Re: GOP Tea party leader Roy Ashburn ARRESTED for DUI

So it appears that there may be some truth to the notion that some of the biggest supoorters of the removal and/or suppresion of gay rights are in fact gay themselves. Clearly, if true, this is a response to feelings of shame/guilt/emabrassment/self hatred/fear felt by these people. I place the blame for this squarely on society. You can catch me at
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If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Connecticut you have to deal with the courthouse and the DMV
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  • magx01


    I’m not familiar with her or her work, but you just intrigued me.

  • Pilgrim812

    Homphobia, its methods, and its consequences have far reaching effects on
    society. I just finished reading Sarah Schulman’s “Ties that Bind: Familial Homophobia and its Consequences”. It is a brilliant and insightful analysis
    of how homophobia develops in may families and how this system of power
    and control diminishes the lives of gay people and allows the heterosexuals
    involved to gain power without consequences.

  • AtlasShruggery

    Another Family Values Republican.

  • woody5551

    Republicans are the biggest hypocrites.

  • magx01


    Thanks very much,

  • atheeism

    Interesting angle on this story. 5 stars.

  • ofelixdacat

    RepubliCAN’Ts are all Hypocrites. “Family values” isn’t Drunk driving, sleeping with men yet denying gay rights,or cheating on your wife with a mistress in Argentina.

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  • magx01

    Why thank you :)

    And I agree, of course. In time, I believe we’ll get there. Of course, when we say society, we’re only talking about a spcecific culture.

    Unfortunately, they aren’t all going to progress at the same speed.

  • magx01

    Thank you very much.

  • RelaxGodfolk

    Well said.

  • Pilgrim812

    oops. that’s h-o-m-o-p-h-o-b-i-a.

  • Pilgrim812

    I find your thoughts well reasoned and insightful.
    I fell at long last ( I am now 58) that society is
    finally coming to grips with the damage that
    homophia brings to itself just as it is still
    struggling with racism. Well one.

  • Cerulean0987

    Very good points. I have to agree with you on everything. I too am totally flaberghasted about why we have to think the way we do.

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  • doedicurus

    At this point if I were to read in the news that Mitt Romney got caught taking dick up his ass from a burly black dude at a seedy motel, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • ajani1000

    I had “good” bi sex with a staunch married “conservative” last week. After it was over he started talking about “Health Care” and how Pres. Obama was a socialist and communist. All I could think  was “Hmm.”


    I think they hold too much envy of some of us who dare to live our lives as real and be happy. They hate the fact that they cannot do it. I met a lot of them Toalking about gay people like shit.

  • magx01

    Gay people can look however they want. There’s no prescribed look for gay people. And no, I’m not gay.

  • magx01

    I’ve seen waaaay worse dude.

  • Ranlon

    Most closet gays project their selfhate on open gays, fucking hypocrites.

  • Blairtim69

    The beard is not very good for his face either.

    I hope he’s not gay. If he is he needs to get in touch with his roots and do a make over.

  • J25x

    You have the most rediculous haircut ever.

  • magx01

    Awesome, I like the way you think 😉

  • magx01

    The Teap Party movement is a right wing movement within the US, and he was saying that they are morons, and called them tea baggers, as a play on words.

    Google this:

    Tea Party movement

    Thanks for watching.