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Q&A: What does “dui” mean in Mandarin Chinese?

Question by Twiaholic459 : What does “dui” mean in Mandarin Chinese? Best answer:

Answer by ellie
correct or right.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: What does “dui” mean in Mandarin Chinese?”

  1. S1NZLA1Ж says:

    The character “对” or “dui4″ (pinyin) literally means “right” or “correct,” and is often used that way, but it is most commonly used in a way similar to the way english speakers say “yes,” or “yeah.” It can also mean

  2. Fybes Jack says:

    The meaning of right .
    You can say (dui)in Chinese.

  3. Xiaopeng says:

    it means “right” “correct”.
    it also can be used as “yes” to make confirming.

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    there is some interesting material and you can apply for the trial chinese class.
    best wishes!

  4. Theworld Ofchinese says:

    It depends on the tone! The most common word pronounced dui is indeed “对 duì”, which means “correct” but colloquially is used to mean “yeah.”

    However, “dui” can mean lots of other things. Without the character or the context you heard/saw it in, there’s no way to tell. Some other common words pronounced “dui”:
    堆 duī – “pile”
    队 duì – “team/group/unit (of people)”
    兑 duì – “convert/exchange”

    And there are another 20+ words with the pronunciation “dui”. This is why tones and context are very important in Chinese!

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