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Reality check: drinking and driving

Students in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula get a reality dose of what drinking and driving can do, and the lives it can ruin.
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MADD Canada was the grateful recipient of a grant from the Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Victim Services Secretariat, to produce two new Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to reach out to victims. These new PSAs are entitled “White Sheet” and are an innovative approach to identifying the pain and suffering a victim of impaired driving feels when a loved one dies. The second PSA also invites the community to get involved to help. The song is Asleep from Day by The Chemical Brothers.

Dmv.us.org Helps Employment Seekers Check Their Records, Unveiling Their Newer and Better Driving Records Reports

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

With unemployment still very high in the U.S., driving record reports can be a valuable asset to those searching for a job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8.1 percent of the country is still unemployed (as of August 2012). Dmv.us.org provides valuable record reports to help job lookers find out their driving past.

It is a good idea to view what a potential employer may see when looking up a background of a future employee. Job seekers can view their driving record, whether they have forgotten details or whether they need to see if any infractions still remain.

With the new and updated Dmv.us.org driving records reports, customers can view their legally reported DUI records, license points, speeding offenses and more. Dmv.us.org also provides information on additional legally documented histories such as incarceration and other public records.

Dmv.us.org looks forward to helping customers with their new driving record reports and to aiding these clients in their job search.

Dmv.us.org also appreciates valuable feedback from customers who have used their services. Visit DmvReviews.com or email josh(at)dmvinfo1(dot)com with any questions or concerns regarding a Dmv.us.org account.

About Dmv.us.org:

The Dmv.us.org driving records search provides instant information that details a person’s driving history of violations, suspension and more. With thousands of satisfied customers, Dmv.us.org is a trusted source for driving record reports. Dmv.us.org customer service can be reached through a 24/7 online chat, toll free number 1-877-888-0889, or via email at josh(at)dmvinfo1(dot)com.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney – Worthless Check Charge under $150 813-482-0355

www.aedmiston.com Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney – Worthless Check Charge under 0 813-482-0355. A worthless check charge is a crime of dishonesty and theft an a conviction can be used in future proceddings for impeachment purposes. Additionally, it is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in the county jail. If you have been charged with a worthless check charge, call an agressive criminal defesne attorney, call me J. Armando Edmiston today for a free consultation and find out your options. 813-482-0355. Law Office of J. Armando Edmiston, PA 609 W De Leon St, Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 482-0355 http
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Georgia House candidate under fire for DUI, bad check, tweets

Georgia House candidate under fire for DUI, bad check, tweets
Carter Kessler wants to represent Georgia's 118th District in that state's legislature. But the Georgia Republican is coming under fire for a history that includes two DUIs, a suspended license, a bounced check and questionable tweets. On Saturday …
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Katie the Cop's Weekly Report
Amanda Rae Warwick, 31, of North Dakota was arrested and charged with 2 counts of possession of a controlled drug (class 4 felony) and DUI (1st). Katherine Rylee Connors, 18, of Washington was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and …
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MSU's DUI program along nation's oldest
"Back when MASEP was first started, it was thought most DUI offenders were just social drinkers," Henderson said. "Now, it's not just alcohol or illegal drugs, but prescription drugs, as well. So the curriculum has changed over time to keep up with …
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Victim of Collision Flees Crash, is Arrested for DUI
The victim of a non-injury traffic collision Sunday night was arrested after leaving the scene and was reportedly found to be intoxicated. Arrested was Jose Martinez, 45, on suspicion of DUI and hit and run resulting in property damage. Martinez was …
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Q&A: In the state of texas can u get charged (with a bad check) and sent to jail for not paying back payday loan?

Question by : In the state of texas can u get charged (with a bad check) and sent to jail for not paying back payday loan?
The other day I received a phone call from an “attorneys office” saying that I owe all this money for a 400$ payday loan from ’08 over 2000$ to be exact and I can be charged for a HOT CHECK! But if I researched correctly it states that in texas that post dated checks are an exception to the “hot check” law. I have to come up with 843 in 2 weeks..it impossible..they also said that I could be ” detained” if not paid and taken to court…so scared. ..HELP!!

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Answer by Brandon
No, they are just trying to scare you so that you will pay the money you owe. They cannot put you in jail for any kind of debt – period. You didn’t get a call from an attorney. You got a call from someone in their office posing as an attorney. The MOST they could do is take you to court and sue you, but they cannot hold you responsible in any criminal manner for defaulting on your loan. Post dated checks are actually illegal, they aren’t supposed to be taken for any purpose at all. Which is why the law does not get involved with them. They can do nothing with the help of the law other than sue for judgement. Think about it – if they had an attorney calling you, why wouldn’t they just take you to court and be done with it? I would say the worst you’re looking at is a judgement against you for the amount owed (if they take you to court and sue you in CIVIL court (small claims), and/or reporting it on your credit report, which they may be able to do regardless of whether or not they take you to court.

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Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Immigration Laws; Police Authority Reduced, But Papers Check Remains

Supreme Court Rules on Arizona Immigration Laws; Police Authority Reduced, But Papers Check Remains

Police officers in Arizona are allowed to check the immigration status of every person who is stopped or arrested, the Supreme Court ruled this morning. But the court struck down other key parts of the law, signaling a victory for the federal government in its authority over immigration law. The controversial immigration measure passed in Arizona two years ago and has been opposed by President Obama. Stephen Vladeck, of American University Washington College of Law, said the ruling was a victory for the federal government. “Today’s decision is a sweeping victory for the federal government because it strikes down three of the four key provisions of SB 1070 and leaves the fourth on life support,” he said. “In effect, Arizona had sought to make it state policy that being undocumented is itself illegal. Today, the Supreme Court not only rejected that view, but in the process likely put the brakes on a series of analogous efforts underway in other states across the country. Reasonable people may disagree about the right answers to immigration policy. What today’s decision makes clear is that this is a debate for Congress, not for 50 different state legislatures.” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the policy could interfere with federal immigration law, but that the court couldn’t assume that it would. For more on this story: abcnews.go.com
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Supreme Court's immigration reality check

Supreme Court's immigration reality check
The Supreme Court made the right decision Monday when it struck down three of the central provisions in Arizona's noxious immigration law as unconstitutional intrusions into the federal government's exclusive authority to regulate the issue.
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Rep. Gutierrez rips Arizona immigration law
And Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) used the Bieb's Canadian ancestry to make a point about the controversial Arizona immigration law. [Related: Arizona implements immigration law as feds push back]. Rep. Gutierrez, who is against the law that allows …
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Health Care, Immigration and Obama's Legacy
If Obama does not win a second term in November, he risks losing both the law and the core of his legacy. Republican Mitt Romney will try to gut the law and impose something else. All the rest of what Obama accomplishes will fall under the dimmer view …
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GTA IV RCMP and IRSU DUI Check and Vehicle Check – NEW TEXTURES

**READ ME** Go here for the textures: gta-rcmpclan.tk This video features lonestranger’s new IRSU textures! they are awesome! very realistic and detailed, like always! :) In the video, I created an IRSU check point where drivers are checked for DUIs. There are multiple vehicles in the checkpoint, and one suspect was arrested fir DUI. A truck driver. The IRSU corporal leading the check point, drives through the cycle and pulls up behind a vehicle that was pulled over by other officers. Right when the officer gets to the driver’s window, the driver sped away. The corporal got back in his cruiser and drove after the fleeing car. Further down the highway, the corporal observes the suspect’s car spinning out of control after clipping two vehicles. The Corporal sees his chance to perform a PIT. He quickly PITs the vehicle, and boxes the suspect in with the help of other IRSU units. The suspect is arrested.
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does a civil fine effect a background check?

Question by BOO: does a civil fine effect a background check?
i recieved a civil fine this year, but they said i would luckily “escape criminal charges” so i had to pay and what not but i dont have any criminal charges. umm…

im curious if the civil fine will show up on a background check. (i just applied for a job at costco)

Best answer:

Answer by BR
It may, but ought to have little impact on whether you are hired.

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