Ticketbust.com’s Traffic Ticket Talk #45 – Should I take traffic school or contest traffic ticket?

Hi this is Steve with Ticketbust.com and this is Ticket Talk. Should I take traffic school or should I contest my traffic ticket? Most people usually opt for the easiest choice, traffic school. But is this the best choice? As many people know, in California you can only take traffic school once every 18 months. Since this is the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to see if there was another option to get your traffic ticket dismissed other than traffic school? Yes! The best option is to contest your traffic ticket using a California Trial by Written Declaration. This is a way to contest your traffic ticket without going to court. If your traffic ticket is dismissed, great no points go on your driving record and it’s as if you never received the traffic ticket. This option also does not “mask” your traffic ticket with traffic school, insurance companies still see this ticket, but instead actually states that you are not guilty and insurance companies are not informed about this traffic ticket. You also preserve your right to traffic school in case you need to use it in the future. And if your traffic ticket is not dismissed then you can still request traffic school from the court if you are eligible. A Trial by Written Declaration should be your first option when receiving a traffic ticket. So what’s your best option if you receive 2 traffic tickets within a short period of time? We will discuss this next time on Ticket Talk.