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Day Care And Other Educational Facility Staffs Should Undergo Background Checks

Day Care And Other Educational Facility Staffs Should Undergo Background Checks

Article by Ezra Young

The need for safety and protection is high on the lists of every parent. It is the first and foremost thing that they look for and hold with highest regard with in terms of their children’s lives. Therefore, the need to conduct a background checks for day care providers, teachers and staff or other educational institution is necessary. This move will give them an assurance that they are placing their child under the care of a trusted individual or institution. They will be given a sense of security that they are putting in your hands the welfare of their children.

Day care providers, schools and other learning institutions has a great impact in the development of the children so a strict guidelines on how they will act and speak in front of the children are being observed. The best way to ensure that these teachers and child minders can be trustworthy is to check their character through a thorough background checks. Background checks on teachers, school staff, and other officials are to see if they have criminal history, sex offender’s records and other violent behavior that could lead to violent acts and abuse. Children can be easily be influenced by others especially their teachers. This is because teachers are the first live heroes that they see. All people when they are kids look up to their teachers and worship them. For the kids, teachers are role models, but how someone be a role model to the children if the teacher has a criminal past. Therefore, a thorough background check should be done before letting your kids go to school.

You can do this by simply asking for the credentials of the day care center you want to enroll your child. A copy of the background checks records would be a great help if they will provide you one. If not you can conduct your own search based on the information that you have. This will serve as a basis of knowing the credibility of the teacher and the staff that will be around your child the whole day. Background checks are very vital to ensure the safety and security of your children. You can conduct this search by the use of an online search sites that can provide valuable information about the teachers and staffs of the day care center you want your children to be enrolled. It can provide important data’s and documents that you can use to verify the credibility of the teachers and staffs.

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USIS, First Advantage Partner to Offer Theft Database Product

USIS, First Advantage Partner to Offer Theft Database Product

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) December 17, 2004

USIS and First Advantage (NASDAQ: FADV) recently announced their strategic agreement to jointly provide the USMA National Theft Database™ to retailers across the country.

In this agreement, USIS will open its retail theft database product to First Advantage and its clients. The database, which was exclusively offered by USIS and previously unshared, contains client contributed incident records of confirmed employee theft and shoplifting. This collaboration will advance the growth of the database through contributions of information by both companies’ vast retail client bases. Participating clients will benefit from greater access to information key to their employment candidate selection and loss prevention efforts.

”We are pleased to partner with First Advantage in this groundbreaking agreement which provides an unrivaled loss prevention option to retail companies across the country,” said Jim Collins, president of USIS Commercial Services. “We believe that this arrangement will have a tremendous benefit to all retailers who participate and share information through the USMA National Theft Database – this partnership is the right thing to do for the retail industry.”

“Our collaboration will enhance First Advantage’s delivery of insightful information to our corporate retail clients, which include some of the largest, most prominent retailers in the industry,” said Bart Valdez, president of First Advantage Employment Screening Services division. “First Advantage is committed to providing our customers with the information they need to make intelligent decisions in the employment process. By contributing to and accessing the proprietary data held in the USMA National Theft Database, First Advantage is able to provide our clients with a new layer of screening for even more comprehensive programs.”

About the USMA National Theft Database

The USMA National Theft Database began by retailers who started sharing theft data to prevent the hiring of known thieves. Today, thousands of locations throughout the United States, including one-third of the nation’s largest retailers, contribute and share information through the USMA National Theft Database. The database houses information on nearly one million cases of theft and fraud, which include employee theft, shoplifting, refund/credit card fraud and the passing of bad checks. According to the National Retail Security Survey, as many as 86 percent of retail theft is not criminally prosecuted. Retailers gain value from the product because they are able to identify individuals who have admitted to stealing, but whose incidents may not show up in a typical criminal search.

The USMA National Theft Database operates on the following efficient and streamlined system:

•    Member companies submit theft information

•    Records contain admissions of theft

•    Employers screen applicants against the database; if a record indicates that an applicant has admitted to stealing from a member company, the case information is re-verified before being disseminated, making it fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act

•    Employers then have a legally sound basis on which to make hire/no hire decisions

Over the past few years, USMA National Theft Database screening has identified nearly 45,000 applicants with records of theft, saving retailers millions.

About USIS

USIS (US Investigations Services) is the largest background services company in North America, conducting more than 20 million background screens each year for over 30,000 business and more than 100 Federal agencies, including those involving national security. Our company is trusted to screen individuals who have access to the President of the United States, who fly and service commercial airplanes, and who work at Fortune 500 companies. In addition, USIS is a major source for criminal records, motor vehicle reports and other records for dozens of third party providers, including many of our competitors. With more than 50 years of experience, USIS has the knowledge and experience to offer solutions designed to meet each employer’s unique needs. USIS has tremendous human resources available with a vast network of more than 5,000 investigators and record researchers in more than 185 locations throughout the United Sates, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For m!

ore information about USIS, please visit

About First Advantage

First Advantage Corporation (NASDAQ: FADV) provides best in class single-source solutions for global risk mitigation and enterprise and consumer screening needs. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, proprietary systems and data resources, First Advantage is a leading provider of employment background screening, drug-free workplace programs and other occupational health testing, employee assistance programs, resident screening, motor vehicle records, investigative services, computer forensics, electronic discovery services, supply chain security, corporate tax and incentive services, and consumer location services. First Advantage ranks among the top three companies in all of its major business lines. First Advantage is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., and has more than 1,700 employees in offices throughout the United States and abroad. Further information about the company is available at

First Advantage is a majority-owned subsidiary of The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF), a Fortune 500 company that traces its history to 1889. First American is the nation’s largest data provider, supplying businesses and consumers with information resources in connection with the major economic events of people’s lives. Additional information about the First American Family of Companies can be found at

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Legendary Attorney J. Tony Serra and Biographer Paulette Frankl Schedule Presentation and Book Signing at Monterey College of Law

Legendary Attorney J. Tony Serra and Biographer Paulette Frankl Schedule Presentation and Book Signing at Monterey College of Law

(PRWEB) May 06, 2011

Meet legendary attorney Tony Serra and biographer Paulette Frankl at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at Monterey College of Law. The book “Lust for Justice: The Radical Life and Law of J. Tony Serra” is the biography of San Francisco’s charismatic counter-culture lawyer, who is acclaimed as one of the ten top criminal defense lawyers of the century. This new biography provides the inside-scoop on the law through the eyes of one of its greatest practitioners.

Serra’s long career has made him an icon of the underdog and a champion of civil rights leaders. His cases are the subject of the Hollywood film “True Believer” and television docudramas.

Author and courtroom artist Paulette Frankl spent over a decade in and out of the courtroom with Serra in order to know her subject in depth. Books as well as signed courtroom art in original and print form will be available.

More about LUST FOR JUSTICE can be seen at

The program is sponsored by the Monterey Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and Monterey College of Law. Admission is free. The program will be held at Monterey College of Law, 100 Colonel Durham Street, Seaside, CA.

For additional information, contact the Monterey Bay Area Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild at 831-869-2834.


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”Tha Introduction” Official Video

Fresh II Death Records presents: “Tha Introduction” off the upcoming street album “Fresh Out The Vault” Vol 1. This song gives you an Insight of our artists ability to rip the mic. Get used to Fresh II Death records, We have given our formal Introduction! S/O to Micheal Fresh, El Loco, Cradel, Ms Pooh, Lil Tookie, Huff, and free Timebomb. Fans and supporters, we love y’all…….Haters too!

Tenant Background Check – Check Your Tenants History This could happen to you, if you don’t screen your new tenants first! Go to: to learn more.

California is the third largest state in the United States; with 58 counties and 55 superior courts within those counties, it’s no wonder that conducting a background check within this state is no easy task. Here is a little guide to help you understand how to search for records in the golden state. Are you going to be searching for criminal or civil records? Think about this question before you begin your search. Not every county in California allow access to both of these types of files, so know what types of records you need before you get started. Civil records usually encompass any type of litigation between two parties, including marriage and divorce records, tax liens and even child support settlements. Other types of civil records include death records or incorporation licenses. Companies usually research death records to investigate identity theft and any other crimes where an individual steals a deceased person’s SSN and personal information. Criminal records represent litigation between an individual and the state or federal government. For employers, this is the most important type of records to search. Every year, employee fraud, theft and workplace violence cost business billions of dollars. It’s better to avoid hiring employees who are at risk for being involved in that sort of crime. Landlords also need to access criminal records. They should screen their tenants to see if an individual has a record, has been arrested for assault, harassment, or other Announces Strategic Partnership with Grief Recovery Experts John James and Russell Friedman Announces Strategic Partnership with Grief Recovery Experts John James and Russell Friedman

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 11, 2010

Tributes, Inc., the online resource for local and national obituary news, announced today at the National Funeral Directors Association Convention in New Orleans, that they have formed a partnership with John W. James and Russell Friedman, co-founders of the Grief Recovery Institute, and co-authors of The Grief Recovery Handbook – recently re-released in a 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition – and When Children Grieve. At the centerpiece of the alliance is the Grief Recovery Guidance Center, a new content area which has been fully integrated into the company’s flagship site as well as the obituary sections featured on the websites of Tributes’ extensive, nationwide network of television partners. The combined audience of and the Tributes Network now consistently exceeds one million unique consumers per month.

James and Friedman have been working with grievers for over thirty years. They have served as consultants to thousands of bereavement professionals and provide Grief Recovery Seminars and Certification Programs throughout North America and Europe. They are in constant demand in the media when major grief producing events affect us nationally and around the world. Russell has appeared on CNN as a “grief recovery expert” several times, most notably in the aftermath of 9/11; when Andrea Yates drowned her five children; and after Michael Jackson died. He also appeared with Matt Lauer on the Today Show to help parents guide their children in dealing with grief. Russell and John have a featured blog on Psychology Today and together they have pioneered 2500 Grief Recovery Outreach Program groups throughout the world.

“It is an honor and oftentimes a sad privilege to be addressing people who have recently experienced the death of someone important in their lives,” said James and Friedman. “We are very pleased to bring our personal experience in dealing with the deaths of people who were important to us, and our professional know-how in helping grievers for decades to We believe is an important and growing brand in the online memorialization space, and that our partnership with such a fine organization will enable us to dramatically extend the reach of our support to more people in need of the resources and information we can provide to help them cope and begin forging a path to recovery.”

James and Friedman will be regularly responding to questions posed by visitors to The Grief Recovery Guidance Center, which is currently live on the website at Tributes expects to extend the Grief Recovery Center content in the coming months to funeral home partner websites and will be launching a Grief Recovery Group on Facebook which will allow users to discuss James/Friedman articles and responses to user questions.

“In working over the course of the last few months with John and Russell to prepare for the launch of the Grief Recovery Guidance Center our team has come to know the warmth and caring that surrounds these gentlemen and all that they do to help people in crisis,” said Elaine Haney, President of Tributes, Inc. “We feel hugely privileged to have them on our team and are quite confident that they will add tremendous value to the consumer experience on”

About is the online resource for current local and national obituary news, lasting personal tributes and online community providing support during times of loss and grieving. Through one centralized national web destination, with over 86 million current and historical death records dating back to the 1930’s, Tributes has made obituary and online memorial service information easily accessible so people can come together online and offline to remember and share the treasured stories of the important people in their lives who have passed away. founder Jeff Taylor officially launched in February, 2008. For more information about, please visit our website at

Contact Information: (617) 337-9441 or media(at)tributes(dot)com

Funeral Home Partnership Information:

Co-brand Partnership Information:

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Getting Into Oklahoma Criminal Background Check

Getting Into Oklahoma Criminal Background Check

Article by Ben Gee

Generally there isn’t too much fuss in checking your own or another person’s Oklahoma Background Check. What needs to be met though is the basic instruction of filling out the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation or OSBI-provided record check form in requesting for a criminal history record check as a personal copy for review purposes or for assessing employees. There is now a “fillable” form online before printing it and mailing it to OSBI thru Criminal History Record Information Request address. Otherwise you may get it in person at their headquarters in OK City.

Compared to other state, strict is not a description applied to its attainment. As privacy of persons’ interests are well protected, so is the access rights of the public established by the Oklahoma Open Records Act, which permits reviews and checks essential to general public safety.

Applying for a professional license (e.g. nurses or doctors) apart from assessing qualified volunteers dealing with kids and other named vulnerable groups, are two of mandatory purposes for running a criminal background investigation. This kind of request must always include personal identifiers namely full name and date of birth. If it’s possible adding more details such as social security number info can give you a thorough lookup results.

If you want fingerprinting undergone for a State fingerprint search it must still include a name-based lookup plus a set of fingerprint cards. This service can be arranged with your local sheriff or police station. Results of criminal background checks comprise reports of arrests, convictions records for grave misdemeanors and felonies inclusive only of the Oklahoma state data. Neither data from other states nor those national records held by the FBI are available to the public.

Background Check Report is now within your grasp through the web-based retrieval options where a much more extensive compilation of data is downloaded in minutes. It has to be an overall accessibility of recorded history info before one can tag it a background investigation. At this time the state is still bound to a rather conventional means of disseminating government archive data.

If in case you need other than the quickness of viewed results but also completeness and efficiency of a subject’s records of experiences and overall character or qualifications, a handy retrieval site can be utilized in private- in your office or home. By applying such service you can have what you need. Checks today are conducted in a breeze. It’s just at the tip of your fingers so to speak. Learn to acquaint yourself with a recognized service. As a matter of fact, a quick search can help you figure out how easy it is to access and know them- those you really want to know.

About the Author

Do-it-yourself Employment Background Check are tricky. Come and share our information on My background Check Online and see why.

Criminal Background Check Ensures Workplace Safety

Criminal Background Check Ensures Workplace Safety

Article by Mishael Drane

Ensuring the safety of the employees within their working environment is simple actually. The answers in almost everywhere you go are all the same: harmony. It’s that word that makes work flow smoothly no matter where you are or what you do. But how do you find harmony within your work place? It depends upon everyone working there. By making sure you hire the right kind of people to do the necessary jobs for you, and then you’re guaranteed that they’ll do just that and nothing else. Work time should be spent for work alone and not on violence. Of course if a person is a violent individual in nature, eventually his true colors will come out. Thus a public disturbance might suddenly occur. Just how do you make sure you hired the right kind of work employee you wish them to be? The answer now comes to a need to require a comprehensive background check on each of the applicants on your list. The most common in the package that you should include in the process is by requesting results through a criminal background check.

During an interview, it is expected that those wanting to be in the position would want their employers to be impressed with them. Therefore, they make sure they’re putting their right foot forward to have that effect. Not one of them will talk about their negative side, not even their flaws. It will always be about their assets and what makes them perfect for the job position. Everything else that you should or must know are hidden somewhere in their past records. That’s what you need to get your hands on. Their history will speak to you about their past reactions, attitudes and capabilities. Assets or not, you’ll learn a lot simply by having a glimpse of their previous employment and background records.

Getting a criminal background check is easy. You can choose to utilize this process by accessing the needed criminal records through a professional criminal background check company. The company doesn’t always mean you have to go to the National Crime Laboratory, the Criminal Records Bureau, or to whatever government agency it is that carries the records you’re looking for. Nowadays, the internet technology already carries a number of background check service sites that offers everything that you need from a background check. These sites, hopefully, had devoted themselves at updating their database of records for your background check needs. That way you’re guaranteed that after being able to check around and dig up on your applicants’ history, you’ll be able to choose the best suitable employee that you’d want for your company.

About the Author

Mishael Drane is a freelance writer currently hooked on writing and researching about background check and fields related to it.

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What would you do in this situation?

Question by Near: What would you do in this situation?
You’re a guard You’re transporting a vicious criminal, that killed some of your family. But the criminal escapes! He finds civilian clothing and blends into a crowd. You forgot what he looks like. There’s no way to identify him either.

Your options are this:

1. kill everyone in the crowd to get the bad guy, and call it “self-defense” (after-all, he could attack again!)

2. Keep a sharp eye. Next time, you’ll get him when he strikes!

You’re only allowed to answer this question based on the information I gave you.
Who what? I didn’t mention Israel and Gaza.
Simply put, a lot of people here are saying numba “2”.
That’s got to say something…

Best answer:

Answer by RU486
i’d choose 2

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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