Why do Blacks and Latins vote Democrat?

Question by Just David: Why do Blacks and Latins vote Democrat?
I am conservative, but have wondered what led to the majority of blacks and latinos to vote Democrat when the Democrat Party was historically anti-minority, and it was Lincoln’s Republican Party that ended slavery and promoted civil rights. Is it confusion between “civil rights” promoted by republicans and “civil liberties” which are taken away by the ACLU-backed Democrats? You know, take away your right to self defense, to go to school where you want, etc. Thanks for your thoughtful factual answer. Here’s a source of fact worth reading: “The white primary in Texas treated the Democratic Party as a private club whose membership could be restricted to citizens of Anglo heritage. It originated as a change in Democratic Party practice early in the twentieth century as a way to disenfranchise African Americans, and later in south Texas, Mexican Americans. In 1923 the white primary became state law.” — source http://texaspolitics.laits.utexas.edu/html/vce/0503.html

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Answer by whip
the political plantation.

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  • Louis S

    For the most part, the Democratic party has been an inclusive party; anyone feeling they don’t fit in to the strict and rigid agenda of the Republicans are welcome in the Democratic party. Trying to fit into the Republican party as a minority, is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

  • get a life

    coz we are poor and im not black or latino lol

  • ruben v

    im latino and im voting republican. We need to be more conservative so a nation could uprise. But the only thing i oppose about conservatives is their support of the Iraq War.

  • very.large_fart

    After the Civil Rights Act, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, and other racist Democrats switched parties. There is no doubt that lincoln would be a Democrat if he were alive today. Where I come from, the GOP is like the modern day KKK.

  • tamara

    because republicans are racists, the only one that has proven NOT to be is Ron Paul, thats is why he is getting so much support from all sides,from all colors, from all races.

  • <3

    Because what the democratic party started out as is exactly what the Republican party of today is. just because the name is the same doesn’t mean it represents the same thing.

  • dottie

    I know a lot of Hispanics vote for Democratic because they are softer on Illegal Immigration.

    Blacks might like them because Democrats like to give them more welfare.

  • this_one_dude

    Because white evangelical republicans want Blacks to be slaves again and they want all Latins to be forcefully moved to Mexico whether they are here legally or not. Why would these people ever vote for the republicans who hate them?

  • pooterilgatto

    They like the Donkey…….

  • idk whatever

    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? latinos & blacks don’t vote. they never vote. ahahahhaaaaa

  • Rick K

    Democrats promise to “give” them things. Unfortunately, they haven’t yet realized that the only thing the Democrats give them is the shaft.

    Democrats know that when people become successful, they usually become Republicans. Therefore, they want people, especially minorities, not to become successful, so they can maintain their voter base.

    But people are starting to catch on. And when enough minorites figure it out, the Democrat party is doomed!

    Vote for Rudy!

  • Rand C

    FDR and the New Deal. Historically speaking the Republicans offered so much more than the Democrats ever have. Lincoln freed them and rightfully so. America would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the African-American contribution prior to the industrial age in American history. Their almost free labor as slaves enabled this country to flourish and prosper 100 fold.

    Republicans offer a hand up not a mere hand out. Give a man a fish and you’ve given him a meal. Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for life.

    Teddy Roosevelt said send us your poor but also understand he said “As long as they assimilate they will be welcomed and free”

  • bee bee

    If ,and when, these people ever do see the difference Civil rights that was promoted by the Republicans,
    and how the Civil liberties and the ACLU That democrats have taken away from them. They are going to be so angry with them selves. But I think it may be the word civil that keeping them turned off. I am, saying that because, since the ACLU has taken over, that word is like a curse word, to me. maybe, they are feeling the same way I did, and just haven’t taken time to see the difference. But,I know a lot of very smart A.A.. but no Latins.
    I live in a very small town. so maybe that why. But Most AA I know are Republicans that know the truth.

  • kandikisses48108

    To make it short and sweet-Black + Latino=The majority of lower class families+voting=Demorcatic voting.