Denver police brutality case at Coors Field

style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> src = Denver attorney Lonn Heymann civil rights refers to the police beating a suspect at Coors Field in Denver on the local news
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  • promontorium

    The police officer was never punished.

  • mytfew

    I know those asshole cops too, there a couple of bastards..

  • mytfew

    Shit I used to be a bouncer downtown, I saw cops jack people up all the time. BULLSHIT!! this is why I left colorado, got tired of the pigs and there fucking crap….ASSHOLES!!!! fuck you denver cops.

  • chewi93

    didn anyone else cringe when his head was slammed?

  • ohannahdad

    @doug47130 lying in court under oath and not being a cop!! that is what meets the legal requirement for perjury.

  • REDTEAM22003

    they both….should be fired and lock up

  • illusion0427

    @kevyk135 Denver and Aurora do yes 😛

  • SuperBingo21

    In this video there is a subliming messages!

  • gargantuanmetaphysic

    Cops cannot be trusted. They abuse their power, oppress minorities, and then lie in court about it. So glad that the video showed up.

  • MrPaglissi

    Love DPD….they’re the last of a dying breed. Fuckin old school smash mouth cops!

  • IanHimself28

    I hope cordova gets raped in prison

  • toddmorrow1

    what the hell is going on in Denver? Is it something in the water cooler or what?!?

  • coreythedeadbodyman

    fuck the denver police ..

  • DooMedRace

    @nyjeter More like Ex military

  • archangel0829

    What!!!! Are you kidding me. Didn’t meet the legal requirement for perjury!!! That’s crazy. This cop lied under oath in court and falsified a police report. If that’s not not perjury, then the DA needs to go back to law school.

  • Branded69

    They need to put cops like this POS in general population in a mean prison. As far as perjury, only cops, judges and politicans can get away with perjury, regular people have to spend 5 years for each count. Another case of BLIND justice. As long as the people put up with this kind of actions from PUNK COPS we deserve what we get. Semper Fi.

  • TheNathanalex

    wow he went through a red light!! Hellfire what would the cops done if committed a real crime!! why do the police think that they can bully people and get away with it?!!! oh they were vice cops ha ha ha it gets better. stop crime kill a cop!!

  • truthisouttheir

    if he did hit that cop to start it (which i doubt) it was probably because he didn’t know the cop was a cop (the guy wasn’t in uniform). if some random guy came up to me on the street yellin about i just ran a red light i might take him for a crazy bum or someone trying to start something.
    the cops should have presented a badge and wrote him a ticket.
    how the fuck are we suppose to respect cops in this city when they get away with this shit. and lie in court. wtf they tried to give him 3 years

  • morbodsnake

    rush to judgement my ass

  • raventakayama

    @DBOYSWIN LMAO Yeah! Lets not pay attention to the white cops accused of brutality against minorities, while harshly criticizing minority cops for beating white people LMAO. That’s rich… Brutality is brutality no matter the victim’s race or the cop’s race.

  • nyjeter


  • doug47130

    If lying in court under oath doesn’t meet the legal requirements for perjury what does?

  • SuperBengunn

    Bored cops and bad cyclists do not mix.


    Of course it’s some filthy spic cop who still thinks he’s out on the block with his greece ball gang bang’n friends. It’s too bad that more of these filthy motherfuckers are’nt killed every year. Let me catch this third generation wetback with a badge on the street…………

  • kevyk135

    Damn the Denver police sure are corrupt man do they get away with murder.