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Kathleen Madigan – Drinking and Not Driving

“Drinking and Not Driving” from “In other Words” DVD – Katheleen Madigan Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Kathleen Madigan – Drinking and Not Driving”


    Lol im at the bus stop and there is a open magazine with a ad about her performing in vegas looked her up here just now shes cool


    @reva316 your so right she does sound like ron white

  3. EpsilonMK12 says:

    Shes great rofl

  4. nick31931 says:


  5. reva316 says:

    she reminds me of Ron White

  6. gretchnen says:

    she is amazing!!

  7. FockerTheLopper says:

    she’s awesome, i don’t know how i never heard of her before!

  8. TheCandymusiclover says:

    I meant, she IS the cool Aunt! :D

  9. TheCandymusiclover says:

    She’s like the cool aunt you want to hang out with. :)

  10. 13MissJD says:

    If you say no alcohol, I want to speak Goofy, Daffy and Micky… NOW lol

  11. sayushisan says:

    “my friend bob got his 3rd DUI this year, that damn jackass hit a lake”

  12. TheGreggiraldo says:

    she should form a comedy duo with vic henley. they can call it henligan

  13. TheGreggiraldo says:

    @topmurdock do have beer goggles ?

  14. topmurdock says:

    Holy fuck! this chick is hot!

  15. darkridr25 says:

    That’s it, yup. I knew it was a number after the word club, but I couldn’t remember what it was anymore, it’s been so many years. :)

  16. pattyannebogan says:

    Its called Club 33, and it costs thousands of dollars to join, plus there’s a waiting list several years long.

  17. Gayemo69 says:

    BAHHAHAH thats what ya get fer readin!

  18. darkridr25 says:

    A bit of trivia for anyone who cares: There’s a club set aside for the ultra-elite in Disneyland that serves alcohol. I forgot the name of the club, but it’s really there. I wasn’t elite enough to get in, but I knew people who did….

  19. LeesiCharlt4k says:

    Haha “Well, that’s what you get for reading” LMFAOO dying

  20. lordtroah says:

    Being single doesnt necessarily equate to not being wanted. And for the most part, the sketch is more about not having kids/a lot of responsibility/a family to take care of as opposed to be single.

  21. qwexas says:

    She reminds me so much of Ron White, especially the part where she says, “That’s what you get for reading”.

  22. Earth2Q says:

    god, she’s hot. the things I would do to her.

  23. criscros7 says:

    “God I love being single.”

    Actually, you wonder what’s wrong with you that no decent person wants you.

  24. kid23467 says:

    i was just at disney this summer kathleen they now have ur beer in epcot waiting for u