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Criminology and Criminal Justice, college program interview from

See more videos! In this interview, a professor who teaches in a program of criminology and criminal justice processes the jobs that are available after graduation experiences and learning are typically found in the curriculum. In addition, guidance is provided for students who are looking to enroll in this type of curriculum.
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Matthew Macfadyen

in the criminal justice system (Trailer of Ep 1)

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Teen Choices [Teens and Alcohol]

ATTN: I do make these videos out of facts I find on the internet and out of my own reading, and experience. Do not message me “claiming” you made these videos. Please, it’s a waste of time. I think I would know if I made a video or not, and if I took a CLIP of a video, I give props to them. Well, anyway…Another one of my fact filled videos to spead the word about certain issues. My friend died in a car accident when his car was hit by a teenage drunk driver, and this video is dedicated to him and all the other victims. If you comment it must be respectful, no fighting, NO CHAIN LETTER COMMENTS, or spam. If you do break that rule you will have your comment deleted and you will be BLOCKED.
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Leon Mezzetti Criminal Defense Attorney Bay Area Lawyer

Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr. was born in 1951 in Muskegon, Michigan. The Mezzetti family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area early in Leon’s childhood and became prominent in business and local politics in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. After attending high school in his native Fremont, CA, Mr. Leon Mezzetti went on to attend the University of California, Los Angeles. He later graduated with Honors from the University of California, Davis, with a BA in Economics. Mr. Mezzetti then pursued his Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University School of Law. In 1976 he was admitted to the California State Bar and has since been practicing law for over three decades. Mr. Mezzetti is a highly regarded Northern California Criminal Defense attorney who has successfully defended clients with diverse and complex criminal charges. He has incomparable success rates with his clients and makes an emphatic effort to make sure that every client’s unique needs are being met. He prides himself on approaching every case with professionalism, reliability, commitment and persistence, to provide every client with exceptional service. His unique and successful background as a former Alameda County District Attorney has gained Mr. Mezzetti the distinctive insight to understand all facets of criminal law. His experience defending clients on the other side of the justice system has helped shape Mr. Mezzetti into the strong, knowledgeable and assertive Criminal Defense attorney that he is today. Mr. Mezzetti’s

Gutierrez: Alabama Immigration Law is Anti-Alabama

November 21, 2011 – Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-4) speaks to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about the delegation of 11 House Members who are in Birmingham to hold an ad hoc hearing on the negative impact of Alabama’s immigration law, HB 56. The visiting Members will be attending the kickoff for the repeal of the law at 16th Street Baptist Church later that evening.
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At ACS’s Southeast Symposium on State Immigration Law, Tony West, the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice gave the keynote address.
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Nice Speeding Tickets photos

Check out these speeding tickets images:

TX cop speeding ticket

Image by Colby Stuart

Lady getting speeding ticket

Image by Txspiked
Lady getting a ticket for speeding in a SCHOOL ZONE! Ouch $ $ $ FINE think He ( POLICE) said she was going 28 in a 20 :> AND hopefully she did not use her cell phone thats more $ .
I was out walking when the Moter-cycle Police snagged the speeder.

Need for Speed Tickets

Image by Rogue Soul

Playing God Trailer

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Duchovny plays Eugene Sands , a surgeon who has revoked his medical license after operating under the influence of amphetamines and opiates. Hutton character, a crime lord named Raymond Blossom, comes to him in a bar where you saved the life of a person with an emergency procedure to inflate a collapsed lung. Arenas Flower hired as his personal physician, playing with his accomplices, when they can not go to hospital, and tends to the crime boss and his girlfriend, Claire (Angelina Jolie). In the final act of the film, Claire Sands and involved, and faces a conflict of loyalty to the flower, Claire, and the FBI agent who blackmails him to be an informant.

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