Goodell Era.

  • gilraen690

    slick-ass footballer.

  • inmate4077

    Does anybody know why he got pulled over & where did he screw-up on the test(I didn’t see it)?
    Oh yeah, the charges were dismissed.

  • ArxVirtus

    Reuben ended up being acquitted of all charges in this case.

  • oxford14

    Nice behaviour. A “celebrity” who gets paid millions for moving a little ball from one end of a field to another. How much does your kid’s teacher make, folks? About the time this jackass was weaving down the road she was probably still up working on lesson plans. And dads, I bet you can name the “celebrities” from this year’s Super Bowl, but can you name your children’s teachers?

  • KieferSkunk

    When you drink and drive, you’re a threat to public safety. Threats to public safety usually get carted to jail when they’re caught.

  • somfin1

    you get in jail just 4 drinking and driving in america? that´s tough!


    notice how polite the cop was? this athlete could have taken him out

  • cesnitry

    3rd world drunk tests lmao

  • KieferSkunk

    Yep. Anyone, even famous people, can make really stupid decisions. I’m just thankful he didn’t hurt anyone in the process. 😛

  • KieferSkunk

    It probably has to do with the fact that the guy was a celebrity. Celebrities (football players, actors, singers, politicians, etc.) are public role models to a lot of people, kids included. So if they do something as stupid as this, then yes, put it up on YouTube as one of America’s Dumbest. Because these people really should know better.

  • donnicool


  • balvear

    At least he didn’t fight the cop. he went peacefully and will be discharged sooner.

  • Chasen14

    racist prick

  • exclusive918

    i noe but peopel do way mor stupid sht then this
    they are exagerating it to mich

  • BobCassidy

    Anyone who drinks and drives is a fucking idiot. Of course it counts.

  • exclusive918

    honestly he isnt america’s dumest
    if u think this is america’s dumest ur fkin retarded

  • 42317

    Damn, he got it worse than Mrs. Supreme Court Judge… but for some reason they did not taser him, despite being big and black and surely dangerous! *lol*

  • KILpivot

    i no i worked it out right after i posted the comment lol

  • cotrackguy

    I worked with the Broncos when Reuben was playing there, and I can tell you that there is no better guy in the NFL. He’s a class act through and through. This shouldn’t have happened, true, but it just goes to show it can happen to anyone.

  • mmmikeey

    did he die?

  • TheTazok

    He’s Black… Surprise!

  • droplant

    but its always fun to watch em fuck up