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Driver’s license – What’s the difference between “canceled”, “suspended” and “revoked”?

Question by Bubba J : Driver’s license – What’s the difference between “canceled”, “suspended” and “revoked”? My driver’s license expired few months back and I received a mail from the DPS, informing me that my license was canceled 2 months ago. I am a foreign student and just returned to the US from a one-year research study abroad. Was doing some readings online to get this resolved and came upon the other terms, “suspended” and “revoked” mentioned on the DMV website. How do these terms differ in definitions – “canceled”, “suspended”, “revoked”? Is my license considered revoked?
Thanks for clarifying. Jason’s reply fully addressed the question I had. Best answer:

Answer by Jason F
Canceled – expired or otherwise surrendered on good terms and no longer valid. You will have to reapply and take the tests again.

Suspended – action against the license (like unpaid ticket) and is not valid for driving. You have government sanctions to fulfill before getting it reinstated.

Revoked – Your driving privileges are revoked and the license is not valid. Odds are you won’t be getting a license back anytime soon.

When you failed to renew the expired license they cancelled it.

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One Response to “Driver’s license – What’s the difference between “canceled”, “suspended” and “revoked”?”

  1. Bill M says:

    Suspended and revoked are penalties for severe traffic violations. If you merely let your license expire and didn’t drive after it expired, you can get a new license.