Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism Gregory F. Treverton discusses how organized crime is increasingly involved in the piracy of feature films, with syndicates active along the entire supply chain from manufacture to street sales of pirated movies.

Japanese Coast Guard tried to kill Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd. 日本の沿岸警備隊は海の羊飼いからのポールワトソンを殺すことを試みた。 More info on : www.sea or in German on
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  • CuriousLangPo12321

    to paul watson:

    You Liar! 0:18 bad acting mahn. .

  • CrossleyAllan

    Thanks for the hard work Paul Watson, and crew.

  • kamininaru1


  • inuyasha4889

    @mongration get a life idiot

  • Yamainnu

    They are just flash grenades. A rifle round that would finish a whale kill would have blown him away completely.

  • debusencyou

    ha ha ha ha
    monkeyshow very bad!

    paul watson is liar

  • mongration

    what a looser, paul needs to quit lying and someone really shoot him

  • ronniewerner98

    evil japs

  • bokprop420

    so flash bang equals gun shot? idiots.


    how is that attempted murder if its so fake??? must be out your crack smoken mind

  • Cdubzhappy

    @Yemoeaung86 and trust fund babies

  • ulfsark1982

    Oh no! Not a useless grandstanding pile of crap that is doing more to damage the cause he says he represents! How ever will they survive in their oceans of blood in the sea!!!

  • Yemoeaung86

    Sea Shepherd members are just a couple of job less people.

  • AdamAdmaAdam


  • RTSstation


  • ArtemesUSN

    @Dingwell88 You are gravely mistaken about the Navy running from high sea states. For our smallboys (frigates/destroyers) they will avoid high sea states if it doesnt interfere with any missions. The main reasons is so they can maintain a Ready Deck, for incoming helos as they are our devert landings in blue water ops. Also matters if they are part of battle group or off on their own.

  • ArtemesUSN

    The supposed being shot is completely fake. The size of the shrapnel he pulled out of that vest would of put him on the deck if he had been actually hit with that caliber shot. Anyone who has actually seen combat and knows what it feels like to get shot even with the vest on, you dont go..hmm i think i may have been shot. You know instantly and it is quite painful.

  • selgemm

    @baine1985 Yeah for sure, Ive thought this was fake all along.

  • baine1985

    @selgemm Here’s a nice little tidbit for you dude. Japan does not allow its private citizens to own firearms. That includes companies that operate outside of Japanese Maritime borders. So unless they had a JNSDF rifleman on that fishing vessel, with an illegally procured firearm, this is horribly faked just to get his fat ugly face in the news.

  • plbuster

    @Dingwell88 Piracy, any robbery or other violent action, for private ends and without authorization by public authority, committed on the seas or in the air outside the normal jurisdiction of any state. (it goes on).
    Encyclopedia Britannica

  • plbuster

    @Dingwell88 Well, whatever you are, more power to you. I doubt the Sea Shepherd was in a Force 10 storm when they engaged the Japanese during this video. (see Beaufort scale for those without a nautical background). From the size of the seas you describe, I would say…New Zealand or Australia, maybe Tasmania. Then again, you could be a Scot, or (God forbid) Irish….lol, just kidding..(I’m of Irish descent). Only one of such descent would be crazy enough to go out in such seas.

  • Dingwell88

    @plbuster Wrong again, I am not a Limey. Haha so you went out in sea state 3 or 4 and had it rough eh? Haha We are in 9 – 12 METERS last fall when on a multi-national ex. I know it isn’t the same as being on a sailboat but try and picture that. That is a 4 story building.

    As much as I hate these SS morons they are not considered pirates. Too bad it would make things much easier.

    Oh and of course the US wouldn’t be signed on to any convention. They never do. Might surprise you to know that.

  • plbuster

    @Dingwell88 Aha! a freakin Limey! go figure. Who else would be so naive, so socialist, so….well…
    Yeah, I’ve been on more than one “sail”. Gotta 22′ Catalina in the back yard on a trailer. Sailed it to West End, Grand Bahama Island once, in 6-8 foot seas. Wretched my gut up for a whole day.
    Oh, and pirates are not protected by the Geneva Convention, nor any treaty signed by the Japanese, the US, or the United Kingdom.

  • Dingwell88

    @plbuster Obama huh? Haha typical Yank. You assume that everyone else is too. I love most of the bullshit you toss around this site. Shit like the Japanese Defense Force can get involved with few repercussions. Yeah you might wanna check out some convention….might have been signed in Geneva….something about attacking non-combatants. Too bad it isn’t so simple
    Oh and if you think pitch and roll are that predictable you should go for a sail. Only problem is that your Navy runs from sea state.

  • Taderbaraeg

    HAHAHAHAHA nice try watson.. lol what a joke..