California DUI Sobriety Checkpoints

888.327.4652 A California DUI defense lawyer says the police are trying to roadblocks. California DUI checkpoints (also commonly known as roadblocks, checkpoints drunk driving and DUI roadblocks) are becoming increasingly popular as the State punishes offenders of DUI. Although California law allows police to operate checkpoints, which still must follow certain rules and guidelines. If they do, people can be unfairly detained by the Vehicle Code 23152nd driving under the influence of VC. This is one reason why it is essential to consult a lawyer experienced in defending California DUI if you are arrested for drunk driving at a checkpoint for sobriety. If the police did not follow proper procedures, it may be possible that your case be dismissed for that alone! Although political correctness, “the” end of a DUI checkpoint is to deter drunk drivers1, we know that is not … is to stop drunk drivers. When approaching a sobriety checkpoint, an agent is only supposed to ask you some questions to quickly determine whether the person shows signs of intoxication. The agent is also likely to be a shining light in his car to check for open containers of alcohol. If the officer believes you can handle, he / she will refer you to an area for field sobriety tests in California DUI (FST). At that time, a typical DUI investigation will ensue. If, after examination,
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