Does a recent arrest, pending trial (no arraignment as of yet), show up on a criminal background check?

Question by Donkey Kong: Does a recent arrest, pending trial (no arraignment as of yet), show up on a criminal background check?
Ok so it was 5/27/2010 and I was applying for a job in a call center. My recruiter sent me a consent for a background investigation and a drug test form. I ‘electronically’ signed the form and sent it back. I was offered the job prior, (this is why I had to consent to a drug/BGI screening).

On 5/28/2010 the recruiter confirmed the paperwork was received, and sent out the the third party vendor whom conducts all the BGI (background investigations). She said this would take a few days to get back.

On 5/29 I went out to celebrate on getting the job, and everything was ok. Late that night, I had much to much to drink and stole money out of a safe at a local bar. Something way out of my character and was caught on surveillance. I was arrested for Burglary/Theft (2charges) both felonies. I was bonded out with in two hours of being held.

I started work on 6/01 Tuesday and have been at work since in training. That same recruiter says that I would get my results today or tomorrow. (I asked last week when it would be back and when we would know our results)

My question is this: There is no warrant, no arraignment, no court date (as of yet) and no other pending charges. Will “ARREST” show up on my BGI check? Keep in mind there is no conviction, let alone, not even a court date yet. (I have not been in front of a judge) I will essentially be going to court to plea down, and Yes I do have a lawyer as well. I just really want to keep my job so I can rebuild my life!!


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Answer by Drexl
2 years ago I was working for Microsoft, just got hired in their mail room. I was already hired, but the background check wasn’t completed. The same week I was hired, I was arrested for misdemeanor assault. Even though their application only asked me to list felonies, they found out about the misdemeanor, waited for the weekend to come, then called me on Friday evening and told me not come back on Monday. I explained that I wasn’t even convicted of it yet and hadn’t even gone to court for it yet to plead my innocence, but they didn’t care. This did surprise me, because I thought we were assumed to be innocent until proven guilty, and never expected it to be on my background check since I hadn’t even been to court for it yet.

I don’t know if they can see it if there’s no court date. But I can assure you that the arrest shows up on there before you even go to court.

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  • thatdjstrat

    An arrest almost definitely will NOT show up on a background check. An arraignment will, though. If they are processing the background check now then you probably have nothing to worry about.

    Stay as quiet as possible about your arrest, especially at work! I’ve seen many people lose their jobs because an employer found out about an arrest after the employee had already cleared the background check, and most of the time that starts with a little rumor or anonymous phone call to HR.

  • bjwill72961

    In Arkansas It did on my Son. He has CDL license and the company he was working for filed Bankruptcy and he went try to another job and it has been a nightmare. He was in at his apartment and a frind was there and my son fell asleep on the couch and he was woke up my his friend being a real ass. Anyway his friend attacked him in his own apartment. Because his friend thought he was trying to take his friend girlfriend my son is married with 3 children and this friend of his is messing with my sons wives sister. Or he thinks he is anyway. My son went to get up and this guy attacked him hit him in the ear almost broke his ear drum Knocked my son to the floor. Well son sister in law took it upon herself to call the Cops. My son was charged with 2nd Degree Assault and Battery and given a ticket. 2 weeks later he was coming home from town and he went to turn on there road and a car turned in front of him almost hit my sons car and he locked the brakes and slid But the cop ticketed my son for Careless Prohibited driving. He had never went to Court on either ticket but yet both showed up. And When the places he was putting in applications at done his background check there was things that showed up from 7 years ago when he was with another friend and that friend stole a hat but was in my sons car. They got him for accomplis but my son was never even ticketed for that one. So you can check with the Prosecuting attorney but I bet it will show up on yours also.