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While Berivan

, a young Kurdish woman aged 15 was sentenced to eight years in prison in Turkey, here in the United States, Ralph Fertig, a civil rights advocate was waiting to hear if the Supreme Court defense of human rights Kurdish land him in jail. The March 24 coalition of militant Armenians and Kurds Human Rights will bring these travesties of justice, in the light of noon with a demonstration outside the Turkish Consulate. Fertig, who spoke at the event, is a known activist and professor at the USC non-violent, including the current case of U.S. Supreme Court decide whether to speak for the Kurds, who provides support terrorism under U.S. law. The case of Berivan and Mr. Fertig are emblematic of the suppression of both the current Turkish government and its attempts to curb abuses of the discussion, here in the United States. Our right to speak out against the systematic effort to eliminate an ethnic group in the ground, he served for 6000 years is being tested in the Supreme Court of the United States, Fertig said. It is imperative that the exercise of the rights of freedom of expression before they are reduced and our call is made criminal.