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Dina Lohan Arrested for Charges of Drunk Driving

(PRWEB) October 21, 2013

TV personality and actress Dina Lohan, better known as the mother of starlet Lindsay Lohan, was arrested last week on charges of drunk driving. Attorney Dane Johnson says the older Lohan could face jail time.

Lohan was clocked racing 77 mph in a 55 zone and had more than twice the legal blood alcohol limit, according to CBS News (09.13.2013). Police released her the next day, but Johnson, the founder of Johnson, Johnson & Baer, says the battle isn’t over.

This is her first offense, but New York law still allows up to one year of jail time, Johnson said. She’s going to need to fight this one and she’ll need a good lawyer to do it.

CBS reported that police say that Lohan complained she was hurt during the arrest, but they called paramedics who found that she was injury-free. There is no sign that Lohan tried to resist arrest.

Her license is automatically suspended, Johnson said. Even a first time DUI offense is treated very harshly these days.

Johnson said that other penalties Lohan could face include fines, an ignition interlock device, and mandatory alcohol abuse treatment.

The drama between this mother and daughter will be dragged out in the media, Johnson said. But a judge can’t punish a mother for the sins of the daughter.

About Dane Johnson:

Dane Johnson is a Houston criminal defense attorney and a founding partner of Johnson, Johnson & Baer law firm. One of the youngest-ever graduates of the Houston Law Center, Mr. Johnson began his career prosecuting criminal cases and training new assistant prosecutors. He now works on behalf of those charged with crimes, defending DUI cases and other criminal cases with an impressive rate of success. He can be contacted at:

Johnson, Johnson & Baer

1018 Preston Street

Suite 400

Houston, Texas 77002

(713) 489-6541

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SFPD sergeant arrested on DUI, hit and run

SFPD sergeant arrested on DUI, hit and run
A San Francisco police sergeant has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and hit and run after he allegedly crashed his private vehicle into a parked car in the Sunset District while he was off duty, authorities said Thursday. Sgt. Thomas …
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SJPD: Fatal DUI in Willow Glen, Woman, 27, Arrested
San Jose police arrested 27-year-old Campbell resident Monica Johnson early Monday morning on suspicion of drinking and driving and vehicular manslaughter after her friend, 26, was killed in front of a home in Willow Glen. That friend has been …
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Allegations of preferential treatment arise regarding Aldon Smith's DUI arrest
The 49ers aren't the only ones being questioned for how they handled the September DUI arrest of linebacker Aldon Smith. According to NBC Bay Area, Smith may have received preferential treatment from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's office in the wake …
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Mother with child arrested for DUI at toy store
… determined that she drove to the store from her house with her young daughter while under the influence. Napier was placed under arrest and taken to the Fayette County Jail, facing charges of DUI, DUI child endangerment and drunk or disorderly conduct.
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New head of the OLCC was once arrested for DUI, WW reports

New head of the OLCC was once arrested for DUI, WW reports
New head of the OLCC was once arrested for DUI, WW reports. By KATU News Published: Oct 24, 2013 at 6:48 PM PDT Last Updated: Oct 25, 2013 at 6:28 AM PDT. Share this story. Comments; print · email. New head of the OLCC was once arrested for DUI, …
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Ga. police officer fired after DUI arrest in Oglethorpe
A police officer in the Augusta area charged with DUI last weekend in Oglethorpe County was fired Thursday. Michael Dodaro had been on administrative duty pending an internal investigation by the Hephzibah Police Department. Police Chief Dwayne …
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Neb. High Court Upholds Felony Conviction for DUI Interlock Case
The DUI conviction allowed him to drive as long as his car was equipped with an ignition interlock device that keeps the engine from starting if the driver has been drinking. But when Leibel was stopped in October 2011, he had no such device on his car.
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US DOJ Wont Challenge State Marijuana Laws, But Arizona Police and Prosecution Warn Motorists Can Still Be Arrested for Drug DUI Charges; Tempe DUI Lawyer Explains

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

FBI 2012 Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), released last week, revealed that 658,000 were arrested for non-dangerous marijuana use or possession; and 521,196 arrests were for violent crimes such as homicide, robbery and aggravated assault. These statistics suggest that more state and federal resources are being used to arrest and prosecute non-dangerous marijuana charges than dangerous or violent crimes, said Tempe criminal defense lawyer James Novak.

The U.S. Government has acknowledged that each year billions of dollars in expenditures, law enforcement, and criminal justice, and incarceration costs are being used to prosecute non-dangerous Marijuana offenses; and that resources are better used combating and prosecuting violent crimes. This is perhaps once more reason why the Department of Justice has decided to take liberalization a step further by not interfering with marijuana laws in respective states, Novak said.

The decision, however, does come with precaution for the public and a strict message to the legalized Marijuana states. Federal prosecutors made it clear they plan to ensure persons and businesses are in compliance with their state laws. This includes making certain that proper safeguards are in place to keep marijuana out of the hands of children and minors in those states; and to make sure the marijuana is not rerouted to a non-legalized state.

More mothers arrested for drunk driving with kids in car

More mothers arrested for drunk driving with kids in car
(WXYZ) – Studies show more and more women are getting busted for driving drunk and too many times they have their kids with them. It may start with a drink at the soccer game or a few alcoholic beverages at a social gathering with other parents. It's …
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Alleged Drunk Driving Confession Video Shows the Best and Worst of Humanity
On Sept. 3, a young man confessed to killing another man while driving in Ohio more than two months earlier. But this didn't happen in a courtroom—not yet. Instead, he taped a confession, got together with becauseisaidiwould.com, a website that asks …
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DUI Attorney Jacksonville.org Expands Website with Video Resources to Help People Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) August 18, 2013

DUI Attorney Jacksonville.org announced the addition of videos to their DUI website which help individuals acquire legal information about defending their case. People who are facing criminal charges must become informed about the consequences of DUI conviction and the options for reducing the charges against them.

The new videos offered at the DUI Attorney Jacksonville website provide essential facts about Florida drunk driving laws. Visitors also have access to vital tips for locating quality legal representation in Jacksonville.

Any person who is charged with driving under the influence must become diligent in understanding their legal rights and finding an experienced lawyer. DUIAttorneyJacksonville.org has become a trusted source for obtaining information and referrals to DUI law firms in Duval County, FL.

Along with supplying important data to residents, the video resource center is also aimed at helping tourists who are unfamiliar with the area. Being arrested for drinking and driving is never a good experience. It can be even more frightening when visiting an unfamiliar locale.

Legal limit of alcohol consumption in Florida is under 0.08 percent blood alcohol level. Essentially, this is equal to two beers or two ounces of hard liquor. People who exceed legal limits and get arrested need to hire a Jacksonville DUI attorney as quickly as possible.

Defendants only have ten days to request a hearing for temporary restoration of driving privileges. If they miss the deadline they will have to wait until a judge rule their fate. It’s important to have legal representation at court hearings to avoid additional consequences, such as unintentionally surrendering legal rights.

The Jacksonville DUI Lawyer website is accessible 24/7 to provide defendants with videos and content about drinking and driving, underage drinking, and public intoxication.

The newly added videos also cover topics of unwarranted DUI arrest, faulty sobriety testing, and improper police procedures. A shocking statistic is nearly 30 percent of people arrested in Florida are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s vital to hire the best DUI lawyers in Jacksonville any time there is question about events associated with the arrest.

The Sunshine State is a popular destination for college students, but those who are underage should be forewarned of the harsh consequences. Not only does Florida have zero-tolerance for underage drinking, they also arrest minors for possession; regardless if they’ve had a drop to drink or not.

Consumption of alcohol can cause minors to lose their driver’s license, along with serving time in jail or juvenile detention center. Parents of children under 18 will be responsible for court fines, legal fees, and bail bondsmen expenses.

The new video resource center discusses the different types of DUI charges and the consequences associated with each. Those who spend time getting familiar with Florida DUI laws and finding experienced attorneys can improve their odds of having charges reduced or dismissed.

The Jacksonville DUI Attorney website is a good place to start. It provides resources and informational videos to make the task of finding the best DUI attorneys in Jacksonville easier and more efficient.

Visitors of the JacksonvilleDUILawyer.org have round-the-clock access to videos, advice, and the best DUI lawyers in Jacksonville. Our website delivers vital information to help people with alcohol-related arrests. Find out more at http://www.DUIAttorneyJacksonville.org

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Denver Broncos executive Matt Russell arrested for DUI

Denver Broncos executive Matt Russell arrested for DUI
Denver Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell was arrested over the weekend after being involved in an accident with a police car. Russell is facing charges of driving under the influence, having an open container of alcohol in his car …
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Denver Broncos executive Matt Russell arrested on DUI charges in Breckenridge
BRECKENRIDGE – Matt Russell, the Denver Broncos' director of player personnel, was arrested on DUI charges over the weekend after police say he hit two cars in Summit County — one of them a Breckenridge police car. The first collision was reported as …
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Cops: Man arrested for DUI tries eating part of patrol car
A man arrested on charges of drunk driving is also accused of trying to eat part of the patrol car taking him to jail. Rick Frederick, 22, of Sheridan, Ill., was arrested by Lasalle County deputies on Saturday. They say Frederick started gnawing on the …
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Those Arrested For DUI In Santa Ana Now Have Access to Extended Payment Plans As Announced By The Seasoned Santa Ana DUI Attorney

Santa Ana, California (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

A recent announcement made by the veteran DUI attorneys in Santa Ana made the residents quite happy and satisfied. In the announcement it has been stated that there will be an extension in the payment plans to be implemented to the clients who have been arrested for DUI or drunk driving related charges. The package now includes flexible payment options including a facility to pay by credit card, and a customized plan to pay the fees in installments instead of arranging for a large down payment. This is a great offer particularly benefiting those who have low income or little money for proper legal defense.To come up with proper evidence to support your case following a DUI arrest is next to impossible without the help of a seasoned Santa Ana DUI attorney. It is also imperative to learn the laws governing this type of offense prevailing in Orange County. The suspension of drivers license is enforced in the state of California when the charged individual is unable to present sufficient argument convincing the judge of his or her innocence. In other cases, driving privileges are revoked for a period of six months to a year depending on various factors including the age of the driver. It is advisable to contact a lawyer before contacting the DMV to schedule a hearing after being arrested for charges of drunk or reckless driving. Most people dread this situation simply because they are incapable of affording attorney fees and other legal charges they have to pay following a DUI arrest. Considering such a distressed state of their clients, the seasoned Santa Ana DUI lawyers recently decided to extend their payment plans, so that more and more people will be able to get legal help if they have been taken into custody. This was announced on the internet through social media to make the news public and get more clients from the city. To talk to a DUI defense lawyer in Santa Ana or to learn more about the criminal defense firm visit, http://www.santaanaduiattorney.info/

The residents of Santa Ana were long waiting for such an opportunity so that they are able to hire competent and experienced DUI defense attorneys to represent their case. The penalties of a DUI offense in California could be quite serious ranging from a few days behind the bars to a huge amount of fines be paid by the convicted driver. Moreover, the driver is not allowed to drive any longer for at least a period of six months following the order of his arrest. However, temporary driving privileges could be obtained back by contacting the DMV within ten days of the suspension order. The extension in the payment plans as announced by the DUI attorneys has made many charged with a DUI satisfied. Now they can get their issues resolved without having to worry about the money involved, and get in touch with the most experienced Orange County DUI lawyer right away to represent their case. This development has made the skilled attorneys even more popular, and highly rated in the eyes of Santa Ana residents. To learn more about the payment options available by the criminal defense firm or to speak with a DUI defense attorney about an arrest contact the attorneys directly at 877-227-9128.

Truck driver arrested for drunk driving

Truck driver arrested for drunk driving
North West – A truck driver has been arrested after a crash that claimed the life of a motorist in Hartebeesfontein, North West police said on Tuesday. He would face drunken driving and culpable homicide charges, Captain Pelonomi Makau said. The man …
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1-year-old killed in drunk driving accident on Hwy. 18
Father's Day weekend turned fatal Saturday night after a Jackson infant was killed in an alcohol-related automobile accident. Christopher Salas, 1, was killed after a Ford F-250 collided with the Expedition in which he was riding, according to a …
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Drunk driver charged in wreck that killed 1, injured 3
An alleged drunk driver killed at least one man late Saturday night in a three-car wreck. Aaron Jaques, 22, was driving a 2009 Dodge Charger northbound in the 7500 block of State Highway 6 north of Sugar Land about 11:30 p.m. when he rear ended a 2001 …
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