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Gardaí held over alleged ATM scam released without charge

Gardaí held over alleged ATM scam released without charge
The men were both suspended from duty by Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan pending the outcome of the criminal probe by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the force's serious crimes squad. A woman in her 30s was also arrested in Dublin …
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DA: Mangano fliers broke no criminal law
Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice Friday cleared County Executive Edward Mangano of criminal wrongdoing in using county employees to distribute fliers door to door touting his record in office. However, she recommended the county ethics board, …
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Shootout at Sungai Nibong
Law-abiding citizens of Penang might hope the shootout brings a sudden end to what has become a bloody year in their neighbourhoods. In recent weeks and months the criminal underworld seems to have discovered a frightening new enthusiasm for …
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Spencer, Mayoras, Koch & Cornick, PLC Now Offering All Criminal Consultations at No Charge

Fredericksburg, VA (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Officials with Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC. ( http://virginia-criminal.com ) announced today that all criminal consultations are now free of charge, regardless of length.

We want to do everything that we can to help those who are in need of help, so from this day forward, were not going to charge a single penny to anyone in need of a consultation regarding a criminal matter, said Andrew J. Cornick, managing partner of Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC. Were here to serve the public, so were extending an invitation to everyone to take us up on our offer to help at no cost to them.

Cornick, whose firm provides high-quality legal representation for individuals charged with crimes and traffic infractions in Virginia, said his team of attorneys is committed to providing the very best service for its clients, which is one of the reasons for its decision offer consultations at no cost in order to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Steve Cameli, owner of the Sunken Well Tavern, said when it comes to legal counsel and representation if needed, Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC is one of the best legal teams hes ever been around.

Andy (Cornick) and his team are great, Cameli noted. As always, when a friend or customer is in trouble we send them to Andy.

Cornick, a criminal defense attorney who handles drug offenses, DUI/DWI, theft offenses, violent offenses, appeals, sex offenses, and more, added that he prides himself not only on the outcomes he achieves, but on his accessibility during what is almost invariably a stressful time for the firms clients.

Unless there is an emergency, clients talk to me when they call, not my staff, Cornick said. Everyone gets my personal cell phone number so that I am only a call, text, or email away. I take the time to teach my clients about the criminal justice process, so that they can make educated decisions when presented with options.

For more information, please visit: http://virginia-criminal.com/blog and http://virginia-criminal.com/dui-consultation

About Andy Cornick

Andy Cornick has devoted his career to the practice of criminal law. While a law student at the University of Richmond, he clerked at one of the most prestigious criminal defense law firms in Richmond.

Upon graduation Andy was asked to associate with the firm the first offer extended to a law clerk in over fourteen years. Andy enjoyed success in matters ranging from traffic infractions to serious felonies such as aggravated malicious wounding and attempted murder.

Andy represented clients in the courts of over thirty Virginia jurisdictions, as well as in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Contact Details:

Andrew J. Cornick, Attorney at Law

Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC

1671 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 201

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

Phone: (540) 372-4046

Source: Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC

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what is the process for having a past criminal charge dismissed?

Question by W G: what is the process for having a past criminal charge dismissed?
If anyone is a lawyer pleas tell me the motions I need to file to open these cases back up so that I can have them dismissed because they are not even true.
These charges took place in Tampa, Fl. I plead out on them because I needed my freedom for my children.

Best answer:

Answer by Thomas T
You are going to need to talk with a lawyer. Generally past criminal charges can not be dismissed if they resulted in a conviction. If the conviction was in error, you can petition for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence that was not available to you at the time of the prior trial. You can ask the local lawyer about whether the offense can be annulled or expunged. This may not be possible in some jurisdictions. If the charges are simply “charges” which were not adjudicated, there would be a lot of questions your lawyer will need answered including “where were you when this was going on?” But if there were, in fact, convictions, then you have a very difficult, some would say impossible, task of reopening the case and reversing the conviction.

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Cruise transfer bus driver arrested on DUI charge

Cruise transfer bus driver arrested on DUI charge
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The driver of a bus transferring cruise ship passengers in Alaska was arrested Friday after numerous passengers called to report he was highly intoxicated and driving erratically, state troopers said. Steven McKinley, a seasonal …
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Montana woman sentenced DUI crash that killed two Wyomingites
Montana woman sentenced DUI crash that killed two Wyomingites. Print Email. 2013-06-15T22:00:00Z Montana woman sentenced DUI crash that killed two WyomingitesThe Associated Press The Associated Press. 7 hours ago • Associated Press.
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Searchable database: See how police agencies and counties rank in DUI arrests
Results also rank the state's 421 police agencies and 83 sheriff's offices by DUI arrests per officer, as well as the largest 50 police agencies in Michigan. To zoom into the the bar graph for results, click and drag your cursor from the beginning of …
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Attorney Jesse Scharff, of Roberts Law Group, PLLC, Raises Reasonable Doubt as to Impairment, Secures Not Guilty Verdict on DWI Charge

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) January 01, 2013

North Carolina drunk driving defense attorney Jesse Scharff of Roberts Law Group, PLLC, successfully raised a reasonable doubt as to impairment in a DWI trial and secured a not guilty verdict, saving the client from up to six months in jail.

A traffic stop of an allegedly speeding driver headed home after a sporting event ended in an arrest for driving while impaired (DWI). The arresting officer performed several field sobriety tests after smelling the odor of alcohol on the driver, including the walk-and-turn test, a portable breath test and the Vertical Gaze Nystagmus.

According to court documents, despite the results of the barrage of field sobriety tests Attorney Jesse Scharff was able to raise reasonable doubt about whether or not the driver was impaired, resulting in a not guilty verdict. The driver missed walking heel to toe only once during the walk and turn test, had a positive reading on the portable breath test, satisfied all six clues on the Vertical Gaze Nystagmus test and had a presumptive blow of .08 on the EC/IR II (or ECIR-2).

In the face of this seemingly insurmountable evidence, Jesse Scharff was able to use his experience in the courtroom and knowledge of North Carolina law to secure a not guilty verdict. In State v. Narron, 193 N.C. App. 76 (2008), the court discussed that the[r]esults of a chemical analysis are sufficient evidence to submit the issue of a defendants alcohol concentration to the fact-finder who may find it adequate proof of impairment. In this case, Attorney Scharff was able to refute the results of the field sobriety tests, raising reasonable doubt as to impairment and allowing the fact-finder to enter a not guilty verdict.

Rather than spend the next six months in jail, the driver was able to escape the penalties of a North Carolina DWI conviction.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys fight for the rights of the accused throughout North Carolina. With offices in Raleigh, Wilmington and Charlotte, our experienced lawyers offer a free initial consultation to anyone facing criminal charges including drunk driving, sex offenses, drug crimes, white collar crimes or other felony or misdemeanor in the North Carolina state or federal criminal justice system . When experience counts, put Roberts Law Group on your side.

For more information about Roberts Law Group, PLLC, please visit the firm’s criminal defense website and criminal defense blog. Jesse Scharff is a skilled criminal attorney who defends against sex crime charges, DWI charges, assault charges and others in Wake County and the surrounding areas. To contact criminal lawyer Jesse Scharff, please contact the law firm online via our website or call 866-630-2389 for a free consultation.

Missing a Tail Light, Driver Gets A DUI Charge: Blotter

Missing a Tail Light, Driver Gets A DUI Charge: Blotter
Missing a Tail Light, Driver Gets A DUI Charge. Adriel Velaquez, 26, of the 14600 block of Westwood Drive, Orland Park, was charged with driving under the influence, improper lane use and driving with only one tail light, according to a report. Police …
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Unsafe Tires and a DUI Charges: Blotter
FRIDAY, MAY 17. DUI Charges. Joshua M. Brantley, 21, of the 300 block of North Locust Street, Frankfort, was charged with driving under the influence, DUI with a blood-alcohol level greater than 0.08, driving without insurance and driving on unsafe …
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New Companies Act Charge Registration Regime

New Companies Act Charge Registration Regime
After three years of consultation, new Companies House registration requirements have now come into force and apply to charges (which term includes both legal charges and mortgages) created on or after 6 April 2013 by companies and limited liability …
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CFPB Charges Two Lawyers in Debt Relief Scam
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today filed suit against two lawyers and two debt relief companies, alleging they charged thousands of consumers illegal advance fees and left some worse off financially. One of the lawyers, Michael Levitis …
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What are the steps for a DUI charge?

Question by Rick: What are the steps for a DUI charge?
I am curious of the steps for a DUI charge. Do you have to be pulled over and tested in order for the DUI charge to be valid? Tests include blood testing or breathalyzer.

Can someone be prosecuted for a DUI other than being pulled over and tested? As in being seen leaving a bar? I know there are procedures in law where fact of a incident happening needs to be recorded properly.

Best answer:

Answer by Allan Palmer
not rocket science..cocktail hour with buds…cool chicks around..more drinks and possibility of getting laid..more drinks and you are on your way…whoops the trip to your pad or hers is doomed by red lights in your rear mirror…

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Experienced Wallin & Klarich Criminal Defense Attorney, Andrei Lapine, Helps Client Get Two DUI Charges and Charge of Resisting Arrest Completely Dismissed

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

A Wallin & Klarich client recently had two charges of driving under the influence and one charge of resisting arrest completely dismissed. The client was represented by Riverside criminal defense attorney Andrei Lapine of Wallin & Klarich, who successfully proved police misconduct during the clients arrest.

This case is a classic example of the good things that can happen for clients when you take the time to file the appropriate motions in the case. At the end of the day the entire case was dismissed and the client could not be happier, said Mr. Lapine.

According to Riverside Superior Court-Southwest District record, the incident began one night when the client was driving home and found police in the driveway of his neighbors house on another call. The police allegedly saw the clients car approaching at a high rate of speed and watched as the client sped into his driveway with his tires screeching to a halt. The police officers claimed that they then watched the client stagger out his car and stumble to the front door of his house. After the client was in the house, one of the police officers knocked on his front door. The client answered the door but refused to come outside at the officers request. The client tried to shut the door to his own home but the officer stuck his foot inside the door and prevented the client from doing so. The client then got into a struggle with the officer, and a second officer then stepped in and used a taser gun on the client.

Subsequently, the client was arrested and charged with two counts of driving under the influence pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 23152 and one count of resisting arrest pursuant to California Penal Code section 148(a). If convicted, the client faced a sentence of 18 months in the county jail.

The client quickly sought the assistance of Riverside criminal defense lawyer Andrei Lapine to fight against the charges as stated by Wallin & Klarich. After discussing the case with the client and investigating the circumstances, Mr. Lapine filed a Motion to Suppress and a Motion to Dismiss relating to the charges against the client. Mr. Lapine successfully showed that the police had acted unlawfully during the clients arrest. In addition, Mr. Lapine showed that the District Attorney had let the statute of limitations on the case run. The District Attorney ultimately submitted to Mr. Lapines motion and as a result the client had all charges dismissed.


About Wallin & Klarich

As a premiere criminal defense and family law firm based in California, Wallin and Klarich ( http://www.WKLaw.com and http://www.WKFamilyLaw.com) has been assisting clients from across the country for over thirty years. The firm believes that every person is entitled to the highest quality legal assistance when it comes to facing difficult situations and has committed all of its resources to aggressively defending its clients. The firm has established itself as one of the most successful in the nation when it comes to defending against charges of DUI, criminal matters and sex crimes, and is acknowledged for successfully handling divorce and child custody cases. By making certain that our clients legal rights are always protected we take the fear out of the legal fight.

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