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Is it legal to charge an employee for a background check and/or drug test?

Question by Chris2: Is it legal to charge an employee for a background check and/or drug test?
I apologize for posting this again I got some very good answers before – thank you I was told that because Yahoo A has a problem I couldn’t add any details
Looks like it doesn’t like punctuation either :-()

I just started a commission only job in California selling door to door telecommunication packages It’s strange that I previously worked at a national retail chain before which I had a drug test – paid by the employer But these people now want to charge the employee – $ 75 for a background check – which I seriously doubt that they really did, and $ 25 for the drug test These are some big bucks for someone having to do this kind of job

Many employment applications will state upfront and in unambiguous terms that there will be a drug test and background check required for employment at the firm and requests agreement to this. This one did not. In fact there was no formal application at all. Thus, how could drug testing be illegal in California. I see references to one or both of these checks indeed being illegal in some states, but I can’t spend the time to sort through every state, etc.
Where could I find information about “California law prohibits an employer from charging an employee for a background check” – references to specific official statutes, codes, etc?

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Stegall Launches Mobile Website for Their Birmingham Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Company

Stegall Launches Mobile Website for Their Birmingham Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Company

The new mobile website is a complement to the original website that launched earlier this year.

Birmingham, Alabama (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

Stegall, a leader in heating, cooling and plumbing services in Birmingham since 1957, launches their mobile website for The new mobile website is a complement to the original website that launched earlier this year.

“We feel like the ability to connect with our customers on mobile devices is critical to our business. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for new and existing customers to find us and contact us when they need us the most,” says Vice President Jimbo Rudloff.

Stegall will continue to focus their efforts on broadening their customer base in the upcoming year. “Most people don’t realize that we’ve been one of the biggest heating, cooling and plumbing companies in Birmingham for over 50 years. We’ve focused much of our efforts on Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial installations and services. We can take our overwhelming expertise in this industry and apply it to our residential customers. This kind of knowledge allows us to do these jobs better and more efficiently than almost anyone else,” says Service Manager Jeff Powell.

With its headquarters in Birmingham, AL, Stegall has been a recognized leader in heating, cooling and plumbing since 1957. Stegall has earned numerous awards for excellence in safety, construction, planning and assessment. Stegall is a privately held corporation that has succeeded in a variety of markets. Stegall’s NATE certified technicians are clean, courteous, professionally trained, drug-free and criminal background checked to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. “Better Call Stegall”



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Now this makes no sense…Why wouldnt a president go through a background check?

Question by Giachetta *Italian Chick*: Now this makes no sense…Why wouldnt a president go through a background check?
How come “supposebly” elected officals dont go through background checks before they are is elected in office… out president for example

when you apply at a walmart or mcdonalds, you have to go through a background check, and they make sure you dont have any felonies etc………so how is that different to be a president??

How would we know that we arent electing an ex-convit or something like that?

If thats true, then thats kinda messed up that we could have a possible ex-con leading us as president…….wouldnt that freak you out? Something funny to think about next time you go vote……. I would love to hear you thoughts on this……

run a google search “elected officials go through background checks” to see what im talking about….
my bad, i asked this twice, because there was a problem with the other one
Pat just shut up and quit being rude, you are only making yourself look like an ignorant dumbass

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Answer by geoffsy328
You asked this same question ten minutes ago.

And “supposebly” still isn’t a word.

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Will my past employment show up in a background check?

Question by coolrobot: Will my past employment show up in a background check?
I applied to Finishline and I already had an interview and I’m taking a drug test tomorrow. I really dont have any “real” work experience, but I did work at Wal-Mart as a cart pusher last summer for a week and a half and quit because I didn’t like the work conditions and management. I didn’t mention it on my application and I told the manager I never had a job. I signed a form for “permission to run a background check” last week before the interview. Will the Wal-Mart job I worked show up in the background check?

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Answer by Carimbo Hanky
ofcourse it will appear… anything linked to your SSN will appear in a background check… liying and then allowing a background check is just a recipe for disaster

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The Normal Background Check Time Frame?

Question by Lamar R: The Normal Background Check Time Frame?
I’ve recently applied for a ‘temp’ job at a staffing place. I’ve passed the drug test and filled out all the forms, and I had a short interview discussing the information. They said I had to do a background check “which takes 10-15 days”. I want to know how long it usually takes for a normal background check at this type of place to complete.

By the way, it’s day 17 not counting weekends, and probably around 22 days counting weekends. Also, it’s for a temp job at a Big 5 Distribution Center. Help please!!!

Best answer:

Answer by John
I have spent the last year and a half researching and testing background check services for a consumer review site ( ) and in that time have run tons of background checks using many different companies. While 10-15 days is a long time, it is not abnormal for a company who has to run a ton of background checks. Temp agencies have huge liabilities and therefore have to run very solid background checks. They probably also are trying to save money and have gone with a bulk background check agency that does them in hand and offers a lower rate for a slower turnaround time. It certainly is possible to get a background check in less time… in fact, many companies offer 1 day turnaround for employment checks.

You might contact the temp agency though as 22 days does seem very excessive. There may be something else going on.

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Social Media Background Checks: The 7 Commandments of Using Facebook in the Screening Process

Social Media Background Checks: The 7 Commandments of Using Facebook in the Screening Process

TAMPA, FL (PRWEB) December 19, 2011

The rapid rise of online social media has drastically and permanently altered the world of employment screening, and not always to the benefit of employers. That’s the message that, an industry pioneer in employment pre-screening services, will emphasize in an upcoming webinar on the topic of online employment screening with Facebook. The webinar, scheduled for 2 to 3 p.m. EST on Dec 20th, will reveal the top 7 commandments of using Facebook as part of the employment screening process.

“More and more companies are routinely combing the Internet for information on job applicants, assuming that everything they find is fair game for consideration in the hiring process. What they often don’t realize is that the information they’re gathering may be not only completely inaccurate but also legally risky in terms of online employment screening. Our webinar is intended to help employers understand that even accurate information found online cannot always be legally used as a consideration in employment decisions,” said Kevin Connell, CEO and founder of (

Whether you want to use sites like Facebook to screen out employees via a social media background check, or use social media sites to monitor your employee’s social media activity, discipline them for what they post, or simply maintain rules that arguably regulate employee conduct, all employers need to understand the evolving rules coming from the NLRB

“As a major provider of background check services for pre-employment screening as well as other types of screening, we at must stay on top of these issues and legal trends, keeping in mind that the situation can change without notice depending on the terms-of-use policies of sites such as Facebook and Twitter,” Connell said. “We also want employers to realize that even if they’re outsourcing their screening to a company that specializes in background check services, not all such companies are created equal. Anyone can offer online employment screening, but not everyone understands the nuances of how to go about it in a legally sound and responsible way.”

Join us for real world practical tips and insider secrets shared by Kevin Connell, a social media savvy background check expert. This webinar is a Pre-Approved HRCI Certified Webinar.

Space is limited for the December 20th webinar, reserve your can a seat now at:

About’s provides criminal background check services, can run credit checks, verify professional credentials, driving record histories, social security numbers, and perform other essential pre-employment screening services. reports are delivered to companies across the world in 2-72 hours


Sue Marriott – Media Relations

(813) 837-1920 Ext 1100 (FL)


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SportsSignup and Axon Sports Partner to Provide Online Concussion Management Tools for Youth Sports Organizations

SportsSignup and Axon Sports Partner to Provide Online Concussion Management Tools for Youth Sports Organizations

Baseline Testing for Concussion Management

Saratoga Springs, NY (PRWEB) December 22, 2011

SportsSignup, a national leader in online services for sports organizations, and Axon Sports, creators of a breakthrough testing system that helps qualified medical providers make return-to-play decisions after head injuries, are collaborating on educational initiatives highlighting safety in concussion management, which includes making Baseline testing more accessible to young athletes.

Axon Sports developed the Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT), an online cognitive test that utilizes distinct tasks to measure attention, recall, and speed and accuracy of responses to provide a snapshot of an athlete’s brain function. If a concussion is suspected, the Baseline test results, when compared to After-Injury test results, are a critical tool for qualified medical providers in assessing cognitive impairment and are extremely valuable in guiding care decisions, including when it is safe for athletes to return to the classroom, practice, or competitive play.

SportsSignup’s services allow sports organizations to manage all aspects of sports administration, from online sports registration and payments to team rosters, scheduling, and coach background checks. The integration with Axon Sports enables organizations that use SportsSignup services to easily offer Baseline testing at a discounted price during the registration process. In addition, clubs and teams can purchase bulk quantities of test credits to obtain discounts for their members via the SportsSignup system, providing an even more affordable option to implement Baseline testing to all of their eligible athletes.

“The safety of young athletes is every family’s main concern, and we share that concern,” said Anthony Bruno, CEO of SportsSignup. “As we continue to learn more about the cumulative effects of concussions and other head injuries, it is clear that we need to do all we can to give families, medical personnel and others involved in the care and nurturing of young athletes access to the best information available to help them make sound, safe decisions. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Axon Sports to spread the word about the importance of using the Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool, and making it more accessible through our system.”

Axon Sports recommends that an athlete take an annual Baseline test at the start of every school year or before the first practice of a sport season. In the event of a concussion or other head injury, an athlete should visit with a qualified medical provider who can use the Baseline result as the benchmark for After-Injury testing and care management.

Axon Sports is the first company to make Baseline tests broadly accessible, affordable, and convenient. The Axon Sports CCAT is available online to any athlete age 10 and older. Athletes can complete a test in eight to 10 minutes. Parents can access the online data any time and share it with their child’s doctor, coach or athletic trainer. Preview the test at

Rising public awareness about the importance of concussion management has led to widespread legislative attention. Today, nearly all states have passed or have pending legislation. The three most common elements are: concussion education, removal from play and return-to-play decisions to be made by qualified medical providers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 10 percent of athletes in contact sports will suffer a concussion in a given year. The risk is especially acute in sports such as ice hockey, football and soccer, where collisions are frequent.

“SportsSignup has become an essential service for a fast-growing number of leagues and individuals, and we’re extremely pleased they have joined us in the effort to raise awareness about the importance of knowing baseline cognitive performance for each individual athlete,” said Polly James, President and CEO of Axon Sports. “SportsSignup’s reach ensures thousands of athletes and their families will have access to this vital, potentially life-saving information.”

About Axon Sports

Axon Sports provides the Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) as well as educational resources on a wide range of topics surrounding its proper use within an overall concussion management program. Together with athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers and doctors, Axon Sports is on a mission to protect and train the athletic brain. To learn more or preview a sample test, visit

About SportsSignup

SportsSignup, owned and operated by League Sports Services LLC, provides sports organizations and event organizers with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to facilitate online sports registration, e-commerce fundraising, and coach/volunteer background check management. Since 2003, the company has been dedicated to operating a secure, affordable, and hassle-free online service suite that enables administrators from thousands of soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, track & field, and many other sports organizations to easily automate many aspects of their duties. For more information about SportsSignup, please visit

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Security America Mortgage Now Sponsors For the Lowest VA Mortgage Refinance Rates Given to Veterans in Texas

Security America Mortgage Now Sponsors For the Lowest VA Mortgage Refinance Rates Given to Veterans in Texas

Security America Mortgage – VA Home Loan Experts

orida, Hawaii, California, Illinois, Colorado, Arkansas, Georgia (PRWEB) December 23, 2011

North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Fl Due to the overwhelming need of financial preparedness education in America for military veterans and active-duty personnel, mortgage loan support and VA loan services are now being sponsored by Security America Mortgage, Inc., the VA loan company that ranked highest by veteran home buyers as one of the top recommended companies servicing the mortgage lending industry. The VA loan experts got together within the company recently to obtain data from a social study over a group of veterans and active-duty military personnel who were previously accustomed to living on base and/or overseas in the barracks. The social experiment was acquired by Security America Mortgage in order to address the greatest core concerns and needs of the “average VA client home buyer”.


The results of the social study concluded that the majority of veterans who were fresh from living the military lifestyle had to learn how to manage money all over again, fast, and from a civilian perspective with little assistance. With the United States economy still in recession, many military families are experiencing financial depression when being faced with high monthly mortgage payments. This is especially true for military families who are welcoming their primary caregivers/veterans heroes back home from deployment in overseas.

Also, according to the data collected, most of the veterans affirmed that they have not lived the civilian life before, which was why they were less likely to know what help was out there to support them financially (or emotionally), how (or where) to get help, and more importantly – WHO to contact to get the best, most accurate, reliable information they need for the smoothest transition into civilian living.

The social study results mainly provided proof of there being a huge need for veteran community support, and since then, Security America Mortgage, Inc. have restructured their goals for launching the newly developed sponsorship programs that help to assist veterans in cities all around the United States. To start off on the right foot in the right direction toward financial freedom, the VA Loan Experts urged the press to share the benefits of the three different VA loan refinancing options – which are listed below as promised:

VA Loan Refinance Option #1 – VA Streamline Refinance – Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL):

VA streamline refinancing loan can be used when you already have a VA home loan financed with your current home. The only reason you would choose to refinance would be to achieve a lower interest rate using a “VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL)”. The VA IRRL enables lower interest rates on a current VA home loan and it can be achieved with no out-of-pocket closing costs to the homeowner – which is great!

The Benefits of a VA Streamline Refinance – Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL)

No appraisal required.
No income or credit background check to qualify.
No monthly mortgage insurance.
Only .5% funding fee on all interest reductions.
No out-of-pocket costs.

VA Loan Refinance Option #2 – “Cash-Out” or Debt Consolidation Refinance:

If there is equity in the current VA loan financed with the home needing to be refinanced, the VA benefits give eligible veterans the option to refinance the VA home loan currently financed on the home – and then to receive a “cash out” payment that is up to 90% of the home’s equity value. The money left over from the home’s appraised and calculated value can then be used for anything like;

1. Paying off credit card debts,

2. Remodeling home improvements, or

3. Save money for retirement.

The Benefits of a “Cash-Out” or Debt Consolidation Refinance:

You can take cash out up to 90% of your home
Monthly mortgage insurance is not required
No out-of-pocket closing costs

VA Loan Refinance Option #3 – Conventional to VA Refinance Loan:

The Conventional to VA Refinance option requires a funding fee, which the government charges to insure a VA Home Loan with the lender. The fee is 2.2% for veterans who are first-time users for this type of loan. The good thing about the Funding Fee is that it can be financed into the cost of the loan.

The Benefits of a Conventional to VA Refinance Loan:

No monthly mortgage insurance
The new interest rate may be lower – AND if the veteran has less than perfect credit, they may be able to get the same low interest rates available to those with great credit.
The “cash-out” option can be taken, adding up to 90% with a VA refinance
No out-of-pocket closing costs

Reducing the rate is one of the many VA loan advantages that optimize VA home loan benefits. Without a doubt, Security America Mortgage, Inc. continue to grow as VA loan experts with their knowledge and persistence in leading the driving force behind financial security and freedom for all military affiliates. For veterans and active-duty military service members who are looking to save a significant amount of money on their mortgage loan by lowering the monthly payments, using a VA loan refinance option is the first step to take in order to accomplish their home mortgage debt freedom. With a more aggressive approach to inform veterans and military members about the three different VA loan refinance options available, Security America Mortgage will help veterans learn how to use VA loans to lower their monthly mortgage payments – by hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month!

To find out which VA loan refinance option BEST FITS your home mortgage financial needs please contact a VA Loan Specialist with Security America Mortgage, Inc. – toll free: 888-864-0726!



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