Will airlines hire you as a flight attendant if you have 3 DUI’s?

I have 3 DUI’s and none of them are felonies. I have paid my fines and once again have a license. Will this stop me from becoming a flight attendant?


  • Creccz

    Lmao, well it sure doesnt look good!

  • casdusel

    Perhaps not however the competetion is quite fierce and that would put you at the bottom of the pile

  • J. T. Studz

    You need a valid license to drive the beverage cart on the plane……….peanuts,soft drinks, coffe, tea, beer?

  • flyskyhawk2008

    I don’t think this would hinder your chances at becoming a flight attendant. Apply to an airline and see what happens.

    Happy flying…

  • Coffeebuzz

    The airlines are highly regulated businesses and they want to see that the people they hire can follow the rules. This will certainly come up on any background check, so do not lie about it. You’ll face even bigger problems if you try to hide it.

    The biggest problem is that you have 3 of them. You might be able to explain one away in an interview: “I made a stupid choice and got caught. I learned from it and make more responsible decisions now.” But 3 times may be a problem.

    I don’t intend to be mean about this, I’m just calling it by the way it sounds because the airlines will do the same thing when reviewing an application. It sounds like you are either irresponsible with decision making, or you have an alcohol problem. Either way this is interpreted will make it hard to get any kind of safety-related job at an airline.

    With that said, it doesn’t hurt to try. Depending on how long ago the DUI convictions were, you may be able to put those in your past in an interview. Even if you don’t get the job, the result is the same as if you don’t try.

  • Kenneth P

    With out a valid drivers license I think you cooked your own goose…so to speak

  • keiko

    Probally. They do really intense background searches. So, they will find out about those DUI’s. You even have to state it on you application if you have ever been convicted of a fenolny. If you lie, you will be in deeper doody. You can always try. But honestly, I wouldn’t hire anyone with 1 DUI to work for my airline. Sorry.