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Grandparents, purse strings and divorce
With the interplay of financial frailty and divorce, multi-generational families become vulnerable to fights over money with grandkids as the stakes. New York family lawyer Alton Abramowitz paints a standard picture: "You're the parent of a stay-at …
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Divorce is hard, but second one can wipe you out
Already owing plenty to an attorney, and fearing additional legal fees would destroy their nest egg and her healthcare business development firm in Las Vegas, Chayra declared a "truce" and is now in separation limbo. She plans to finalize the divorce …
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Chapman testifies at Douglas inquiry
WINNIPEG – A man says his former divorce lawyer encouraged him to visit a website where there were images of “black men raping white women.” Alex Chapman, who testified Monday at a judicial inquiry into the conduct of Justice Lori Douglas, said his …
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