Now this makes no sense…Why wouldnt a president go through a background check?

Question by Giachetta *Italian Chick*: Now this makes no sense…Why wouldnt a president go through a background check?
How come “supposebly” elected officals dont go through background checks before they are is elected in office… out president for example

when you apply at a walmart or mcdonalds, you have to go through a background check, and they make sure you dont have any felonies etc………so how is that different to be a president??

How would we know that we arent electing an ex-convit or something like that?

If thats true, then thats kinda messed up that we could have a possible ex-con leading us as president…….wouldnt that freak you out? Something funny to think about next time you go vote……. I would love to hear you thoughts on this……

run a google search “elected officials go through background checks” to see what im talking about….
my bad, i asked this twice, because there was a problem with the other one
Pat just shut up and quit being rude, you are only making yourself look like an ignorant dumbass

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Answer by geoffsy328
You asked this same question ten minutes ago.

And “supposebly” still isn’t a word.

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  • TheMom

    I know Bush was arrested for DUI, but he isn’t President anymore.

  • Bo

    because the press and opposing candidates do an extensive “background check” during the campaign. so much dirt is dug up during a campaign that a background check is nearly pointless anyways.

  • smiteroffoes

    A lot of people do look through your background when you go for election. It might not be a formal background check, but the other side of the election race will be wanting to find anything about you that could make you not be elected. So, most everything is found out about anything you did.

  • axel

    well obama can’t pass a low level routine background check, his racist rear couldn’t be hired to be a secretary at a police station, not that he could handle the job, because he hangs around with terrorist and cannot prove that he is a legal citizens

    why aren’t they required to pass a background check, well if they had to no one of obama’s cabinet members would have a job,

    Too bad there isn’t regular drug tests too, obama would have gone bye bye 49 days ago and the country would be much much better off

    God Bless America…GDBO!

  • DC

    I think should should be able to pass the standard government security clearance before you are permitted to run for office.

  • bluelotussmellslikebananas

    We elected a President who has ties to Bill Ayers a known terrorist. Obama should be on the no fly list. Canada won’t even let Bill Ayers in their country.

  • Greg N

    It is supposed to be up to the voters to determine who is fit for the office they want to elect them to. As long as the person meets the minimum requirements as set forth in the Constitution or other document depending on the office, the person may be voted in without a background check.

    Now, if a candidate for office refuses to submit to a background check, the voters can decide for themselves how to handle that, and whether or not to vote for that person.

  • gomanyes

    You can bet that every candidate for election goes through a background check, by the staff of the opposing candidate.

    I can guarantee you that McCain did everything in his power to dig up dirt about Obama that would go against him in the election.

    But to answer your question, the government has no right to do an official background check, because the constitution does not give the government the power to deny candidates the right to run for office based on some arbitrary criteria that they set.