Uhuru not bothered by ICC arrest warrants

www.ntv.co.ke Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has for the first time strongly hinted he is not bothered by the possible issuance of arrest warrants against him by the International Criminal Court. He says neither him nor his country had anything to fear from pending ICC arrest warrants over the 2007 post- election violence.


  • karuitha

    So Uhuru was in Washington. Jeez, what do this guys accomplish with these globetrotting adventures?

  • streetboyturnthug

    Kibaki was responsible,the icc should issue arrest

  • womamaz

    the main players are those on top of things at the yes/no campaigns…raila,kibaki and ruto.

  • khbcweb

    Justice to the over 1000 souls who perished and their families seems closer than we think. Let Ocampo do his job!

  • siasabora

    Justice is golden but rare. When Ocampo will apply the law, suspects will hire the best legal representation money can buy. FastForward The the law finds them innocent. For alas laws work either way…so unlike Justice!

  • amarshah69

    Ruto and Raila the real butchers

  • bethukip

    Before going for Uhuru n Ruto..they should go for Kibaki n Raila..I still think they were the main culprits..its not becoz they President n Premier now that ICC don’t want to include them..who were the Kenyans fighting for??!!..they are the ones answerable followed by their key supporters!..lets be real here!

  • lmashua

    @freegastanker1 When do you think they will arrest Ruto and all that caused the shade of blood?

  • freegastanker1

    It’s uhuru who has he has always thought he was above the law. Once the next president comes in, his large tracks of land must go as well.

  • 72okoths

    How can Uhuru be bothered? He is the son of a former president and he wants to be the president of Kenya himself.
    Please don’t bother that man he is above the law. The Tribal clashes victims were lesser beings according to Uhuru .

  • suensmith

    Haiya!! Uhuru, I always said your hands were dirty! What are you gonna do when they come for you, bad boy?!?

  • muumamdu

    Uhuru Kenyatta was involved. He will face his music once Ocampo arrives. He should be arrested ASAP!