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i got a dui my frst offense in new york im from mass i am a soldier deployed in iraq.?

my licnse was suspended in ny for 90 days back in june of 09. mass aso suspended my lic due to my offense im currently deployed in iraq ill be coming home next month. i have paid all my fines in new york and they have cleared me but mass is still giving me problems.. what should i do how can i get my license back!!

2 Responses to “i got a dui my frst offense in new york im from mass i am a soldier deployed in iraq.?”

  1. pedro7of9 says:

    thanks for serving,,,i know what you r going through with the license…i got dui’s in NY got revoked,,,moved to Virginia,,,,to get license in VA i had to go to school and clear up the revocation…i called and called NY dozens of times [maybe hundreds] got a list of everything needed and flew to NY [albany] when i got there they wanted other things not on the list,,,i went back to VA got everything and flew to NY…still not happy..i had to get someone to fax more info..before i was able to get a release fron NY court/DMV…It was heii and expensive and took months,,,
    1 keep copys of every paper you get,,and letter you sent
    2keep a log of people you talk to ,,when what said
    3 last resort get lawyer to smooth the way

    good luck…

  2. Clay says: – check these plans. As I know their rates for bad driving record is not such expensive as from other companies.