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Why do some people even bother to answer?

spaceshot308 question ? Why some people do not bother answering For you, smart people out there, you know what I mean. Someone out there may want real information, and come here because they hope that someone who understands your situation might be reading the question. You can ask a question like “What is going to happen to me, I just got a DUI” or “I’m afraid I might be pregnant.” However, there are still plenty of stupid people in this kind of response such as “You shud not been drinkn Dun drivnin into turn U shud admit sin and sin no more.” or “shame on you for sex, the next time you use a condom.” What happens to these people, these people are what we consider “southern” or something? Why do people take the same time to write a response if it is clearly not going to help someone I hate these answers gens.Meilleure: Response

I think they want to raise their points – even if the points are useless and do nothing to help the vie.Je guess are just the type of people who like to be … What is the word … “Butt” and do it, but no way to get rid of all.

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11 Responses to “Why do some people even bother to answer?”

  1. Will R says:

    The sad thing is they think that the are helping.

  2. George W says:

    ignore the bad answers pay attention to the good ones

  3. jeremy h says:

    2 points swishhhhh!

  4. stgennesse says:

    well…beings that I’m from arkansas and all. I thinks I’m perrty smart. Got all the way through the 8th grade. Now I gots to go…the Nascar race is starten.

  5. jengrenade says:

    Dumb people don’t know they’re dumb. WE know they’re dumb. It’s just sad, someone should tell them to finish school before they try to give advice on other people’s lives! I think they’re the type who dream of being in the audience of the Jerry Springer show.

  6. KennyB says:

    Most folks who answer just want the points.

    Realistically, however, do you honestly expect that questions posed on Yahoo Answers are meant to be taken seriously – or that an intelligent person is even around to answer them?

    There’s an awful lot of superficial ripostes (and even more morons posing inane questions like “Why is there air?”).

  7. rhianna.renea says:

    Because they’re closed minded individuals that don’t understand other people’s problems, or they just want

  8. doris says:

    I agree with every thing you say. The first time I posted a question I was then on I allowed people to be in contact with me. I had such a rude email it made me very upset and I deleted it before I’d even thought about it, knowing what I do now I could of reported them and got them band from the site. I don’t let people be my contact anymore.
    Sometimes when I read an answer now I mark them down and if they get 4 marks then that answer is hidden.
    I think all questions should go before a board before they are aloud to go on the site. Most other questions and answer sites do this. Thanks for letting me air my thoughts.

  9. myprinterisonfire says:

    too points!! yaaaaaaaaayyy.

  10. Joe S S says:

    Did somebody say Nascar???????

  11. grendel1213 says:

    I’m sorry, when did southerner become a derogatory epithet? I can’t believe a jackass such as yourself asks a question with no real f*cking point just so he can call stupid people southerners. If being stupid makes you southern, than I’d have to guess your location as somewhere around tijuana at the very least, you pathetic waste of flesh. By the way, if you are coming to ANSWERS for genuine information about pregnancy or a dui, you are about as stupid as they come and deserve any ridicule heaped on your misshapen, low birthweight head.